for beginners Knit pot holders with pear pattern | DIY gift 🎁 İdeas

for beginners  Knit pot holders with pear pattern |  DIY gift 🎁


Hello everyone, today I would like to knit very simple pot holders with a pearly pattern with you. With my instructions you will surely succeed even as a beginner.
. hello dear ones today we want. together with very simple pot holders. peer must entangle. for that we need a big cinema. hose can be a twelve knitting needle. a pair of scissors and a stop needle with it. that recently flies around in the area. I always put it in a bowl for the. in the beginning the thread was about 70 cm. double and then do it with your fingers. you then slide a loop. simply on a needle. then he puts the thread around his thumb and. index finger and the loop in the. you go in the middle for the stitches. first under the thread under the thumb. and then under the thread at. index finger under the thumb with. index finger and through the loop from. thumb pull your thumb out and you’re done. is the first stitch again among the. thumb and forefinger through the. loop and the second is done. machine so it goes on until you. 19 stitches on the needle stick. . then you take the needle with the stitches. in the left hand and the other in the. right hand. now you have the first stitch easy. now and then right and. left mixture speaks that’s one. right stitch and now comes a left one. stitch for the right stitches. always from the beginning and pulls the thread. from behind simply through for the left. we live the thread in front of the stitches. bad needle from behind catches the. thread over the stitch and pulls it like that. through the right stitch again from the front. get a serenade and. decrease the thread for the left stitch. take the front pull from the top pull through. and take off. . now the first row is already there. you can only finish the pattern. don’t recognize that much that only comes when you have two three rows. for the next row you take the.

needle with the stitches back into the. left hand and the free needle in the. right hand. now we have the first one again. just stitch off and then send. alternately left and right again. mesh over a right mesh of the. previous stitch strictly the one left. stitch and over a left stitch. of course a right stitch again. left stitch. a right stitch and this is how it goes. whole row further if your times one. a bit out of sync then looks. just what in the previous row for. is a scam and then you know what. he shows up next. at the beginning of the next row you lift. look at the first stitch again here. that it is a link mesh. trade tolerates a straight stitch and. continue with a purl stitch. then another right stitch and so on. the principle goes on like this the whole. pot holders over another club can. you the pattern then already clear. detect. . if you have to knit 28 in. you finish using the pot holder. you again strictly from the first stitch. the second stitch here with a right. stitch and now pulls the back stitch. over the front stitch. now you stretch the next mesh with you. from a right stitch and pulls again. the back stitch over the front. knit next stitch from and. pull the back stitch over it. so it goes on until you get to the end of the. row arrived if you only have. then make a scam on the nobility. you like crocheting an air stitch. if you like that with the knitting needles. difficult could be easy. a thick lift all use. now all you have to do is pull the loop. pull really tight and then the. cut the thread. at the very end reveals the two ends.

with the fabric needle and the drain. already finished. . you only have to do the whole thing, of course. repeat the second pot holder. I have a couple of pink ones for us. pot holders for the summer and a couple. aiming for yellow pot holders for autumn. if you feel like more great he. if you have ideas then take a look. my blog over and if you liked the video today then forget it. no longer to give a thumbs up. and subscribe to my channel. I wish you a lot of fun. knit.


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