for beginners Knit RAGLAN PULLOVER from above I Instructions ✏ Channel crocheting and knitting İdeas

for beginners Knit RAGLAN PULLOVER from above I Instructions ✏ Channel crocheting and knitting


Knit raglan sweater from above Instructions I Today Ilona will explain to you how to knit a raglan sweater from above. Have lots of fun with it. ➤ INSTAGRAM …
. all people today want a sweater. stretch a shape from above with intel. I have such a little one here with me. sweet baby nova made with a wool. it has it made of cotton at the bottom has one. share of having cashmere the haspa animal. and comes from spain. that’s actually quite valuable says. that’s unlikely so I was. really still want really beautiful baby. I have to say I like it. unbelievably good and when we were in berlin at the ecclestone I got four. I took colors with me and then thought. man because I’m going to be a grandma again. I’ll start already. and now that we finally know it. becoming a girl. it will we also stuck that yes and. because I do that with this button. could be in the sleeve and also at the bottom. part here so special find this. I have sweet little things. thought that might just be. a really great idea to just do it. showing is a very simple thing I have. specially not sewn on here anymore. it’s a quite a very simple hole. row that means you really only take. make a yarn over by two stitches. knit and in the end it all works. against stapled so that the prongs. look out it’s not cool at all. yes it is quite certain I have to stop. get ready that is not yet. at the end of the day, and since we first want to start with it, let’s put it. the one aside. who does not distract us then I have. very thick roll used for it. that then also becomes visible more quickly. and just have one this morning. couple of people added and the fall. exactly 24. I have 60 machines for the sweater. added is a big 58th knitted on a needle game. and with a regulator from above. actually the golden rule it has to be. mesh time partially say by three.

This is why these 60 stitches are also very important. here I have 24 but so are there. I’ll be part of three and accordingly. they are then also put on at the top. with sweaters there are ten leading sleeves. 20 prevent 20 4 in front and again ten. for a sleeve here in the case I have. then of course 4848 made and then. you actually start at the beginning. make a collar now i just have it. knitted a little bit and that. the most important thing is actually that you are in. every second row and with a needle. play is really great again and again. see because you always do that at the beginning. everyone around the needle and at the end. does that mean we knit the first one. stitch quite normal right but accept. don’t go down then we’ll go back. in and knit again and. only then do we pull the loop off the. clou is it looks like a left. mesh the two of them in. repeated and to that extent it is also sometimes. really cool when you then the mesh. must take down on a circuit. Needle you can do that again. recognize because the first stitch of the. needle is basically a smooth one. you can see mass on the other side. then again only these points that means always where we are. had increased. until then the mesh where we go again. will increase. here it is exactly the other way around here it takes. one the same. but of course you can. if you apologize i am like that. easily catches a cold if you then continue. runs now just do me. just go now. i’m not on the sofa, that’s the sound of de haan’s needles as well as with. one moment comes the whole game. again. just plug it in normally like with. press right and then in the back. if you do the last. has increased and then you leave.

maybe even on one. round trip then you can for example. between. I only have the big one with one now. I will put the needle not see it immediately. that this is the one thing. let’s say it’s easier for beginners. simply still on the needle. to use. then you can also go over it and. the next time you can see it. right back where it is not here. forgot also back to normal right. in and another one behind it. Right must steer the way ends. and then once we’ve been around. are to then increase the masses. then we just go a complete row. smooth right around and only then again. So let’s pick up the process of increasing. always in every second row, not every one. series otherwise the whole thing will be a bit. too fast and too wide. yes so that would be the real one. to knit cyclists from above. with the little one it is so that I then. from here where i put on weight up under the arm. ten centimeters and only then take it. I do the whole thing on an extra game. that’s why i have this food. brought along because I’ll do this then. which I don’t for the sleeve. at the same time with knitting can only once can and are on the stand still. you can of course pull a nail on it. just pull a thread through it. and knot the whole thing right with it. the meshes do not get lost. I take the needle what is true size than. he that yes that actually fits this. small things always very good and you. can do a lot on it. get so from therefore it is. actually not a super thing. that would be the product. the measure for how long I knitted something. have and so on around this size. figure out who now either baby. gets or becomes grandma anyway.

but your girlfriend likes that. we would like to blind of course. in the end for this sweater also the. instructions. matching my sweater then i have. neither a jacket nor god. also on the same principle only that. I thank everyone a little more me. say norwegian patterns have brought in. so in a cute way for such a person. small village and always right now. or will be back well, I’m already. but once again the fingers will. always not with such things. I am currently able to hold still too. to make a jacket again. for that I also have the variant. Bring it with you so you can see how to do it. Brenner jacket is here. the original titan number on it that means. here too I have 60 stitches on it. and then divided into ten again. 10 10 20 10. because I lasso in front is also clear. because otherwise it can be redeveloped. accordingly, the crowds stop there too. get on it. I’ve always got used to this. in which one makes it clear, yes. maybe there in the top row. if i take right stretch and at. this way of knitting it is like that. but then we also have a return. and this back row is what we left. we don’t have that with the sweater. we basically knit right here. not because we end here and then turn. i part on this. the whole is here my needles again. to where they just so I can do that again. easier to knit with a nato. play. to then continue from here but. on the left, as I said, a complete row. on the left this is the procedure for one. jacket so I’ll say it’s not a. witchcraft who feel like a pinprick. we can hold one with a nail. can handle the game. also guarantees thicker ones.

wool is of course also specified. simply to take less he sees that. With the others the opening is here. also very small and if I do that now. here so consider possible there too. a head through and here I only have. 24 masses on it. so it always depends on what you want. I always want one there now. big thing I do with my. I don’t think should be so great myself. I honestly like them. cotton is best here because it is too. is pleasant on the skin for children. not so stiff. so I really have to. honestly you can of course also say. They don’t want similar ones either. are fat because that’s in babies. really first say the alpha and omega. so that they don’t look like a demolition. but otherwise I say who. dares and who is a little skillful. maybe that’s exactly what nato is important. without why. if I had time but unfortunately had. we would get well first. say but it was very close to her heart. to bring that in. right now in the run-up to christmas. maybe someone has something else up front. nice to do and so I can only. say sugar-sweet or write to us. in the comments but i believe there. nothing else comes out except these words. therefore like to follow us too. facebook or instagram that’s where we pack. the latest projects are always there. you are always up to date. what ilo is currently working on otherwise wants. at the beginning the sister marie again. to try something new. I’ll say goodbye until the next one. and hopefully without a cold. in any case.


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