for beginners Knit sock pattern, full patent in the round İdeas

for beginners Knit sock pattern, full patent in the round


. hello i have a gambling pattern today. with full patience for you that I now. great for cozy socks. for at home for tv socks or. also as Weinstuben I have here now. extra also eight-day worries. taken so that it is really nice. thick becomes full patent that is always the case. a bit unstable that works very well. far apart. and that’s why I don’t have it now. here all the worry with patent. knitted but then always have 1 1st right of a left pattern in between. knitted with me there the right. meshes even intertwined with it. really nice and stable holds together. very, very great pattern looks through it. that this is just interrupted that full. patent should also look really great. the pattern itself is relatively quick. explained again maybe also knows. already fully patent I have here now. the cuff pattern knitted in the same way. ribs like here between the patent. stitches you too start with the. Bund pattern also with an ash on the right. a mass on the left alternating with the first. round and at the same time strictly you. The right mesh is always scattered. That means you don’t go from the left into the. mesh but you go in the back behind. the mesh in and there you stretch. crossed from the next stitch. then it worked again. crossed in the back of the crowd. crossed from knit and one stitch. left and crossed again. one stitch left. one stitch left and another. entangled mass and one mesh on the left. so strict you the first round so that. second round. it is now only knitted on the right. only right stitches where you here the. knitting the preliminary round anyway. again, the first one is strictly interwoven. mesh was on the right again. crossed you go from behind again. in the stitches and the purl do the.

strictly her normal right then. twisted back into the mesh again. knit and knit the purl. one crossed mesh and one normal. stitch knitted on the right jumps. normal right. crossed and normal right that does. yes also the whole round. and these two rounds into the repeated. you here at the federal government so far. up from we who would like to have so. strictly now the whole round. one mass crossed to the right and one. Stitch normal right when you have finished the cuffs pattern you stop. in the round where you knit one stitch. crossed and a normal mesh. knitted right there where just now. the round where only right stitches. are knitted. then the patent begins. right stitch is now with a. envelope weighed and the following. mesh is strictly your left then again. take off an envelope with a mass and. the following mass left mass with. envelope and the next stitch on the left. with envelope and left. neither the right one with the envelope. take off and one stitch left. so the whole group argued. that was now the first round of the people. patent in the next round now. your right here the envelope. mass and strictly you now together. and then the left stitch comes and. now you can see them with an envelope. then the right one with the envelope again. knit together and the purl now. take off again with an envelope. two together knit the purl with. Take off the envelope and press the right. stretch envelope together take off and. stand together. lift off the left with. and the right one with envelope together. stretch so that you knit again. the whole round so the left with one. take off envelope then you and. finished and now like the first one.

round now you have the right one again. stitch without envelope now takes the. right again with an envelope and. she picks up and now strives for the two. knit the purl stitches with the. envelope together now again the. take off the right and the left with the. envelope together and these two round. you repeat them now until you then. a total of eleven round patent knitted. have take off and the left with the. envelope together because the right one. take off and put the left together altogether. eleven rounds so there I now have them. first row including where. her in the right with an envelope. took off and left a stitch. the needle has knitted again. lift the right one with an envelope. and the 2 I always say two yes because of it. yes, sort of like 2. the left mass with the envelope from he. stretch together and take off together. knit take off and knit together. I have the eighth by the way. eight-day socks wool, yes. usually with four to five needles. I haven’t knitted that here now. done i’m basically with. socks always knit the smaller ones. here i actually have one. 3 half a needle straight here. then the pattern will be more beautiful for you. if you can even very loosely strict. then you can even use a 3 needle. knit with it the pattern of the concert. very nice out if that really too. will be knitted tightly if you don’t. too loose strict so strict overall. now with this first round of patent. Pattern 11 below, always alternating once. do you have the right one with the envelope. and once the left one with the envelope. I have now finished the eleven rounds. knitted in this case patent and the. eleventh round there you now have one. stitch right with an envelope and. one stitch on the left and in this round. that’s the twelfth round there. stretch your right hand with the envelope.

together and the left only on the left this time. if no more envelope is taken then. the right one again with the envelope. together and the purl stitch only purl. knit together without a yarn over and. Left. so that strictly her again the whole. round now you still have normal. again one stitch on the right and one. stitch on the left of the needle. the next round there will only be. knitted right stitches the whole round. right stitches and this time the. right masses not yet entangled. knitted but just as normal. Eiger round right stitches for you. Round finished with the right stitches. then starts here again with the. had to rip like I did at the beginning. I showed a stitch on the right. mesh left on the change the right the. is knitted twisted again like. you go again from behind with the needle. into the mesh and then left a mass. again the right crossed and one. mass left. judge for jumps one had to left. so and in the second round I have. is there now that was already mine. fourth needle I already have a bit. prepared and in the second round. all stitches will be right again. knitted with the right stitch again. So the knitted is twisted. right crowd here in the preliminary round. also had the right and the left stitch. it is knitted normally on the right. then right again right. crossed and the left stitch normal. right and these two round the knit. you exactly twice and then starts here. again with the patent determined normal. right right jumps and normal. right then you have a total of one. report of 17 rounds well then we are. finished for today and then i would myself. be happy if you work on that. would also be a nice pattern as well. for a cap or aspire or leg. gauntlets anyway and then I would say.

it’s always ready for today i wish. in any case have fun with it. rework and then see you next. times.


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