for beginners Knit the baby hat in a moss stitch starting from the top İdeas

for beginners Knit the baby hat in a moss stitch starting from the top


In this video I show you how to knit the increases with the moss stitch plus instructions for the baby hat. INFO ON THE INSTRUCTIONS: The baby hat is …
. Hello. today I want to show you how. to wear a hat in pearl pattern from the. So the point from above does not begin at the bund but from above that means we. have now no decrease but. increased. this is now the big bead pattern. one on the right one on the left the next. row is knitted over it and in the. third row will then take place on the right. left left right also knitted again. two in. with this video of today it works. less about the cap because I’ll get you. then fade in the instructions at the end. that it is the hat that fits a baby. around five to six months old. this is mainly about them today. increase. if you now have a hat pattern strictly. then the approvals are always not like that. nice because you have to have three stitches. knit together or a double. covered and it’s not that harmonious. how is here you can see them. hardly any increase that is a very easy one. subtle pattern and I think that looks. really really great. we are now starting with two machines. we now have several per needle. possibilities either we suggest two. machines per needle on and close. then the round. or we start with an open one. mass stop and the third method. I use it now because it is. a really great method for those. who are not so skilled in the needle now. knit because with two stitches the round one. closing is not the case now either. simple. and we’re going to be one here for the time being. form a lever circle and there we crochet. eight stitches pure so we i have myself. if you always use this method. when I crochet flowers or the shawls. I always start like this, so you go. so in with the needle. I also have an extra video back then.

turned so in and turned the needle. amazon around then hit the two of you. air masses you can of course also. crochet the thread ring and insert it into the first. air mass there are now eight fixed ones. wash clean. well, that saves us that too. sew together at the top because there you have. otherwise a hole that you can take. must and we don’t need that because. here the damage becomes easy here. tightened and then that’s the hole. closed. so now here a cat mesh in the. first solid mass then we need it. lever no longer load. only knitting needles can do that. now our first stitch and now. let’s just take two stitches each. needle on you go there now reinhold the. thread and there should now be the finger like this. take a little help and see. it through. then we have the next one. needle pierce fetch the thread and. so pull through. and again soon. exten nobility. and then again. so now our eight meshes have the. Now let’s pull the thread out of here. then we will move together later in the first row. there is always a stitch on the right. knitted and an envelope so the. first we knit right then one. kick back the next right again. we’re not handling the envelope yet. but first changed the needle. now you have the envelope then you hold it. so tight with your finger. and again one stitch on the right. round stitch one stitch on the right. now hold the envelope a bit. and again. the envelope you are not allowed to. forget that is already me. times then happens again on the right envelope. right. and one more envelope so now will.

one mesh one row one round. knitted right left as she the. we knit the right one again. from and the envelope will now. crossed off knit that means us. don’t go in here now. but from here back so not from. here in the back but here in the back. pull the thread forward and then thread it in at the back. prick and knit the stitch. this means that it is now on the left. looks like purl then. again a right stitch and from the back. a stitch crossed from the knit. most of you will. probably also know how to do it. then the next machine on the right and. crosses the envelope. a row of new one needle still on the right. stab from behind. Then finished over the first round. It looks like this. Now they will. first made a name for ourselves and that is us. always increase four stitches per needle. that’s quite a lot, but it will be. only in every third row. so the first stitch is done now. purl and now it becomes a. Mesh taken from the transverse journeys. to do this you go with the left needle here. this cross thread that knows that he is now. in with the left needle and then. strictly as with the envelope. mesh so you are stuck. in the back so this is the first increase. and there will be another one soon. one envelope made then the next. right left and then I hope you guys. can correctly recognize that then. found another one from the cellar. pick up with the left needle and. crossed off then knit one. envelope and one stitch on the right. and again left there from the cross-country. record and stake out crossed. then the envelope the next to the right and. so there are two stitches on the left again. always knitted in between in the first. row and again from the cross thread one. pick up stitch knit envelope.

and right. Left. cross a mesh crossed. knit yarn over and knit. hold a moment envelope right and left yes. now i’m just out of the concept. come back a stitch on the left then. one from the cross thread and blow and. right. the first row is a bit there too. but then the next increased before me. it is much easier for you. then left again. drive across envelope right and left. Who from envelope and right have that. Always finished with the round. in the next round. there are now links and links again. knitted on the right so the left one on the left. the cross thread is now on the right. knitted and the envelope that will. given away knitted that is kind of like. again the left stitch you can do that. remember you because sometimes you are not like that. can see exactly what I have to do now. knit again after the yarn over. then you always know when the envelope. the envelope is always the left one. mesh that means then it will always be. knit right then back left across. thread on the right of the envelope crossed. the left and then the last again. right so you can remember it well. you can see with the left. right left right then you know that. Also the right again the envelope. crossed. it is now also on the right. left right and the envelope. crossed old moment that was the left one. and the one on the right. Cover folded and on the right the only thing we might be doing here. should if you are here with the. sinning is done or already. beforehand that you mark where the. first nobility is that you can now there. do not recognize so well that it is the. only disadvantage of this type the. hat to begin.

crossed left right. wait a minute. but now I have something too. messed up now i have. so probably because of the loud talking. left right left right left right. so that can happen very quickly. so always be very careful that. be careful. the envelope was twisted so the. next right. then we’re done with the round and. now we two dogs right left. knitted over it so now we have. left right and now we knit two. round right left to the next. tsunami. that’s already going fast. I have now finished the two rounds. with two right two left and now. is knitted again purl and. the increase is the first stitch on the left. then another stitch from across. pick up thread. crossed from knit and a backpack. then right left right left in the. the preliminary round of the league always had two. so stitches on the last increase. we always had two stitches in between. now four stitches in between. now from the cross then drive in. envelope right left right. and many left then back on from here. the cross thread turn right left. right left. it rattles a lot, I have that. extra the wooden nail taken but on the right. Left. so the increase is now also. finished and now we’re still knitting. another round. left right so the left again. left then the crossed one is now. knitted on the right and the envelope. crossed that’s because the left do. and then right left right again. left right and the envelope. crossed. so that we finished it looks more like this. I now have a little want for them.

thicker needles are taken so that is. a bit loose but you can do that. then here on the cap you can see it. now that looks really really great. from now you have to go to the next one. row again left right over it. knit and then the second row. it is then shifted to the right and left. two 1 2 rounds. so I always say in when they. first purl stitch comes then the. increases made one stitch crossed. and an envelope and the envelope will. afterwards crossed in the next. row knitted and that’s always the. left stitch so you always know the one. the next stitch is then the right one because. because you can really mess it up. you will see and what else there is to it. note yes between the first names is in. the first row. I have the first customer with the series. but should be in the first round. two stitches in between on the next. increase round four then even then eight. always two more people like this and now. can you just walk the thread. stuck through again. and now just count the thread. and then you have the hole upstairs. closed. he only needed a little once. can why go with the thread tried. times out that it really is a really great one. method and, as I said, at. This is great for baby hats. if you then just add two three. rows to knit and or. even if the layperson is always useful. happy to do something on the federal government and then. you just put the covenant again. knit quickly again and one whole. fine story so then I hope so. you liked the video you could see that good thing i would have knitted there. and then just try it out and. That’s it in the case of for today. now afterwards I will blind the same. then the instructions for the 1st I have spoken now I think I have.

too much talked today so im. connection I show the instructions. that’s exactly what it’s called. if you want to knit the hat then. I wish you all the best. Until next time.


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