for beginners Knit X-TWIST headband İdeas

for beginners Knit X-TWIST headband


Hello everyone, today I will show you how you can knit this great and simple headband. I hope you enjoy it ! * Claudetta’s crochet planner …
hello everyone in my today. video I’ll show you how to do this. beautiful xts band can knit and. although it is a nice really thick one. headband so looks the whole of that. back and this is what the pattern looks like. from it four are repeated pure and. it is really super super simple one. first of all I knit in English. variant that’s how I learned and that’s how it is. for me it is easiest if that. nothing for you is the stitches. of course the same purl stitches right. mesh if you are used to it differently. to knit poor that is also perfect. okay, just so you know that. i’m going to knit the headband the english way. if you are interested I’ll show you. now which one I have used and. how exactly the headband is knitted. today i knit with a 5.5 mm needle. and it has a side length of 30 centimeters. this creates this beautiful thick pattern. we can knit in rounds of course. you also use the magic hatch method. if you don’t have this knitting needle. or who don’t want to buy it either. Of course, you also need it. scissors and a needle to close the threads. sew up a marker and want him. i use today is willi jobs rather. mix us it was a super super soft one. don’t want it to scratch either and it is. really great because i have it in. lots of great different colors and. you only need one ball of these. want and the link to it I linked. you guys back down there, of course. infobox for this pattern i will. now cast on a total of 37 stitches. namely this pattern needs the. a number of stitches divided by two plus. one and. that’s how I get my 37 stitches and. It is true that now simply beat 37 machines. on. and then we’ll see each other right away. again. I now have my 37 stitches.

posted this is how it looks. to close the whole thing now. namely now both threads. at the beginning thread and our work phases. and so we close the whole thing. round. we go into this very first time here. pure and knit with the thread at the beginning. and a right stitch in the work thread. so a right stitch now i will. insert a marker here and now. Let’s continue knitting with just ours. So now we need to go to work. only the beginning working colors and for. the first round. we only knit right stitches. so i go into this first stitch here. no and knit a right stitch and. that is just being repeated now. we knit a right stitch in each one. ash the first round is always ash. bit arena the goals in the second. it’s really easy to do around the clock. just a right stitch in each. machine until you get the euro mark. arrived and now continue. with our second row. so just set up a mesh in. each ashes. I’ve finished the first round. knit continue with the second one. round and here, too, just becomes. a right stitch in each pocket. knitted and as I said. there will just be four in them. so repeated the whole time first row. is just right stitch second. row is only right mesh. So really knit a super. simple pattern and you can now see in. the second row is the whole thing. remained easy to knit. so just one right stitch in. each ash until you get the new one again. brand arrived. the second round. also finished and now stretch. we the third round and every round. let’s knit right stitch left pocket. right pocket left pocket changes.

so we start with a right one. stitch and then we crochet a purl. then another right stitch and then. a purl and that is now. simply knitted in alternation. left one right angle and one right. mesh until you then your market. have arrived the third round. I now also finished knitting and the. fourth round of our iteration. is just right stitches again. so now again just a round right. knit stitches and this is the one now. we repeat over and over again. So we will repeat the first row. first round is strictly only right. knit stitches in the second round. we only knit stitches and in the. third round we start with one. right stitch then comes a left one. marshall alternating and the fourth round. is just right again. mesh in each ash and these rounds. one to four you repeat to yours. headband measures approximately 48 centimeters. if you take on the same role as me. 40 the headband which so i will. now just these four rounds. repeat until maine headband one. length of 48 centimeters and. then we’ll see each other again in a moment. I have the whole thing now. knitted and this is what the pattern looks like. is it really really beautiful and like you. can also see really nice and thick. super suitable for a really. great warm headband i have. all in all further knitted up to maine. headband 48 cm long and that would. I also recommend this if your before. especially if you take on the same role. as I still get what I get all of it. will expand. and if you have the desired length. it is time that now. easy to donate. and now we knit to chain it off. two knit stitches. so now we have our two stitches. we go into this first loop here.

and just pull it over the first one. through so as here now strictly me. again a real mesh go back in. this first one and pull and that. now just repeated until you just. one more stitch on the eagle. So here too the first one is over. by one that becomes just now. around again I have the whole thing off now. chained so it looks we just have. another loop here on ours. needle and just run every day. up now let’s let go a little. use longer flag with the half. will be to accept the price and now. I get my fingers through them. loop through the thread and pull. firmly and thus the whole thing is secured. and now we can use the headband. take together I take me now. my veddel get this pure and now. let’s keep the whole thing on the left. side and on the right side namely. I do the xto today so commit. only up to about here and the same thing from below. that we are now here on this page. and have space here on the page and. we’re going to be here for now. sew the small piece together and then. the two sides are folded and. also sewn together and now i’m going. with the needle just now through the. middle through. and as I said we have here on the. left a free space and on. the right one so we will only now. take every little piece together with it. we will get out a nice extreme sex tourist too. So I’m through the mesh here. just take care of what you really care about. also all four layers on top of each other. had to lie that they dwindle. together not like now when I back again. thereby a few people through and. so I know that this is good here too. is networked and will hold up well now. let’s get the left side and the.

right side and put them on top of each other. on and here now make sure that you. the two layers also have like. now and we just live it now. here on top of each other and then I stick. now here through the two layers. through and here on the page and us. pull that through. and so let’s take the page here. together and he takes care of this. nice ex tour is. I’m going to care about it now. I can see that I really do. both layers of michel and then. I just go through it again from above. then to complete it properly. ok and now you see we have here. another small space between him and him. if we just close by now. we now just give the whole thing. take it again. so just with a few strokes. pull through and then we have it right away. made. this is what it looks like now and when we turn that headband around, we have here now. our beautiful and if you the. side then we will have learned. I just finish this now. then go through the last one again. bottle through this and also correctly. to fasten well and now we are forming. pull a loop all the way through. this creates a knot and. now I’ll just be that. hear thread. so that just here by a couple. stitch through in the opposite one. direction and so I know that it is well networked. so now we pull the whole thing tight and. cut the have turn our storms. kills and here we have ours. beautiful sixties band. I hope you had a lot of fun with. me this simple and beautiful thick one. ixquick bands to knit. I’m really looking forward to yours. photos via your comments. have a lot of fun knitting.

and I hope to see you again soon. Until next time.


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