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for beginners  Knitting and crocheting |  happy easter |  099


all love and welcome too. a new video of me nice that you. back since it was friday. April 2, 2021. yes, and today I have a few again. little things about them not worked. and which I would like to show you today. want and I would say let’s start. simple but beware of advertising beforehand. because I show my name and show. that’s me but everything myself. I bought it somewhere. I took extra notes, but. somehow I was focused now. planus I would say I hold on. just read the notes and I have. yesterday on some cute bunnies. crocheted to match easter once. twice and marubeni. this is an introduction to buying. delicious from el-kaida- I’ll link you. as always, everything is in the infobox below. I crocheted them with after. two and a half nobility and want it from. I had a hobby for you last week, yes. shown yes and the three are currently. at my easter bouquet i hang you. picture behind it of exactly so. I have leveraged the office go too. pretty quick so the doctor was never finished. I don’t know quarter of an hour for not. half a hour. I had the first time with the. a bit of trouble with the ears. but otherwise called once you know how. that’s how it works, but I have more. crocheted this week and I had. I think I told you about it last week. that I would like to crochet an advertiser yes I do. I’ve done it I’m still looking for someone. I want to take it voluntarily. just said three but you see. only two here. yes, these are the ears to number three. I have already finished, right? numero one whatever it looks like. now off when it’s done I want it. also from hobby and the same as with. the lawn and that’s a free one. instruction on tasty is from the cloud. Queen cared for him here.

very sweet and gave away on sunday. the other two away then either today. or take it together tomorrow that is. yes not so much anymore so that just looks. so weirdly messy because I am. show it to you like that. yes that’s still the threads of the beginning. And the end phases and here I just have to. three were missing sewing and the fourth. is taken immediately to create and from. therefore getting everything behind is relative. made fixed i hate to do it. but it doesn’t matter. so that was it but come with crocheted. we to knitted I have the last. once the cloth for my grandma ends that. Incidentally, it was very well received. So my grandma has clearly had it. at some point wanted by me and. I don’t think she really did. so she has yes I think but. She didn’t expect it to be there. we asked when did you do that. through social i have a couple. he said he was working night shifts. was very happy about both. size as well as the pattern but also. she loved the colors and yes. so i would say surprise mega. succeeded. and since the book was finished I was new. started from this role and. I only had a different size. that’s why the wool looks chipped. now the way she looks that is yes. the role of hobby you i had you. yes shown last time and I had. namely only I usually hit. 60. the measures and and 2.0 to nobility and. I knit yes and somehow goods. Served so big now that’s why I had. shaken and that’s why it looks like this. I hit the beach. stair socks. this is a buying guide for a rally. from nicolo and so we are now from yes. I think the construction thinks. i very interesting. I think that’s kind of a skull cap.

heel and I have to say I have. never think I have then the same. started with boomerang no idea. but I like it and I’ve been so. Petra said I could own my feet. imagine the verse more often. knit. So that’s how they actually see it. times from the beginning. yes, and that’s how far I was. with those of the other sock and there. I then put in the test at. try on. do you go big even if i die over. So put things over it over socks. even then it would have been too big for me. and I don’t like that. she has to sit very tight but she. must as she must actually we must. now sit on the skin. that’s exactly how I posted it there. I probably will today. maybe stretch even further. I decide spontaneously to look. yes, I knitted them and then. I still have a bolero. knitted. that’s the wind you got from sylvie. quickly found in her book crazy. teens that i had i think two ago. follow shown I can do it. Next time it means to bring it with me again. now do not know how it looks like. want it from schule anna the company uniko. and yes so far I’m the other way around now. here is the market and the piece is. now added. I also have to knit a whole piece. but is slowly getting on. I also have a piece of that part. knitted and let’s see if I can. got entangled or someone else. and yet the socks. I don’t really have to yet. I still have something to do with each other. still so and I strictly believe that. times three and a half amato because now. even sick people do not look. yes I think I think it was. half a well then I have neck.

wrapped and a miss li somehow. if I don’t know the wool and I I really like the role. was really convinced when knitting. then I no longer. that’s why i have the flu and more. other role selected yes if I have that. there i show you how it there. goes on. yes, I actually don’t have one more. worked. I’ll be where all the titles and. although my advent calendar from the last one. year of pirates want because petra and. me we have an easter knit and. the pirate treasure of astrid müller. and yes i have to i have the whole. week of the shifted wool wrap. I’ll do that right away. and then i will give you tonight. still hit. petra has already struck him and has. I think that throat wishes. done ok i have no idea. i got so with mine this morning household had to do. but I mean knitting is not a. competition that’s supposed to be fun and. the two of us have our fun already. found we are two crazy. chickens yes and that’s why it fits. it should have been me. guess the next time I’ll be more. have to show I try hard. I still wish you guys anyway. wonderful easter days and i would. just say see you next time.


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