for beginners Knitting braided cable in the round – cable pattern – knitting pattern İdeas

for beginners Knitting braided cable in the round – cable pattern – knitting pattern


In this video I show you how you can knit a braided plait in the round. Of course you can knit this cable pattern in rows as well …
today I’ll show you like a zapf pattern. you can knit the pattern in the round. is quite simple actually it consists. only from three different series of patterns. I have stretched out a cuff because. without the cuff, the edge rotates a little. a. in the first row we put marca. we knit all stitches except. the new pot meshes and the markers. I just look before the first and after. I give the last stitch one. mesh sweeper up. also the second row. it works the same way we knit all stitches. left except for the top stitches. stretch me right. purl all stitches in the third row. except for the plait stitches. three of the braid. stretch than knit right then give. her three stitches on the braid needle her. can also use another auxiliary needle. to take. I take the pigtail needle white. these bamboo needles stand out a little. them forward. I knit the next three stitches. from the normal needle. and then I knit the three of that. help. and the remaining stitches. as usual on the left in the fourth fifth. and sixth row he stretched again. the usual pattern all stitches purl. except for the zapf stitches, the plait stitches. stretch her right and the rest. left again in the seventh row. we scoop again this time in. the other direction of stitches left up. for braid then we take the first three. put them from the zob on the auxiliary nails. towards the back, not towards the front. they can of course also be fixed at the back. make it easier then if. you sure do not get down we. knit the next three stitches of. the normal needle. and then the 300 needle. the last three of the pot. purl all other stitches.

then we just need a sample. of all machines except for the braid. mesh and the pegs on the right. and then it has to start again. from the front. at the first sample sentence it looks like a must. Since not so good it will be first. From and second it had to be weird. it will happen. I wrote a few more up with it. he sees what it looks like when there is something. is longer this is what the pattern looks like when. it’s ready to shock me. probably took a little too long. my dog ​​is apparently starving to death. namely never gets something to eat and. has knitting needles on my socks. out of print. i hope you are not hungry much. having fun after knitting and I wish. you have a full day.


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