for beginners Knitting braided pattern | Knitting pattern # 58 İdeas

for beginners  Knitting braided pattern |  Knitting pattern # 58


In this video I show you a very attractive knitting pattern. In addition to your knitting needles, you need a cable needle or a …
hello dear ones today i’ll show you. one of the most attractive knitting patterns. that I know so well. it’s really not difficult. knit but it takes a little longer. you can actually always knit. works with three different needles. it is tight although I am very loose. stretch and tight. you need two pieces for the pattern. in it and there is help. just add a third one. could also take a pigtail needle or. then know a circular needle well. we’re already getting started I hope you guys have. already fetched wool and knitting needles and. we now cast on 16 stitches together. by the way, you need one for the pattern. mesh in number is detail by two. so everything is very easy to remember me. do not make an extra edge stitch the pattern. Incidentally, consists of four had to go in. which repeats over and over again so it is. not difficult to remember very easy to. remember it’s not really difficult either. to knit. but he needs a little more persistence. it becomes noticeable. and if you are in the first row. very swords and knits children. strictly a row of right stitches in front of it. so i have 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16. one too much talking too much. well, I have 16 stitches here and. start right away with the area had to be in. the first row I stretch two. mesh right then I give up. the auxiliary needle and make the first one. pigtail so I give two on the auxiliary. needle would be behind it and knit the. next two and then the one from the helper. needle and I’ll do that until the end. and then knit two again and. so i start with an ash on the right. one stitch on the right and a second. stitch right and now comes the help. nail. I leave them on the side and now. I give the next two to the. So help out and the two come. behind the work when i make behind.

the work would then be there. not from the beginning, but me. slip right behind the work phases. so I slip right behind these. work phases and brings it to me. then I don’t need that. lay out more so I slip. behind the work phases we take the. first down and then the second and that. I push myself down a bit and. then I stretch two stitches to the right. what do I do with the whole evening when. you don’t really experience time at the. then you will eventually knit. hard to do. I adhere to them as normal and leave. the auxiliary needle is simply there. I looked at the little ones and. forefingers still holding on. which somehow cling to. but the firm. so hold with your thumb and middle finger. I fixed the work needle and with the. I hold my little and ring fingers. nice to go with it and now I’m knitting. two of the big needle so good though. real 12 and now i can pull the stitches knit from the auxiliary needle. if you like to lose stitches. here now the needle a little out and. goes to the other nobility and strives for that. right best you keep the work. needle still in hand. so i just swap places. now i have the smaller ones. I still hold the forefinger. working situation firmly and with the. middle finger and thumb help times. well and now I press the two on the right. so a right and a second right. Super. and I repeat the same I have. said so I slip off again. back. then I just don’t need that anymore. I can show something. happens when you take it all over again. so it was so unique that the front was good. behind work and then you want that. knit and somehow have one here.

known and I find it very difficult. he has that i always want the round track. behind the work well again two. knit 12 and then the two of. auxiliary food 12 let’s take the. remedial action to get back on the. auxiliary needle I’ll go from behind then. I don’t need to push around about it. to do. it doesn’t matter if it is different. just to make me faster with my camera of course always. am good and slower like a normal. I knit two of the normal again. needle. now you can hardly see what they. normal and what the auxiliary advice so. two of a normal working day. cheats. postpone knows it loses and two. from auxiliary needles 1 and 2 the hippest. we can do away and the last two. strictly right so the whole thing is something. therefore you should always have one. So don’t take bigger gnaws. much larger if it is five to. six then the six takes the second. series is much, much, much easier for that. he knitted me everything just left. meshes. all machines on the left. . and also the last one I take on the left. now we come to the third row. is actually the same as the first. row we move that had to be done now. we have two stitches on the right and then. we started with the braid. now we start right at the beginning. So we’ll get ours right away. top needle and what is important with it then. looks so fleeting this time we tap. forward so well that means me. take the first two down. with the subframe so the first two. I take myself down. you see i prick before work. colors would be the whole thing in front. I think it serves again the helpful took. only with the ring finger and with the.

little finger tight and was with the. middle finger and ladies the lack of work. knit doubt work phase right. of course a right and a second. right and switch to the auxiliary needle. and also my posture and then knit. from the help took the pull out if. they would like to lose and we. knit from the auxiliary needle two. stitch on the right so one stitch on the right. and a second stitch on the right should be. helpfull nahles free I’ll take two again. down. 12 put them in the third row in front of the. so work before the whole thing has it again. tight knit 2 for a work needle. knit 12 and then knit the two from. the auxiliary needle. right one and two I’ll take. again the auxiliary needle give two. down. put the whole thing before work. right 112 and get me the help. name and knit two stitches here. right 12 then again I give myself though. under 12 give again before work the whole property between right of the. work situation and then human rights. two stitches of the auxiliary food. to the right of the auxiliary load you can see. the whole of the network begins. and we stick our fourth row and. it is very easy because there is. just like the second we knit. everything just purl stitches so the first. left and everyone else left and the. last stretch to my left and well. that was our fourth and last row. and now start the pattern again from. so the front starts again from row one. and how it looks done I have. already shown so extremely lovely and. delightful for a pot holder. The pillow is incredibly appealing. Pattern and I hope you will switch on on Friday, maybe even Wednesday again. a. and until then I wish you guys. a full day.


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