for beginners Knitting – drop stitch loop – woolly hugs BANDY 07 – Veronika Hug İdeas

for beginners Knitting – drop stitch loop – woolly hugs BANDY 07 – Veronika Hug


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i use a round knitting needle for this. number 6 the total of 60 centimeters. long this one is with a system that. rope here is 40 centimeters in length. if your a conventional and. Knitting needle uses one that is 60 cm. length. I need 120 to make mine. I have around two initial phases here. let it hang for a long time. is enough for my stitches that I use to. need stop. 12345 and so on to 120 people. are posted. 115 116 17 18 19. 120 now i close the stitches. round. I make sure that this is here. lower edge everywhere inside time. so that the mesh is not. have twisted and in the first round. So I knit all stitches to the right. strive for the first stitch on the right and the. thread a little so that the. round well closes and then just all. knit stitches. until the end of the round, I’ll be with you. the first round almost at the end. here is the last margin and here. the second round of the pattern set begins. always amounts to more than four meshes. I knit the first stitch on the purl. the second I take off and guide the thread. behind the work through and the. I knit the following two stitches. left again then another stitch. take off a mass on the left. doing the thread hindered work. carry along and purl two stitches. take off another stitch on the left and. two stitches purl. you can also remember that three. stitches left take off a machine. I only start here with one. stitch left started. this stitch is always lifted in. every second round and this fourth. mesh is this mesh that we will use later. but drop for the end of the. You can now round three. stitches on the left take off a mass.

take three stitches off one mass. 3 lift a mass on the left and so on. until the end of the dogs. now I’m almost at the end of the second. round I am still working. three people die on the left. take three stitches off one mass. and I end up with two stitches because. I start here with a mesh. I started on the left now follows again. the first row. that means I knit most of them. right now and then I now have this. lifted mesh also on the right. smears this appears here in the picture. always right. after a few laps you will. better to find out. so this mesh is in the mesh picture. always right and do the other. appear in garter stitch because they are. alternately to the right and to the inside. are knitted and each one appears here. fourth stitch on the right. and so we now repeat the first and. the second round constantly in each. odd under than in the first. 357 and so on all stitches. stretch and in every straight lap the. purl stitches and knit each one. knitted some just take off. as described in the second round. now I’m a few laps further. I’m on a straight lap. so in the end all stitches are right. knitted and now the first one follows again. stitch on the left take off the following mass. and from when three stitches are left one. stitch right and that is always now. this right mesh is now to blame. beautiful as a rib in the image of man. recognize is this scam I always use. off and knit the stitches in between. I always left and in the following. then round all stitches again. knit right. I’m here now at the end of the last. I end up with a row on the right. do. here I have a few like hers.

attached that marks the start of the round. and I now have a total of 60 rows. worked that can be counted by. one here these lips between the. Right making counts that is 30 rappen. there are two rows on each rib. wool is soon to come to an end as he is. if you work the loop even longer. if you want you have to be about six meters from the. Yarn reserved for the abysses and. if your the lower edge possibly. want to hang around now I’ll show you how. you chain off the round and at the same time. drops the stitches. I knit the first stitch on the right. the stitch is followed by a right stitch. I also stretch them to the right and. then returned this scam. knit the next stitch as usual. I turn right again and käthe this off and. now i have reached an intermediate level. make of these three left. here I just leave it alone. slide off the needle and loosen it. later completely up now I need here. I can do that as follows. work. I get the thread and pull it through. the loop through 1234 then I knit. again the next stitch on the right and. käthe the mesh from then on again. Tilt stitch on the right. chain one stitch to the right and I’ll have it. again three knitted and killed and. I leave the middle one from the. needle dress like me with this jetty. four can usually work differently. I’ll show you now with the crochet hook. i take the stitch on the crochet hook. and hecla would simply be 1234 air masses. then crochet the stitch again. on the knitting needle and kill them. the next three stitches by doing them. knit first and then knit. mesh then I leave it. middle track again from the needle. heeke open again in 1234 and would have. the following three times off again. and so i work that round up all. meshes are chained.

if you want you can do the stitches. also take off immediately. so here the middle mesh again. drop into the following mesh. Pierce and take off. it goes even faster then again. drop a mesh. 12 34 air masses crochet in the following. three prick and unwind and again. 1234 air masses crochet the middle one. drop a mesh. 12. Drop three stitches and the middle one. drop a mesh. so you can choose your method. how you are best. now i’m almost at the end here. drop the loop again. Take off three stitches. 12.34 air masses crochet the last one. some drop and the round with. one kit mesh in the first mesh. close because you just take the first stitch. pierce and pull the thread through and. then the rides cut off the stitches. Now loosen the marker chambers. and now comes the exciting moment. so now the violets are being solved. after after you can now do most of them. pull apart through to the bottom. and so the first false one arose. then I go on to the next one. and dissolve that too. and now you can see what these four are for. air masses were good. so they ensure that there are none here. tension from one mesh to another. land arises. and now I leave to make all around. open and you will see the hatch. therefore a bit wider so that it is doubled around the neck at the end. can be. am now here with the penultimate one. bored with the penultimate case. mesh which I dissolve down through. and the last one. and now you can see the effect here. recognize mesh patterns from this case. and also from this hoe mesh this one.

as a rib between the webs. the wrong thing is running up now. we can still do it here as. degree knew such a beautiful crochet. and down here at the stop is that. edged dishonorable I’ll turn this around now. crochet with the rest of my gang. I have a number 6 crochet hook and I stick it in the first right one. mesh and get the drives through. then i stand you the second master. 1. without the thread and pull it through. the loop that is still on the crochet hook. then 123 air masses lie in. the mesh is in front of the right mesh. stitch in the right stitch and in the. mesh afterwards and regulate 123 air masses. again in front of it in the mesh afterwards the. in the right and in the stitch afterwards. 123 vent. in the age before in the right stitch in. the machine after 123 air some. crochet in the right stitch in front of it and. then one prick and again three. air masses hegel and so then i have. the same above and below. I now work all around and then it is. my praise with wrong already done. now my look is completely crocheted around it. has known the same above and below. and I can put it twice around the. neck wrap. I hope you enjoyed it. to knit this look with wrong and. you can use it in many different ways. colors according to work so that you each. the right accessory for yours. cloakroom ready if you like the video. liked subscribed to my channel like that. don’t miss another video. i keep putting in new ideas. then hopefully see you soon fornika.


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