for beginners Knitting: knit edge stitches İdeas

for beginners Knitting: knit edge stitches


Knitting edge stitches – the beginning and the end of every piece of knitting Depending on the DIY project, different edge stitches are suitable for finishing …
I’ll show you now how to get tangled. the edge stitches are the first and the. last stitches in a row. there are different types. depending on optics and purpose for. different projects are suitable. I’ll show you the nodule edge and the. cat rand you need a few for this. needles and balls of wool on the bun. edge you trick the sick maker in the end. the row always on the right. no matter which pattern you put. then when you are your strict piece. and just lays the thread behind the needle. now the edge stitch on the right, so stitch. into the mesh. as if you were knitting but then just leave them to the other nobility. slide over. now it turns right and away. you can continue knitting. the edge of the nodule arises at the edge. nodules and webs at first. even and land not out as well. it can be easily sewn together now. to the edge of the cat. at the cat rand you take the last one. stitch the thread in front of the needle and. digs into the last stitch. now similar to the left stitch. the thread on and the stitch off. turn a piece of rope and get it. thread behind the needle and stretch. a right stitch. the cat edge looks like a. braided braid and goes well with. projects where you can see the edges. like a scarf, for example.


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