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for beginners  Knitting Loom Beanie Knitting |  Knitting for Beginners |  Circular knit winter hat


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hello and welcome to the great. want in this video i want you guys. imagine another method with the. one can also want to make use of it. of course and that’s what i have these things for. here. these are strictly rings so it will. knitted the hats are knitted but. with this ring as an aid without. knitting needles for this ring was with me. still this one so this little one. this hook reminds you of something like that. a bit like a drill from the. dentist without drilling and he’s got here from. all these hooks with which you want. you can see that over the pins here. in the video. and then this needle was there afterwards. to pull the whole thing together and here. above to consolidate the whole thing is worked in rounds is clear with that. round at the round ring here and. afterwards pulled together so that the whole 100 is together and you just. you can also get this hat on request. than do with it and you can too. knit smooth things. not necessarily be a reason if you do that. all of this on this page a little bit. Normal baldness can also be left open. share work with it and divide it up. make different patterns. yes they have different sizes for. different hats sizes and otherwise. also for different sizes. I’ll use the orange one in a moment. it is 19 centimeters in diameter and. for me that is a very good size. about the people I want to make. So this size fits me perfectly. good and I have a head circumference of. 52 to 54 centimeters about that. Always varies a bit as I have. strong curls always come with me. on the day shape like my hair. are and so I use this one. is of course much bigger hats then. use for children and for baby hats and. I put it aside once shows you. all here in beige the same as that. Although already luster witte so there is.

different methods to the state. make and thus the whole thing not to. very curls you see you are here. created a bit like I said. so that it doesn’t get too curled up. relaxes as soon as you open the middle. has the whole degree on the head catch. me on whom I make a loop and. you can also give it via a pin. use other methods. but I’ll show you this first. this is where the interest in others. methods have just write to me in. I’ll make the comments about them. again videos and give them to one. I pin strong here by the brush here. in the side is that is for others. methods if you knot the whole thing tightly. at the side I do that in this one. fall nothing. then I take my ball of wool and give. the whole once in the middle. to. and leave it there and then take it. a crochet hook that is not the needle. that was there, this is this one. a simple other crochet hook go. here through that and get. me the thread once through this hole. through and put it on the next. I won’t show it a few more times. take care of that again this time. get the thread out and over the next one. give go back into this hole. and over it always in the appropriate one. last one more lift the thread through and. to give in to the next one I’ll do that. once the complete round and that is. my starting row. so now I come back to mine. starting point and because I’m in laps. I want to knit the letter. thread again over the pin on the. pin I now have two envelopes. but I treat the same as normal. one and the other I orie the whole. first of all that there are two on it. now i continue with my thread. and put it around the next pin. around and back again.

the whole thing looks like this from the front and. the thread crosses itself at the back. yourself and go to the next pen there. around and always around around each pin. the whole thing looks like this from the inside. and I’ll do that once completely. whole round. see that is developed relatively quickly. just about that all the time. same movement. you just have to pay attention once you get it. lets go the whole thing curls up again. off so stay in the wrap and a. mishap. here I am with the 2 because I do too. here the two were already here. if i’m with the two i’m doing it too. around and here I start now. to knit on. I take my other nobility now. with the long sink here in front and. lift both of the lower ones over them one time and. number two and here I do the whole thing. just like I’m going now. I need to drive around now. no longer hold on it is now. fixed by the fact that I last I wrap days lifted off. and I can now continue to work in peace and quiet and raise the. bottom always over. that you can also see through the whole series. that is also super fast. the whole thing is still a little bit. do not press down so much under that. you can put the whole thing on top of it. It’s always nice to work here. this notch there you can go straight in. go with the hook and the whole thing. pull. we didn’t have a good hand there too. by this which it is nicely shaped nicer. customized in hand. and I’m right through with the round. here you can see directly if you. you are done. with the round. and then it goes on a bit. want to take and I’ll wrap again. I’m wrapping around the first one again here.

exactly where the wool lies and here once. back around with the same technique. just develop. so. here now again about the last one. take off and that works completely now. just like in the row before I take. she always lifts the under ostrich and. want them off. all around again and so will then. the whole thing must continue to work. I do the whole thing about 20 inches long. I think that’s around 30 35 rounds. I’ll measure the whole thing right away. and now I’m starting the third round. just like that again just completely. wrap around and that’s how it works. always further is no off or. to gain weight it just keeps going. just wrapped and then well done like that. if the whole thing is long enough then me. show you the other. i am now about 20 centimeters in. the length a little too much. that are a little too little. about 23 24 cm and regulates that i do so. a bit of a. roughly in that area I have the whole stretched finished now and now. I’ll take the whole thing off for it. I first cut the thread from the 1st piece on and leave it on for knotting. cut off pull out. it doesn’t look like that now. over here once and then I’ll take this. needle that you can of course also. another family nail just take. a large needle is more likely to thread through. you can fit the whole thing too. add that up to another thread. It doesn’t really matter. that is the thread that equals everything. holds together. thread and then I cut myself too. a good piece off. about a meter the whole thing must. once they go around the ring well. we also there a little too much than too. little else take the whole.

work for free if you like the whole thing once. pulls out and then I found here in that. pin where I left off on and. go through it from below. and I now do that with every brush. and the pins that I’m through I can just take it off and fall. to let. you can see the whole thing is now hanging. here like that and the whole thing is the same. together. so that was the last i can do the whole thing. take home the rain can be easy. in the back and the whole thing now looks like this. here got quite loose with the thread. this is the removal and that. is the state thread that I put. everything in once. the whole thing then right inside socis. once of the awv on the left. This is. so here i now have the three threads. and here with this one I can pull the whole thing. why the whole thing becomes a bag. drawn. and that is the beginning and the end. of it and the two knotted. so that the whole thing is really good. so the beginning and the end of the thread with the. you have tied the whole knot. this is the thread that I use. I made the whole hat and the three. knotted again and funny. But before that I’ll show you the. hat once from the outside. the whole thing looks like this above. pulled together and really small here. up and put the whole cap in. only then really little sweetie. winter hat that is curled up here. immediately when you expose them and. a little tension on the material. comes then she just puts on the head. and smooth and really awesome. just super cute winter hat like. said with the ring with the sizes you have to. you see which one is suitable for you. with this rain I just have the. experience that for me.

there is also a bigger one. even smaller ones for children and babies. very small and yes if you all. like when you see more of it. would like other methods other patterns. just write me in the comments. I do what I still beautiful, yes I do. can do and see you next time. with great wool.


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