for beginners Knitting socks with a pigtail pattern made easy – Video 2/3 – Heel İdeas

for beginners Knitting socks with a pigtail pattern made easy – Video 2/3 – Heel


Here I will show you a simple tutorial on how to knit socks quickly and easily, also suitable for beginners! Wool: Strong Wool Pastel Mix uni (approx.
. he now starts doing this with the heel too. really not that hard and whole. made quick here to take the. mass of the first nail on that of the. fourth run by simply getting. knit right stitch. . so we are now working almost as a whole. only with four needles. we turn the work around and knit. now the first row are now working in. rain no longer round up here. and always purl stitches. we also think with a wrong stitch. and just knit a round only. make left. . . so we finish our work too. our reimerink stitches turn them. work over again and knit one now. row only right stitches that ours. second row. we get the whole thing now and here. we distinguish for the first time. between women or men socks or. narrower or wider socks. is it so now we either if. you knit socks with it or for her. he is now following narrower feet 14 1. above. alternately as I do it to you right now. show the round this round on the left the. back round right until you 14 1 up. stretched or if you knit socks here on the way I do now, he does. simply 16 pure then the verse. a little higher and then when recording. also accordingly a little wider good. he ends the round row again with. a right ankle turns the work. turn around again and only knit one row. As I said, left always do. alternately either a total of 14 have been in there or 16 in men gamble. then we pull each other well if you. the required rows knitted. should your work look something like this. we are now back to a first round. so on the left round and take.

now denied the first two and. the last two stitches the link. customers from the first half never together. it’s pretty easy to do. like a stitch that we are not at. the first stitch instead. also in the second stitch both stitches. on the nobility pick us up the thread and. pull through both machines by already. we have two meshes of a mass. made the remaining stitches knit. we left as normal as they appear. . . and the last two stretch again. left together. did you drive in front of the needle. both wash pierce fetch thread. pull through both stitches on two. mesh became one we do the work. video and knit our right round. when our second half of the season was back to normal. this one does not seem to me. mesh together. as I said, every machine is knitted and. the left round. we take the first two again. and the last two stitches together. with writing and the right always whole. normal knitted the left round as. the round strictly if we are the first. both stitches and the last two. masses together and that’s how we do it. long until we only have 14 masses on the. have a needle, no matter how many. so we round up beforehand. when we only have 14 stitches left on the needle, we hit. we are again such an acceptance customer. finished now and you still have your work in. the show after the needle. should look like this up here. little together. now there is really only something coming. trickier about this series and that is. kind of meshes. we are now taking every second one here. mesh a mass on that works. so we’re talking from the bottom up here. into the mesh.

and always every second one not in this one but in this one that really is. a bit tight but that doesn’t matter. because we don’t want any holes. produce something as it should really. tight it is a bit tricky to. but he always gets it. from bottom to top in the mesh. puncture. sometimes if it’s too tight it could too. only get in from top to bottom. not to wait a bit as I said. back we don’t want any holes then go. it better. it makes her too long until her downstairs. arrived. . . depending on the last show it will then. again our first needle. if we now knit the. picked up stitches simply all. right. as I said that’s a bit tight but afterwards. you really have the only difficult ones. then the other side is done. record and then it becomes very easy. . and so on, you are really allowed to do it. take your time. but then had a nice verse. all new meshes without holes. and knitted to the right. I’ll show you how to continue here. you can see how nice and tight. the verse then really there. picked up mesh also for it it is. and there is a nice vacation known. and actually it really isn’t. more just a little tight at the beginning. today you picked up your first needle. it now looks like it really is. tight work without holes without anything. and so it will be a nice thing now. let’s send the second needle on. now we are knitting in again. You have to be careful we round you. want to continue our suppositories. so now stretch at the front of the foot and. if we’re all right.

knit and continue ours at the top. convinced with the second round. before we finished the verse. have started now, so to speak, with the. third round so a left. wash and do three nights. . . well now we have to go to the side. but pick up the stitches again and. then you actually already have it. done the mesh take-up. actually works we from that. first nobility that means we always take. every second mass on and always from. pierce from bottom to top 12 as I said. is so is or be tight so we don’t have any. holes produce the side of me. personally always a little easier with the. angle is better and so on until you. arrived at the top. . . you all picked up again in moderation. now we are smoothing it out again. knit all russian knit. . . as soon as I accepted up here. we see all stitches knitted. it looks like it looks again we have. no holes, everything is nice and tight. our heel now we have here yes. there is still a needle left, so to speak. our 14 stitches from earlier the parts. now others also the first and the. fourth needle on that is to stretch. now first with the four needle this one. knit seven more stitches here 123456 7. change the needle. it will be our first needle. knitted the first seven here. meshes. our recorded abel here is one. work closely so that I don’t want to produce another hole in the end. yes work in a nice clean faire. and you can even see the transition here. no longer the first of the new. measure you say the routes again.

knit all stitches except for the last one. I’ll show you both what we did back then. do the same. . . so is the case with the last two stitches. arrived. the stretch this right together it. actually works the same way as on the left. together. instead of the one on the right in the first one. I imagine a stitch. back stitch and knit both. stitch stitches like a right machine. almost both stitches through the thread. and one more out of two knitted stitches. right mass made. here you can see again so beautifully. even deer carries me naturally. the our plating pattern further than it. in the hands of the fourth round of the plating. so look over and over again these three. right stitches. two left alternating. . so we don’t knit our fourth name. just like the first now that we are here. knit the first two stitches. knitting together is her name. rear one pierce through the front. fetch through thread and branches like one. after that all knit right mass again. mesh right. . . it was actually like that. then works roughly. we always change network that means. we knit a round, I’ll show. you guys ready one right here. . . we always knit a round in turns. all stitches normally in the second. we take the round at the first nail. and we knit on the last needle. always the first to dare here as that. last two or here the first. both of them pluck our cover together. had to stay here as normal.

we argued at the first and at the. fourth time only knit stitches. we repeat this until we open. the first and fourth time here only. 15 measures or the. men only made 16 stitches. as I said, a round completely normal one. round the last two of the fourth he. the last two first and the first. both of the fourth mission together. until then, have fun with. knit and then we’ll meet again. .


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