for beginners Knitting with eliZZZa * Helix GumGum Technique * Arm warmers # 01 İdeas

for beginners Knitting with eliZZZa * Helix GumGum Technique * Arm warmers # 01

 İdeas * How to knit fine colored spirals without transitions, I’ll show you with this little video series using arm warmers …
I know you are waiting longingly. on the promised helix technique or. even about technology i now have all the videos. together because I want you to. yes, show it in detail. of fine color spirals is called im. English also helix technik or helix. I learned to meet in German. if you mean the cultural technique me. I always got over the many gum. socks in our facebook group. wondered now well that means single row. to knit a round stripe so pro. color a round where you but the. transitions nothing sees normally. do you see us at color stripes. unsightly levels as transitions that become. avoided here how to do the show. I knit you and we knit for this one. purpose as an illustrative example arm warmers. in this technique and i have in front of it myself. you can like two different colored ones. you can use a solid color can. and many guests use i have here. at hand a marine 120 from langhans. and a super sox alpaca from langhans. that one coloring of the other. simulated can and I use for it. by the way, thanks to clover who always made me. with needles and new cards. equip. I use for rounding. small parts like socks and arm warmers. preferably bamboo needles because they are. Firstly, they are easily the metal needles. who otherwise like to use. the first are very difficult and are. incredibly smooth that means socks or. arm warmers can easily knit there. needles still slip is mine. in any case already happened with the bamboo. this cannot happen with needles. they are also very easy to strictly adhere to. also very pleasant so i have three. different sizes prepared. I will stop myself at the age of four. knit needles so I will cast on. I’ll make the cuff with four needles. I knit with 3 needles and the. cuffs even with 3.5 needles why me. differentiating in the machine.

stop must not be too tight. the cuff may be clearly angel. his and for the gauntlet itself. i then use the final needle. Strength. now how do we determine the extent of our. at the chair, it’s very easy you muck once. all around at the level of yours. knuckles so the reason happy. for me that is very simple 20 cm. I don’t have to be too precise and. now i look after my main course is. the marine 120 and I’ll have a look. suggestion on the banderole is like. many stitches are required for 10 cm. and here I see 22 stitches. I know that I knit pretty tight and I can take a little less. mine is now with the arm warmers. not super tricky. that means i will i just say 20. mesh 14 cm. that means I’ll be 40 stitches for the. for me the required 20 cm and. i hit those first with two needles. so on 220 stitches and in the second. round I divide the mesh of its four. needles on so in my case it is. Simply calculate 40 stitches for a circumference of 20 cm and I hit with needles. number four needle size 4. the stop itself should be a bit. be looser. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20. Next nobility. important here for the first stitch. tutti pull both needles together well. So that you get the second close to the. First gentleman attract so there is no gap. arises. And if you keep recording now just ignores the first nose. focuses on the needle with the. there just takes up 45 and the rest. I also use shorter needles here. With so few stitches, I don’t need any. 20 cm long needles. I use 15 cm needles here like. mostly with socks because I’m there. usually does not need that many stitches.

a little less bulky, of course. than the long 20 cm has so you have. now here your stop and only. a thread that is not too long at the beginning. I just had to understand the wool now. it’s a bit in the way. you have it on the one hand. front of this beautiful chain at the beginning. the resulting stitching tool is created. puts the two needles together so that the insides of each other see the. inside are the ones with the little ones. buttons on the mesh. so on the outside you have this beautiful chain. a cat stop and inside the little ones. nodules. I push the first needle a bit. I push in the rear needle. a little bit out so there no meshes. get lost and a popular mistake. if you continue here strictly so me. it happens here and there that me. the beginning stages now used for. continue knitting. instead of working life, it’s a shame. that the thread is now using that. it really doesn’t lead to the ball around. only the voice at the beginning is so it works. let’s go now I take the to continue. stretch the 3 needles so the thin ones. needle the cuff can be tighter. will be as the traveled on the gloom and we. just knit two right two purl. always make sure that on the. back nato likes to lose stitches. pull the first stitch tightly here. so two stitches knit two stitches. left alternating and I distribute now. the stitches on four needles. that means ten stitches for each nobility in. In my case two right two left makes. and two more to the right and next nobility. so ten times puff the needle. I check myself to be on the safe side. I am very happy to go on with two. left two right two more left. two right and two left. and also the next twenty people. distribute on two needles. and again two on the right, two on the left.

so I like to do it with socks too. which I mostly at the top. begin. that I only top the whole thing with two. needles stretch so you can do that here. of course also make for at least for. stop then it gets a bit. it’s a little more laborious. With socks, stitches are great. example one usually has little. meshes. there you can comfortably with two. knit needle if there are more stitches. it will be more convenient with more needle too. knit enough swaggered son. of course that is a terrible ride for me. only two right two left cuffs closed. knit. that naturally bores me and therefore. I’ll show you here how we are a little. potty ribs or rib pigtails. or mini pigtails are easy to knit. no gambler fits so nothing. like that and I’ll show that in a moment. also again in big because you are here. you don’t see it very much. clearly what I’m doing I’ll show you. in a close-up. it has to be so strict at first. knit the first two stitches on the right. knit together they stay on. the left nato then you see with the. left thumb nail the two stitches. bit apart and knit them. first stitch right again like this. now I’ll show you the whole thing in close-up so that you can do that with one too. thicker even so that you better she is what. I did everything. Gambling is always done with the right. I just have one. Exercise pieces to show you the edge. stitch two stitches purl. so is a rib pattern like that. and now come the two right stitches. that are gambled. you put these two stitches on the right. together and still leaves the stitches open. so the left needle does not yet lift off. now you can see with your left nail.

the left thumb. the two machines apart. are two stitches and the first one tricks. take one more time to the right from now on. you the stitches from the needle. that’s about it, I repeat. so again I have two again. purl and the next two. stretch right stitches together. keep pulling the stitches apart. still on the needle and the first. stretch the machine again to the right and. two stitches purl. again pulled from two stitches on the right. together the first one on the right again. knit two purl stitches and there you have. I have a hand stitch over this one. plucked rey that’s already like being there. the braid suggests there are now three rows. or with our at the chair care only. the rib pattern knitted that easy. the two on the right two on the left the house. She’s always sluggish when playing. so wide like many clubs or rundu. knit between the cone. you can see the width of the pot in. In our case two stitches and one around. at least one more row. so that means we’re knitting three here. rows of ribs had to be in between. or with our stumble three. round pure rib pattern of the between. so stretch without a braid and then will. pigtails played again always need one. little air that you always need. a little space to develop. so back to our so I stumble. think you can do it now. continue yourself that means after the. plucked round come three rounds. rib pattern then you come back like. often or is repeat i would you. already recommend about 10 cm for that for. to cut the arm it should. keep warm in the pools and. maybe under a jacket. disappear. I’ll be tapping here five or six times. watch warmth how high that should be. and in the next video it goes.

continue with the actual helix or. rubber technology have fun.


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