for beginners Learning to knit socks PART 5 of 5 – Ribbon lace İdeas

for beginners Learning to knit socks PART 5 of 5 – Ribbon lace


Learning to knit socks, 5-part video series with all steps, one after the other for re-knitting. Material: 100 g sock yarn from Landlust Lana Grossa …
. now we come to the top and have. we the cuff because the heel creates. and the foot is knitted and can now. in conclusion with the tip i’m doing. always the best band because I find the most beautiful and also the most comfortable. to make the top like in the. previous video said you have to. Shank in your length as you need. Make according to the socks table at. me 21 cm and the top is now. stretched in the following way by using the tip as a band on the sides. always have to lose weight, I do that. Now you can do it better. can understand that he’s up here. heel and then it is always here at the. sides a decrease on this needle and. often these take place and at the beginning. this and at the end of this needle. that means we then have such a. tied what I in the middle then so. together what is getting closer and closer. so it would be so then you have to worry. on and then there is always left here and. removed on the right and you have to. then also know where you are doing the whole thing. we have here. I’m here in the middle of the heel. at the beginning of the round we have needle 1. directly needle two needles 3 and the last one. is needle 4 and make the first decrease. we always end up with the first needle. and at the beginning of the second needle and. then at the third needle at the end and. at the fourth needle at the beginning. we start with the decrease so that i. show you where exactly how the decrease. exactly takes place and then I explain. you based on the socks table the. you have to set the approvals. first of all we do the first one. decrease round right after we get this. the sheer number is the centimeters. have achieved deserves creates so. right there after my 21 centimeters. I am now doing the first round of decrease. and after that we will with the socks. table. process the scheme as we do.

have to set acceptance. that means we knit needle first. 1 from the beginning of the round to the last. three stitches on the right, so normal. knit until only three. stitches on the needle are three pieces. and for the last three now comes the. want to do first acceptance these two. we now quite simply right together. stretch for this you then go into the. second stitch as if to knit straight. rhine under both meshes and want you. pass the thread through it and knit the right one. together and knit the third stitch. we just turn right at the second. needle will decrease the same beginning. made. we want them crossed on the right. but knit together the first. knit as normal. right and the next two will be. now swivel to the right. knitted together I always do it that way. that I just like you knit both take off you can do that too. do it directly but I think it’s possible. always a bit heavy then under. both go back inside as before. a prick at the heel from the left and. then pull the thread through both of them. and the rest of the needle is strictly her back. normal right. then we are at the top of the foot this needle. is the needle 1 again you knit up. knit to the last three stitches. there are still three pieces left on the needle. has and there it repeats itself now from. the first needle these two branches. are now knitted together on the right. so from the wrong side under both stitches. pierce and the thread at the right. knit well through both sleep. pull and the last stitch is strictly yours. right no fear I’ll be the next. decrease round again with you. do so if you can’t do something. you saw another one well. chance to look at it in peace. this is needle 4 we do it the same way. like the other nobility before.

second. the first is knitted to the right and then. the next two crossed on the right. that means I take it off again like. go in once to knit properly. enjoy a stab from the left too. and sleep then I’ll get it. thread crossed out behind it. and the rest of the stitches again as with. the other needle also to the end. knit. that was now a round of acceptance. and now we need our socks. waves and that the ribbon lace is knitted in a certain scheme. also depends on the sizes mine. size i make is here now. so we got here after the first. decrease round begins the scheme is. we have the first round of acceptance. made and here we have now in the. fourth round are in every third. round in every other round in every. round. that means I hear that very often. asked what that means we have in ever in. the fourth round a decrease that means. once we just have to lose weight in. every fourth round that is after that. twice in every third round. that means we are knitting now. three rounds completely normal and do it first. This is the acceptance round as. fourth round. that just means that. previous sizes have here at all. nothing that means it works then. faster to get rid of the one with the one there. We didn’t do anything here and we’ll do it. this now just so that we already have. make a decrease in the fourth round. that means now we knit three rounds. normal and then make the fourth round. as a decrease round afterwards we knit. two rounds normal and make in the. third round a decrease and. repeat the whole thing because it says here. twice make two rounds normal again. and again in the third round. second decrease now sounds totally.

complicated, but I’ll go along with it. yourselves by that means here is easy. just look at the table and. compare what we do and then will. it’s easy for you. become clear what is meant by this so we. had a decrease round and now. we want one in the fourth round. decrease round make three rounds. Knit normally without decreasing. so easy every nobility from knitting to. you have three rounds and then we do it. again a round of decrease and do it. I’ll be with you again. ok I did the three rounds and. I’m now in the fourth round, yes. a decrease should be round. and now repeat the whole thing again. the first needle to the last three. knit stitches. are now getting fewer and fewer meshes. so it goes faster and faster. we want the last three stitches. last two the first two on the right. just stretch together like to. knit right in normal and the. fetch thread through both. the last stitch is strictly your right. we want one needle two alone. to do the acceptance at the beginning that means. the first strictly year and the next. so we are both scattered on the right. knit together that means lift off. how to knit another one. Withdrawal as if to knit right. then you give from the left under both. sleep and get the paths of. at the back so crossed by both. sleep through the rest of the needle again. from knitting normally and then. the whole thing is repeated at the. next needle needle 3 is like needle 1. that means your strictly to the end. there are only three stitches left on the needle. then the next two on the right together. knit the last right stake out and. needle 4 is like needle 2 because it will. decrease again at the beginning made the. first stretch and the next. both of them take off first to the right.

knit go down and crossed. knit together. the remaining stitches are normal again. right. that was another round of decrease. according to the socks table is now the. next step in sheema twice in. decrease every third round. that means we do two rounds normally. without decreasing and the third round is. a decrease dogs and repeat that. again two rounds normal and still. once the third round as a decrease 100th if you are as far as me then. you would have to need 12 needles at this point. Have 12.12 stitches on each needle and. according to our weight loss schima is now. so the next line in each one. second round to take off and the whole. to repeat three times. so a round normal a decrease. dogs second round a round. normal a decrease round third. pass a round normal a decrease. round and after is written here in each. round and the whole seven times that is. you just make 7 decrease rounds. behind each other. and then here is the total length. you can then see the pedestrian there. whether that will happen with you and for everyone. If so, I think it’s good. understand what is meant by. once twice three times. So now this would be the turn in everyone. second round and that with three. so keep repeating yourself. alternately a round where yes decreases. and one not and that changes. then repeated three times so three times. you all after these rounds. I then add ten stitches to each one. needle and after that comes what I do. said. seven rounds long in each round. lose weight and of course that comes with. you now also on what you are for. one size can now be done with the. meshes turn out differently because. the slimming scheme at the ribbon tip.

size depends. So now I’m doing seven more rounds. long the decrease and then we should. be so far that we can do the whole thing. can complete. so when you are ready. after these seven rounds of decrease. I have three stitches on each needle. and you can then use the thread generously. cut off so that we still have enough to. has sewn and pulls you on one. wool needle where you have a big one. Needle eye where the mole fits through. and then we start where we do. have stopped and will be the next. Adel would be the turn of the went stitches. so draw on our needle on us. pull those bikes. to do this, simply slide down carefully. let and lift down so that you don’t. mesh loses then I pull the. thread through there and take the next one. needle out so that’s always the case. I think the most beautiful part is the sock. always let go. also on it again 10 18 thread the. next needle. and the very last one too. there and here you can see beautifully. this this band was born when me. I always find that very beautiful and mine. so in my opinion it is also from the foot. fro really nice to wear this band. top now we want the whole thing here. to do properly. i will always be up here i do. always first here a knot on the. side and let’s pull the thread onto the. just stitch inside the mesh. again mark a knot and then. I go in here with my hand and get it. me the thread carefully according to the content. firmly. because not sting then you can then. Sewing properly here is also important here. calm another knot and sew it up. end. yes if you haven’t done it yet. you have to do the beginning too, of course. hear deeds.

and then your soup would be ready too. show you right now like my two. things look and ada there they are. socks and both finished. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. is helped a little further. of course really up to you how. you do that in the end there are quite a few. different versions you can. make reinforced heels and so on. but i hope that this as basic for. maybe helped you if. one of you socks for a long time. wanted to learn to knit and gladly. see again as a single video. wanted. take a look at my baby socks video. if you haven’t already done it. this is again for the very little ones. feet an instruction and yes if you. more videos about knitting socks. then definitely want to see the. Comments write thumbs up. leave behind and don’t forget me. subscribe if not already. otherwise you are welcome to. socks you according to my instructions. has knitted with hashtag karolines welt. at ins tal on facebook etc post. Definitely marks me with it. think so too and I wish you all. have a lot of fun knitting and up to. next videos.


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