For beginners LEGO® Birthday Cake (Set 40153 Birthday Table Decoration Birthday Cake Review German) Ideas

For beginners LEGO® Birthday Cake (Set 40153 Birthday Table Decoration Birthday Cake Review German)


What should you give LEGO fans for their birthday? If you don’t want to bake yourself, you might be tempted to go with this LEGO birthday cake …
. welcome to a new one. edition of the terminal construction sites lyric and. who does not know the problem one would like. give a lego fan everything. has and don’t feel like doing anything myself. to tinker and certainly not to. to bake. good that lego has something in its portfolio. namely 120 parts for just 7 99th parts price of 666 cents and the whole. listen to the beautiful name dots. birthday table decorations in english. By the way, just birdcage since 2005. cz already but eight again and again gladly. taken especially if you like. said what I want to give soon it is. also a birthday cake. but a little heavy in the stomach. if you could design it but that. Of course no one does it, but she. to stand and we can even have one. hang a two-digit number in front of it. that is, when lego fans are getting older. and at some point they will. then exceed a hundred then yes then. you might need two sets but. until then we see the number. yes and every number between 00 or 0. and 99 ultimately shape that we see. the same one again another one. few decorations here and there and. at the back there is still a little seesaw and. when we press the. then we’ll see that right there. that is when the harlequin appears and. congratulates, so to speak, happily on the festivities. stem cradle-proof the very best too. still with a few flames in front. are indicated and we also recognize. even the cake is history with the top. of course somehow what patrick does. me probably there is so white. barth green now that’s what we want. maybe prefer not to know. broccoli no no idea. in any case, green has that otherwise. the top also sees a bit. like a flying saucer. but it’s also a cake and there. we don’t see the numbers and with them the.

then there is also standing right. a couple of transparent two years that one. can click in there so that too. really not on the birthday table. falls apart. otherwise as I said when we were nice. back up and down here. our customers who are not there he is. happy as he hands directly cool. and here we see the over serve. parts that we need as I said if. you should get older. or another number there. should generate then you already have. share everything in small and how to. numbers do we see that as I said. is there again in the instructions. namely, construction time is of course. rather so clear 10 good 220 parts. as well as he the short birthday boy for. in between bake normal cake and. I think I go to the bakery myself. to buy the cake respectively. coppenrath & wiese would thaw. take longer. we don’t see how. the zero and one are designed and. so there is one through the instructions. 200 30 40 50 60 7 at some point graf. now pay any thunderstorm sayings. here it doesn’t matter, everyone sees each other. numbers go and as I said the parts. there are so many that every time. double goes there we see again how. it’s done and so can we. already come to the evaluation so completely. cool when i are we bought ourselves. I would have had my birthday. pleased about it and straight through the. number in front and the little harlequin. nothing spectacular but i would. I would say as a small souvenir. for the birthday for the lego fan. already has everything. besides this set there is of course one. Danger has been 10th since 2005, maybe the next time you go. against visits form birthdays again. look if it’s not already somewhere. is seven points namely the whole.

you and with it then for the weigh-in celebration. the very best will be the rose lemm building block. lyric until the next time and jazz. .


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