for beginners Light hand cuffs for the transition from knitting and crocheting • DIY * Julebuergerfee İdeas

for beginners Light hand cuffs for the transition from knitting and crocheting • DIY * Julebuergerfee


Have fun watching. Thank you for your interest. You are the best love hug from your Jule.
hello my dear ones today there is one. guidance from these pretty and. simple hours for the transition. are intended. I have them with summer socks wool. knitted four times and turned with a. needle size number two and half open. each needle will be twelve stitches. attached and in the cuff pattern. knitted two stitches and two. purl stitches up to a height of. ten centimeters is reached. then you can knit the second part in the same way. you would lay the two parts apart. and wonderfully check whether both the. have the same length. after 10 cm the thumb will still be. we knitted ten stitches off the chain. we knit two stitches in pattern. follow and lift the right stitch over. the left one over and over again in a pattern. follow knit and over and over again the. lift right over left. everything in pattern so follow where the left. are purl and where the. right are knitted and always right. the right stitch over the left over it. to lift. We keep doing that until we just have. have two stitches on the needle. by two stitches I mean the one open. the left and the other on the. right side as well will now be this. two simply with the next row. knitted together because if we did this. leave two separately on one needle. then we would do the stitches. lose or the needle would. keep falling out in pattern. knit two right two left as long. until they get back there. where we cut the neckline for the thumb. knitted so now we’re back. we have this for the ladies neckline. ten stamps removed, we’ll take them. now on again and that is what we do. simply twist a loop. thread and place it on the needle. a total of ten times and so arises. again a new mesh. now continue in the round.

the needles hold little together. we now the left were last. knitted or the first stitches and closed. we knit again with purl. further further two right two left. keep knitting in the pattern. knit two and two stitches. left and there where we put the new stitches. have also increased again in patterns. follow knit and then we can too. move these two stitches again. which we at the beginning with on the other. bad so we didn’t take them. lose so that again there are 12. stitches on every needle after the. thumb opening a total of 17th rows in two right, two left above. knit. then we can loosely remove the stitches. chains like the ones with the thumbs. Cut out the stitches are again in. knit pattern strictly two brands. and lift the right one over the left. in this way all meshes all around. loosely chain off if we only have this. we have a loop we go with that. crochet hook into it. i have a 2 half crochet hook. used and we are now making a cap. stitch then we can start the whole thing for crocheting. we make three air and one. double crochet at the bottom of the same stitch. another chopsticks the next. three stitches are crocheted together. and we do the next stitch. put a chain into it and then catch it. we start from the front with three air stitches 2nd double crochet again in the same hole. the next three stitches in at the bottom. crochet together and make a cat stitch. Crochet a total of twelve of these points and. in the end you have to be careful that you. also with this remaining remainder. Johnston gets along maybe. sometimes only two together instead of three. crochet so that it fits and the prongs. have the same spacing as above. we can also now down at the bundle the. whole thing about crocheting here too.

crochet a total of twelve of these points. thumb cutout is extra large so that you can crochet around for the whole thing. I went in on the side. and have a total of seven of these points. crocheted and now we can all thread. sew up and then they are beautiful. transition gauntlets already finished me. thank you for watching and wish. have fun imitating until. next video. July. .


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