For beginners Mega simple birthday cake ,, Number Cake ,, / Wunderkuchen Ideas

For beginners Mega simple birthday cake ,, Number Cake ,, / Wunderkuchen


Hello everybody! Today I’ll show you a “Number Cake”. It was for my daughter’s 15th birthday. Have fun You need a sponge cake base that …
. hello your life nice that we are. my daughter will be there again. turned 15 this summer and. she has one for her birthday. chocolaty number cheekily desired or. always thought that would be an idea too. film and that’s why I’m showing today. my variant of a simple number. hkex for the lambeck we need one. risks the ground. I have mine here as always, of course. miracle cake taken this time though. not in a round shape but me. I baked it to the size of a baking tray. I doubled the recipe. just write the exact one to you. quantities for a sheet in the. infobox and the video like this cake. does that work from I left you. also in the infobox so look there. just go in. the cake has to, the floor has to. to be completely cooled down, of course. and basically always the floor. I have uneven wakes bakes first. cut off the lid so that i. a really beautiful one right. nice straight bottom it remains. unfortunately very very much left but. Unfortunately, you have something you can use them wonderfully. either as well as vinegar ruler as. shrapnel or you don’t make a box. or you just have the numbers. I out of the internet so I have. just printed them out to me. yes the size is to adjust a sheet and. Although the number 150 is this cake. can use it to any other number too. do. yes I then put it on myself. first checked that everything fits and then. I just started there once. put it on the floor and carefully around it. cut. yes that once was actually pretty. they just come to the side. Then it goes on with the five me. must honestly admit the five is already. a bit difficult as he did the bow.

We also put the stomach on it and. cut the number 5 from best with. to drive a knife then my numbers. also with the 5 you have to do a bit. watch out it bends easily yes. that comes on to the side first. is it with the fulfillment there i have. I made it really easy for me. just have a paradise grimm. taken with 800 milliliters of cream and. two parcels of paradise gran chaco die. cream comes in a bowl that will. open briefly and then come. little by little the powder to go with it. usually he becomes this paradise. made grimm with milk but if you. flag used then you have really good ones. fill cards. the whole thing is then stiffly beaten that. really nice and creamy because looked like that. So really nice at the very end. creamy and firm yes my graeme eadie. I then put it in a piping bag. a big hole tölle. that makes it as full as it gets. I have one here again now. Taken freezer bags because I’m too. this time no step body. but i have now one i have. I mean to close the whole thing. and then it goes on with. the numbers. of course i need each number. two pieces and that’s why I have them. cut once across and then. if i take the number 16, they too. on the sheet or on the top. plate where I would like to have and. then splashes so rounds offs on and here. in fast forward neither that now how. that works, please look at the edge along the edge, really nice and even. is and the whole 1 must with cream. be covered. This is how it looks when I use the cream. I sprayed on it then I take the. other number one and submits them. cautiously not to the committees either. eight press because what else remains. this paradise that is really very.

well stable so I have to say that. and we do the same with the 5 there. takes a little longer, of course. because the number is larger in terms of area. is. . this is how it looks then yes I had here. Now the things problem with the 5th I had to look at the other five what I did. have just tried that is right. to cut. I didn’t bring this up all the way. but what doesn’t matter if she somehow breaks or you cut them. have to because it’s not on the number. on top of it gets on top of it then comes on. again the cream and then you can see. that no longer and that breaks too. not apart and you do the same thing. now again in the evening. . and provided that to others from yes now. it’s about sweets for a walk. it’s best to take what that. birthday child marc you see here. about what i took i do not want the individual now. enumerating films is something I do every year. there have and they will then and. numbers evenly on the two. distributed and then the number is kate. already finished, she’s best. maybe even ask him. before you integrate again for. an hour and a half in the refrigerator. so that the cream is really firm. and then forgive that it is him. was now my video of the chocolates. so nuremberg was really there. it is really delicious, too, in no time at all. a wonderful birthday cake. one can look at it nicely. customize birthday child. yes and that’s it for me too. hope you like the recipe if so. give me a thumb up there. subscribe to main channel and we are each other. I wish you a very soon there again. great day fits until soon. .



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