For beginners Metas Classics: How do you make the fire engine birthday cake? | Recipe video | Swissmilk (2015) Ideas

For beginners  Metas Classics: How do you make the fire engine birthday cake?  |  Recipe video |  Swissmilk (2015)


Swissmilk shows how a cake can be turned into a super sweet birthday cake in the shape of a fire engine. Meta Hiltebrand transforms the cake …
know how, with you want to know how to turn a cake into a vehicle? I’ll show you how to do it .. for this I have already prepared the cake according to the recipe .. now I cut the cake so that it becomes a nice fire engine .. first the front part is removed .. and I head this part. . and this part is already finished .. that is now the lower part …. … and that is the part that is placed on the front .. on the fire engine I put this piece on top of it, as you can see it here .. with the car it comes in the middle …. … and with the locomotive at the back .. I have already rolled out the marzipan for packing the car and prepared it on baking paper .. to begin with, I’ll take the lower part .. me make sure the size fits. and stick it with mixed powdered sugar. or if you wish with a slightly melted couverture .. I put the top in the middle first .. I then fold one side in .. nice over it …. I carefully pull the baking paper away .. and then I do the same with the other side .. to pack the front part I first make a cut in the straight line .. then I cut the upper part away from here .. I press it together again. and now fold this part upwards .. on the side I squeeze the marzipan lightly to close the edges .. and the same on the other side .. if you discover a hole somewhere, like here …. can a little patched now … … by draping a small piece on it .. instead of using my hand, I turn it directly with the paper .. so I can carefully peel it off …. … and the cake on tilt the underside .. with the upper part of the vehicle it is important to start on the side that is up afterwards .. so I turn the whole thing around .. then I can already cut this part .. we cut the tips away again .. now still the last page .. then I glue it on top …. … put it in my hand …. … and put the upper part of the vehicle on top of it .. now, if you want, you can do something like this fill in with marzipan .. now we come to the windows .. for this I have prepared a piece of white marzipan .. I need …. … a large window for the front …. … and two for the sides .. and … place in front .. press something down briefly until you have the feeling that it is holding .. and the next one ..

now, the wheels .. we use the glaze again for this .. but I’ll use a thicker glaze so that it will hold better .. I just add some powdered sugar .. now of course a siren and the ladder are missing .. for the siren is best suited to chewing gum .. you can easily cut it in half .. be careful not to slip .. also put some glaze on it .. at the end of course something of the most important thing comes up :. we still need a ladder !. for this we have these biscuit lists .. I now measure the length … … and cut them to size accordingly .. I prefer to use the large knife .. to stick on you can, if you want, use the icing sugar …. … or work with other materials .. first I make a small line …. … and so I can …. … glue the first stile of the ladder onto the car .. now measure I figure out how long the rungs have to be and cut them to size .. and this is what our fire truck looks like .. of course you can make a lot of other vehicles with different decorative items. biscuits, liquorice, marzipan …. I have the car with a white couverture. In other words, liquid cake icing, made. lovingly decorated with various biscuits .. I also made a locomotive. and here is a very important trick: you take a chocolate head and drape whipped cream rosettes on top … … so that the fireplace also smokes nicely … suitable for every birthday and depending on the preferences of the birthday child. you can attach a transporter with a toy car or, as in our case, with cows in it .. I hope you enjoy imitating it and I am convinced that it will succeed .. presented by


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