For beginners Metas Classics: How to Decorate a Birthday Cake | Recipe video | Swissmilk (2015) Ideas

For beginners  Metas Classics: How to Decorate a Birthday Cake  |  Recipe video |  Swissmilk (2015)


The video from Swissmilk shows how you can quickly and easily decorate a cake for a children’s birthday party. Meta Hiltebrand demonstrates how …
know how, with do you want to know how to decorate a birthday cake? I’ll show you how to do it .. to do this, we first have to make small syringe bags out of baking paper .. I cut out triangles …. … put the paper over the corners of the hand …. … put it in this way. … … pull on one part …. … wrap it around it like this …. … and wrap this end like this .. now I can just fill the bag with the liquid chocolate .. I’d rather not too much, it works better if the bag is not too full .. then I fold the bag …. … so that it is closed and the chocolate does not leak .. so that I do not make any mistakes, I have the names already prescribed with a pencil on parchment paper …. … and a second parchment paper laid over it .. now I cut away a tiny corner at the tip of the sachet .. rather too small than too big, because you can always recut .. I test with first one point .. I’ll start now .. whoever wants can decorate the writing with Smarties .. or of course with decorative beads .. very important It is important that the chocolate is not too hot .. the hotter it is, the faster it runs .. but when it is too cold, lumps form …. … which clog the small hole in the syringe bag .. who want, can fill in the letters with white paint and decorate them .. voilà .. now I put the letters cool .. when they are nice and cold, I can peel them off with the spatula and lift them onto the cake .. after the letters are nice are cold and firm, I put them on the cooled, finished cake .. I sprinkled this one with powdered sugar, but you could also cover it with whipped cream .. so, load it carefully with the spatula .. the thicker it is painted, the more robust they are .. so .. if you want, you can decorate the cake covered with whipped cream with sugar colors .. these do not adhere well to powdered sugar .. therefore it is better suited to chocolate and cream icing .. another little heart. … … on this Birthday cake .. voilà .. now you also know how to decorate a beautiful birthday cake in a simple and original way .. presented by


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