For beginners My BIRTHDAY CAKE | Juicy sponge cake | Simple & delicious #Kochenmitmelodie Ideas

For beginners  My BIRTHDAY CAKE |  Juicy sponge cake |  Simple & delicious #Kochenmitmelodie


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who had my birthday yesterday. good profits. . hello my dear nice that you are there are warmly welcome to a new one. week and a new one like me and me. had birthday yesterday and it will. of course celebrated and for mine. There was a wonderful birthday. cake. I’ll call him a here and he. tastes really delicious and looks. really cute and is really fast. to do well one would have one now. xxx xxx can make you older but me. must say the simplest things. in the end it simply tastes best that way. granny’s back book with little ones. there is chocolate sprinkles inside. For our cake we need three 100 grams of flour 250 grams of butter five eggs. 200 milliliters of cream a pinch of salt 180 grams of sugar three teaspoons of baking powder 1st packet of vanilla sugar and 150 grams. chocolate drops first gives you that. butter in a large bowl and whole. It is important that it is as soft as butter. we have to be frothy now. beat with a hand mixer and that. is just a lot easier if it was. i feel like she’s tough and when you did that, you can do that. let the sugar trickle in. very slowly purple then you give it. add the vanilla sugar and then come. add a pinch of salt now. you the eggs one after the other in your mass. give that means stir an egg briefly. then another egg the whole thing is fine again. stir another egg and stir well again. you will see the whole will always be. thicker and dustier and that’s exactly how it should be. so it is always the eggs one after the other. give rhine. . now the cream is added and. mix the whole thing in nicely again. the hand mixer is allowed all the time. intact are therefore not make out and. then we add the flour and here. also not all at once but.

body always a little more. add nicely and then mix again. add a little flour and if. then you can do it as. Last but not least the baking powder in and. mix in the whole thing again. you can now also use the edges. cleaning the bowl remains there. namely always stick a lot and. we still need the whole thing. therefore nicely detached from the edges. dough and again nice mission to everything. is well mixed and then your dough is. ready now give her the delicious ones. chocolate simply drops the into your batter. you can get it in every supermarket. baked goods compartment I say. and the chocolate drops will be beautiful. mixed into the batter. I now have a spherical shape. taken, I always find them very beautiful. to bake a cake and I have it off. rescued and dusted with it. nothing sticks and then I give up. the dough in there and then can. I still a little bit smooth above. to brush. and then the cake finally came into the. oven. . our cake is finally ready and. now he can of course take 20 minutes. cool off and when that happens then it happens. you can finally surround him. I’m so scared right now. but that something always sticks. all went well and now i use. here my chocolate icing that I have. I bought it now from dr. oetker and now I’ll give them too. a cake and I eat the whole thing. now with smarties and now may. cool the cake again with it. chocolate gets hard and then you can. finally cut in and for my god he. looks so delicious and it tastes good too. so my love that was again for. this week i hope my prescription has it. if you like it then give it to me. gladly subscribed to a German to the top.

my channel if you haven’t already. should have done and visited too. like to boil down my instagram page. with melody I can be found. I wish you a really great one. Hopefully we’ll see you next week. monday here on my channel again and. if you bake for one now. on a casual birthday then everything. all love from me. till next Monday. .


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