For beginners Number cake super delicious and simple, honey cake and chocolate cream, letter cake, birthday cake Ideas

For beginners Number cake super delicious and simple, honey cake and chocolate cream, letter cake, birthday cake


For 2 numbers the size of a DIN A4 sheet of paper, I used the following ingredients: 300 grams of white couverture 400 grams of whipped cream 2 eggs 150 grams of sugar 1 pinch …
hello friends my son is ten today. years old he gets one today. figures cake with soft bottoms and mega. delicious white chocolate cream. enjoy watching and. after bake sarah shotton very soft and. the cream is so delicious madness. I have a white couverture here that will. here look at crushing whipped cream. is warmed up just before boiling. take it off the stove, I have it here. white chocolate about how the. cream and who is now and that with. That’s what it’s called for a standing mixer. looks it matters now it comes into that. fridge covered for so best. overnight but at least 4 hours. I put it covered in a small pot. the eggs a pinch of salt and sugar. honey. with the whisk everything together. stir. I am now adding 100 grams. butter and will do that under constant. stir almost to boil so just before the. I have to boil it up again. turn off. just before the house cook take down. and now i give a teaspoon here. Baghdad glasses should now I leave. the cooling should take about 15 minutes. cool it down to room temperature. Mass cooled down because it really did. foamy mass formed this is normal. now half of the specified mail comes in here and through. Beat in the remaining dough. you so far on the work surface and. now I put the whole thing on it. Dimensions. now i give careful i have. I just stir the dough from below. a degree so that the media. Soak up is great and stir in well. everything looks like it must now. to be chilled it’s good too. you can also like the cream in the. Also put in the fridge overnight. one day before preparing everything and. off in the refrigerator or put. that just for two three hours in.

the refrigerator is enough. i give it in two types and finally. only then do i leave cling film. about it because currently sticks and. thanks to the foil it will not live and. now roll out. now i have cut out numbers. my son turned ten today. hence the cake i just open it. a din a4 sheet lengthways. it becomes almost complete. ingested the sheet I have now. first the 0 song and cutting is. carefully here with the knitting knife. from the rest of the dough. let’s keep going so every number. I need twice. tolerates. is practical and very important with it. then we hope that. pierce the fork and only when the. oven preheated to 170 degrees. it comes in the oven with the rest of the dough. I cleared it out again and stab it. there are a few pretty shapes with it. can I decorate it then. so now i come to the cream looks. sometimes this is how it looks that was all now. long in the refrigerator. here I have 600 grams of cream cheese and. although you look so creamy. without herbs or similar and that will. I now hit like two with the mixer. minutes so chance now me here ours. garage under the chocolate with the. cream and do it now with the mixer. You have to work here longer. I have now mixed her tighter. I have maybe four now. it took minutes perfectly. I take a big board here and. wrap it in aluminum foil you can. of course take a tin or. maybe you have such a big one. Plate. the digits have all cooled that is. important that I have the cream. bottled in a piping bag with so. an opening now it starts. best to test on another.

plate or something straight. hold and replenish. we have enough shopkeepers. the first round is ready now you can. you in the middle who likes but so that. you can’t see much from the outside. safety cut or or in bed. not too much but below and also. important not put to the edge now. the next round does not buy turks. just lie down and now it works. continue. sometimes looks a little creamy. is still left I still have one. can make it a bit bigger. so now can be decorated with. fruit is always fine i have churches. today look beautiful little one. strawberries or if they are too big. easy to share in the middle too. very nice that you are in the dax index. raspberries. look I have such fine drops. with vanilla strawberry we’ll see. you can also look wonderful on it. distribute there are also gummy bears. was a child’s birthday is a couple of them. let it be good too. If you look at the peaches I have now. yes also cut also fits well. plus i have such knights here now. sport chocolate found cutting. here completely so there you can do a lot. just let your imagination run wild. to let. we still have beautiful flowers out. made the rest of the dough that fits. also wonderful to look like pretty. madness so. when it is not being eaten. it should be in the fridge friends. that’s it for today, thank you for watching the video, please forgot. not easy to put a subscription on. to let. until the next video I see yes.


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