For beginners Rainbow birthday cake with smarties and sweet clouds / Sally’s world Ideas

For beginners Rainbow birthday cake with smarties and sweet clouds / Sally’s world


Ela asked for a rainbow cake for her 4th birthday this year. This consists of a stir-oil batter with apples. They ensure that …
maybe we’ll pick a cake. okay, what do you want from cake and with. smarties smarties and then chocolate. the one with such a rainbow. You like marshmallows sometimes going on and. chocolate. with a lot of luck. . that’s what did the angela how starts. because single video how do I always start. with hello. welcome to the world we bake. has one more birthday cake today. tomorrow birthday and how old will you be. and you wished for a cake. how should it look. . so let’s pack you together okay now. then say the ingredients we use. need. everything is in there. or at least was borne on a chance. yes that is not water that yes what is. that. with cacau crass the moment when yours. child pronounces the ingredient correctly and you. not yourself said brave and she says. simply khaki and what is that for. Enough. . baking powder so the cake stand up. ok, unfortunately you can start now. sweetheart and that is exactly what I want to be okay. you’ve already got in and then come. even more precise spoon out yes and now. salt and sugar here all. sugar shock on everything in and one. little very few very little about. cake and now we hear and we are allowed to. don’t get in there. yes i find it right now but me. now you can turn on and not participate. rows of hands and not with the. hair. then may be procured. maybe not finished today. now the ingredients were just beautiful. creamy and I can in the. peel the first one in the meantime. grate finely and ella is supposed to be yours. tilt.

. good looking. madness that you can still briefly. Aha. . ok so keep the facts or want yours. eat pizza keep waiting. look here. that here one so that we can do it. there it comes to the nile that is that one. yes, do that now. . do you want to put that in there. mathematically only the lid at the bottom away. do you know how that know how long they expect dry ingredients to be sifted. and the apples especially the grated ones. oil so we’ll go in with that. . if everything is frightening you now then from above to grandpa, nothing more tomorrow. his birthday so far so nice. pizza heinz tastes good. okay, the oil can now also be put in and. don’t forget the apples. I’m helping myself a little. ok i can help you a little ok now. one that used to be. so perfect yes i have half a kilo. dough inside you. and how tastes good I gave it to me. given the thumb up. achille emana the batter is a bit. firmly. we’ll add some milk, ok me. write a recipe now, so we do. add a little milk to that. is really still a bit stuck. and then i’m here already. our baking pan is a cake ring. I set it to 26 cm and hit the. factor 4 1 that means the liquid dough. brass knuckle does not leak but not in. because that’s not so fluid at all. So there was little going for it. The dough is easy for my child. otherwise never anything to eat. and if it gets something then yes. then transfers so the dough is good. remember that you are now just like that.

40 grams. and now the dough comes in here and. then in the oven and off to the. oven grown. a. . is an apple you are not only yourself. when you are hungry it is an apple. I have you left for two weeks. eaten. ella is now in the painting school for one. hour the cake is in the oven and. I thought if we did this. We’re still making rainbow cakes. which he wished that we put marshmallows down there. But I’m going to do something else now. with that, namely, make such little coconut. which one without additional sugar. I’m really trying on that now. nature sweet resort and uses. therefore peeled for the coconut balls. I now have almonds 50 grams 50 grams apple rings they are dried 80 grams coconut flakes 250 grams low-fat quark. or some vanilla extract gugelmann. electric we are to be looked after. but that’s not bad at all I think. anyway, I’ve been thinking for a long time how. I am now making this cake recipe. eller especially from kindergarten. and many have always been. desired recipes without sugar I have. now this cake made with something. less sugar but i find children. just have to know a cake is. a candy and I may now and then. but don’t eat a bit. so much and I honestly stand up. not so much on the sugar substitutes. just have zero calories or did I come. sometimes even used or coconut. sugar blossoms but just chorus soils. even the calories too and i believe. you are simply not allowed to give to the children. make an impression. it is now healthy and therefore you can. you eat more so I always prefer to say. is so a little less and of that. acts.

besides to be arranged piece exactly with those. I thought now everything is going to be. nice and fine vegetables. the battery is empty. marco morath in the kitchen yes more. technology ok I’ll get another mixa. than thought that emma gives away. very quickly here the screens no. very nice here they come. apple rings you can there too. Take staggered apricots, for example. or other fruits. I now have the apples because they. are just nice and bright and also. a great along with crushing. yes that will be a little bit again. with because I have, I haven’t got it yet. tried it there comes the coconut flakes. with in. I put the mass here in one. bowl and lost it with the. vanilla extract and with the curd is. stir here. . I am now taking another 50 grams more. coconut flakes and 80 grams of apricots and. always smaller I now simply and. thermally that also renounce and is. Well. he would have that they really taste that. he lies well.
[Applaus]. . that is god. . yes, really nice malleable mass now. namely the little ice cream functionaries. always a little ball that makes sense. hand and then select the again. rasping cocoons and that was important. is that you put this coconut ball on. in any case, he stores it in the refrigerator. quark in it and then they should be on. be cooled in any case. . smart tees broken what do we do now. so that is still good the baking tinker like that. strong because you’re dusty is already. old so ela you are studying now. colors yes the smarties the brown ones.

but we don’t need the colorful ones. need more. i still have ghanas here. made because he has one. chocolate cake desired yes there i have. always. therefore I now have 150 grams here. cream and 300 grams of sugar chocolate too. this quite simply processes it. Bring the cream to the boil and allow the chocolate to boil. ready to stir and the cake is there. I’ve already baked it too. in the fridge so I’m here now. better cut can loosen the cake. married. nobody knows what is really delicious. banana chocolate cake is also available. delicious i’m holding the cake now. . most of the water so that it is really nice. I’m going to cut chocolatey now. through here again and then we feel. then okay with the chocolate. yes we do that on top of that. now you come the ghanas ranks. you can see that nice too. apple pieces and that’s what makes him. cake really nice and juicy then if that is me. now i will simplify a bit. because right now here. I didn’t cheat. a difficult child is telling me right now. you take over my channel. yes yes when do you do the suez canal. even then mama can herself. sit down and you can watch yeah. do you then do it together with samira. Sally’s channel ok now all has. Share cakes on top of here and now, ideally with the bottom as a finish. we have a nice guess cake. good back here a bit is still missing. what you already now just what. look in so that there goes a. a little bit down then we lift this up. put a piece of dough in again. and finished now I take it right here. the channel that comes here is easy. on top then you can do the complete. cake that can cover it up.

you know what we forgot see I like you know what who really. have forgotten. I wanted to actually dig a hole with it in the middle. rainbow will not tell the story here. in the middle but look like this one. rainbow what comes first bread ok then. let’s put the red ones here once. around the outside and in the middle at the beginning.
[Gelächter]. do you know the moment it is. than do why say that is what you do. Not. but there make such a hifi ok here we come. start with lila Mensch hat wants him in. the middle. . oh dear, one of the smart’s is chocolate. would have to exchange the. ok sorry is my suggestion. . what’s the next green drink i do. me yes woman you are a quick one. be careful with the finger. residues are clean why with them. smarties stay clean too. you do, I forgot she’s the one. Washing machine. . yes that’s a different kind of child. . you will see the wall completely cool courtyard. in the clouds. you look for coal you have yourself. costumed completely say yours. great dress wow wow that’s the one. hammer i finish the cake and. then you can look at them in a moment. ok airlines just outside with theirs. girlfriend and i’m still doing this now. cocos what on it so the clouds as. around here too and then everything is fine. colorful places finished a rainbow cake. with lots of colorful smarties with. chocolate and we will then. tomorrow lunch for your birthday. tomorrow morning it will be surprised first. We always like to do that on. I sang along on my birthday morning.

if i do that then. and yes I think I like that though. pretty good and I hope you guys like this. slightly different back video liked it. was more entertainment than backend when. it for me. I hope for you it was both and yes. what else is there to say the recipe. there are still cds markets. a super simple recipe, of course. I’m sure it will taste pretty good tomorrow too. well the cake is now in the. However, the fridge is still stuck. a bit off that he just doesn’t. dries out and not after. fridge i know but know that but. yes i have to cover all of my cakes. except when they are covered by dollars. are then no longer covered. yes I wish you a lot of fun anyway. when baking and we’ll see each other again. bat measurable. . so is happy and mum is allowed to be. to clean up. ella when you are old enough you can open the kitchen. . .


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