For beginners Rainbow zebrafish / birthday cake for kids / baking with kids Ideas

For beginners Rainbow zebrafish / birthday cake for kids / baking with kids


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hello everyone nice that here in mine. food land neither with wisdom. today I have a great one for you guys. children’s birthday cake and indeed there. It’s a rainbow zebrafish cake. and now wish you a lot of fun with the video. as always, we start with the ingredients. you need 200 grams of margarine me. I’m fed up with 200 grams of sugar 1st packet of vanilla sugar and four eggs. packet of baking powder a pinch of salt 100 milliliters of milk plus two to three. tablespoons of milk for the cocoa then four. tablespoon of cocoa and three packs. smarties these are those big tubes. I’ll say all these roles now. smarties and then we need another 250 grams of glaze and what I’ve forgotten. 300 grams of flour. first of all we give the margarine and. sugar and vanilla sugar in one. bowl and beat everything creamy. we add the eggs under constant. stir one at a time. one says brückmann about 30 seconds. we have to mix the flour with the baking powder. and the salt and give it alternately. with the milk to our eggs butter. mass and stir everything further. and we hear that until a. beautiful, creamy dough is created. the dough is cut in half. I always do it the way I feel. just make a dividing line and that. then I give half to another. bowl. one half remains white and one half remains in the. others we give the cocoa and the two. Mix up to three tablespoons of milk. Put the whole thing with a whisk and look like that. it then off. we need a springform pan 26 cm. diameter and we put it with it. baking paper on now we come to the. zebra pattern that simply doesn’t work. fear i always enjoy using ice cream. portioner also works with a spoon. I’ll show you both variants. he found in the middle. simply put a ladle of the white dough in the middle of the springform pan.

Then there is one on top of the white dough. ladle darker dough and that’s how we do it. long until the entire day is used up. is. you always have to. So springform knocking on the table. or where half time on the work surface. knock the dough with it. equally distributed. Now the floor can be at 180 degrees above and below. bottom heat for 40 minutes in the oven. after baking five minutes in the. Then let the springform cool off. Loosen the mold and let it cool down completely. the smarties or any others. We now have to color lenses. sort and what colors it takes me. So it’s up to you. you can choose a completely different variant. as me and that is now for example. a task that children love. do. for me my daughter did the. We can also do cake glaze. either melt in the microwave. if it is suitable for it or just. over a hot water bath. we get to customers put it up. a plate with it the chocolate nicely. saucer fans can then drain off. the cote d’azur is then poured by the. in the middle of the cake and distributed. evenly at the edge. along. when the chocolate has set for a moment. so it is no longer quite as fluid. so that the lenses slide down. we from behind the cake with the. smarties we can see i have with. started seven games martys and have. then one color after the other. distributed in a semicircle. for the tail fin I have one in front. triangle cut out and this gap. is then also the opening of the wall. From the fish the triangle was easy. only placed on the back and also with. smarties decorated. we let the cake cool for an hour. so hold on to chocolate again.

wears and then it’s a great one. delicious birthday cake finished like that. it’s easy. I hope you enjoyed the video. if you want to know more about me then. subscribed to my channel and we’ll see. us again on wednesday. i wish you a great day. and see you soon.


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