For beginners Recipe: 1st birthday cake from Dr. Oetker Ideas

For beginners  Recipe: 1st birthday cake from Dr.  Oetker


A lemon cake with a great surprise for the 1st birthday. This cake is a real eye-catcher and will not only please the birthday child. The Dr. Oetker …
. welcome to dr oetker. experimental kitchen today we bake one. original cake for the first. birthday the surprise only comes when you cut the juicy. lemon cake to the fore. this recipe requires some practice. if necessary, plan about one. hour for preparation and decoration. one for the delicious lemon cake. two doughs are prepared. dough number one you need soft. butter or margarine sugar salt. wheat flour dr oetker original backin. milk as well as drk blue baking and food. color for dough number two soft butter. or margarine sugar salt dr oetker. finesse grated lemon peel. wheat flour dr oetker original backin and. milk the balloons are made of cake. pops for which you need orange juice. fruit jelly cords and wooden skewers and. lemon juice for icing powdered sugar. as well as dr oetker back and food color. blue. the complete recipe can be found here. or on edgar de. . first grease and email them one. box shape. . and preheat the oven for the. first day stir the soft butter. or margarine to add frothy sugar. and stir. . finally salt. stir in each half a minute. until a bound mass is created. . the mail mixed with beacons. alternate with the milk briefly. stir in. . blue food to add color and so long. stir until the dough is evenly colored. is. . fill in the box, smooth out. and off in the oven.

. after baking leave the blue one. cake stand in the form for ten minutes. . then on one covered with baking paper. overturn the rust and let it cool down. cut the cake into about 15 slices. . and cut out a big but one. . She crumbles the cake remains in one. mixing bowl now the second day is on. the series. for this just like the cleaned one. Grease the form again and email it. . soft butter or margarine frothy. stir in gradually. sugar, salt and grated lemon peel. add. . the. stir each egg for half a minute. until the mass is bound. . Mix flour with backin and briefly. stir in. . again alternating with the milk. pass a heaped one. tablespoon of the raw dough in. the mold.. and put the ones close together. thereon. . the remaining part comes in a large one. freeze bag. . Cut off a corner and dough. carefully next to and on the individual. splash. . Carefully spread the dough ready for. the oven. . leave the cake for ten minutes. cold rushed him with. baking paper covered cake rust and. let him cool down.

meanwhile they form the cake pops. as for orange juice to the cake crumbs. team. . miss both to be homogeneous. mass it must be so moist that it can. If necessary, have balloons formed. add some more juice. now again briefly with the hands. knead and about 18 balls of the same size. portion. Shape balls into balloons. and put in the fridge where you want. should cool well. . stir together for the icing sugar. the beloved powdered sugar with. lemon juice to a thick pouring. and dye with food color light blue 1.. dip the tip of the skewer and insert the balloons. . this with the big brush. . and to dry in a with sugar. put the filled vessel. . give the rest of the greeting to the. cake and spread it with one. brush so that it comes down on the sides. running should the casting become too firm. be a few drops of lemon juice. now add fruit gum cords. around the ends of the balance and skewers. wrap and balance dry completely. to let. decorate the cake with the. balloons and a pennant chain with. the name of the birthday child. place remaining cake pops in high places. colorfully decorated glasses with on the. Choose your birthday table depending on the. occasion a different number a different one. get out motive or another back and. food color surprise you for example. three year old girl with a pink. cake dream the cake and the cake. pops can be prepared the day before. will.

keep the finished cake pops in a well-closing tin. open the fridge and decorate it. cake with it shortly before consumption. the undecorated cake can even. be frozen. we wish you a lot of fun. bake and enjoy.


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