For beginners Recipes for cakes without sugar | Banana Cake & Carrot Cake | Healthy cake for baby’s birthday Ideas

For beginners  Recipes for cakes without sugar |  Banana Cake & Carrot Cake |  Healthy cake for baby’s birthday


What’s a birthday without a birthday cake? And of course you can also bake a cake for the baby’s first birthday. I’ll show you the …
hello everyone and welcome. for a new video today we’re baking. together that’s a bug video and. cakes for our babies. . dear ones the first birthday of ours. guess is imminent and. almost every mom probably wants her. baby bake a cake. that’s why we’re doing this bake today. video I’ll show you how I do that. a bit of a doer and really has to. I hate to be in the kitchen. I hate to be in the kitchen. cook and i hate to bake it. I have no fun at all and. but at the same time I feel healthy. nutrition is so important to my children. and also with myself and because of that. I have myself over the years. Acquired recipes that are quicker. go fast and are uncomplicated. are still just healthy and all that. I now do the same with baking. I don’t enjoy that, but we’re leaving. now together through and at the end o. wonder it tastes really good. good and is also still healthy. maybe now at that point too. again briefly on the subject. talk about sugar. I don’t want to talk anyone into that. are therefore without hesitation to avoid others. sugar complete I’m also rather up. the side. i even try in the first year of life. to avoid with the baby, yes there is. and again Zucker simply hid them. in the food already there are there. then personally i have no problem. so I don’t want to. be militant but if I now die. have things in hand, be it. because I cook or be it with strong ones. then of course I leave sugar. largely gone simply because sugar. not is for our little ones. treasures of the intestinal flora were still available. on instead of they would then simply. no good intestinal bacteria if babies. eat so much sugar.

they can’t look right. focus and just in the first. year of life i have already explained it in many videos you need these. ability to concentrate easily. in order to learn everything you have to yes. sit stand run you have to. learn everything and for that they need. Of course, a gift for concentration and. the box with a blood sugar level. increases by leaps and bounds due to the addition of. sugar and then falls off again of course. rather difficult and beyond that. Toothless come they grow and sugar. leads to the aria. and that’s why i try in the first year. no sugar to give and also the months. then 14 15 16 months rather towards sugar. Of course you can’t do without it. always with the one big one. family babies want to do something good. and hopefully in between sometimes. don’t care but that’s another. subject now let’s bake together. healthy button for a train station and. you need three rich bananas the one. now only almost ripe better if they. are already a little bit brown. 150 grams of apple puree 100 milliliters of milk. with 200 grams of flour. I have now taken spelled flour. You can also take other one for me. sachet of baking powder 1 sachet. vanilla sugar, butter and then cinnamon. you take a small springform and. do you spread butter where I do. then don’t be thrifty with. Dusting of ground hazelnuts. hazelnuts. but you can also take almond or. coconut flakes just that of the cake. afterwards not on the springform pan. the bananas stick to it. Puree frothy with a hand blender. . april has to be. the milk. . and nice, neat butter, I have that. not weighed now, I’m still doing it.

feel you could also use the butter of the. double or omit I believe there. it doesn’t matter vanilla sugar. in addition and now the one for here stood away. to do. Flour baking powder takes best with it. not so dusty with a tablespoon. under give. then put everything in the spring form and put it in the oven. for the higher cure and you take two. and rasps it once in yours. favorite strength i always rested. a little coarser I like that better in the. dough you can also fine them. grated 250 grams of mango curry three eggs. butter 150 grams hazelnuts 200 grams. flour and cinnamon and vanilla sugar. baking powder once with the mixer. former mother also here again. no fixed quantities yet. feeling. . to them become. . and that one opel. . then the hazelnuts reason about it. Set aside dry ingredients. flour baking powder with flour sugar and cinnamon. to this and with a tablespoon and then. it is not so dusty. goes very quickly the car now like this. juicy that’s why I have a few more. Simply add hazelnuts. The dough will then be a little drier. you actually need springform beforehand. grease. simply dust with hazelnuts. Here, too, the dough does not stick to the mold. Fill and put in the oven. both cakes take between 30 and 40 minutes at 180 ° you can tell whether the. cake batter is done by using the fork. test do this is what a fork looks like when. the cake is not ready then. sticks to it. and this is what a fork looks like when that. cake is ready there is nothing left. I use glue for frosting.

fresh cheese or layer cheese, drained. without it is very important that must be nature. be and on mission with butter after. feeling how many mother teachers have. want and then just give it to them. a spoon on top of the cake as needed. Putting cocoa powder on it looks easy. just nice and tastes great but. without a draft it just tastes a little sweet. because of the fruits and looks natural. you could also look great now. birthday cake he make candles in. as one would like. . good appetite then. because you see it can go so quickly. me yes what we now to the office or. banana then, if you please, it’s ready. that was really no witchcraft. I think I have cake seven minutes. lasted or five minutes seven. minutes eight minutes so really quite. the ingredients are quick and easy. Buying it anywhere can vary. whether you mix apple with banana or whether you mix carrot with mango or you swap that. whether you mix hazelnut with imst or ground almonds that’s all total. your imagination is variable. no limits. I took Bavaria as three eggs. but you can only take two if. there are bigger eggs so that is. really you can get rid of the eggs too. and a little more instead. you can take liquid there. completely unsubscribed. I have relative, I’ll say relative. on the other hand I was a real butter. total butter fields but am some. they like to do without butter. dynamic with a little oil that works too. you can put the thing in. vegan will also do it here but you can try it out there i have. now two recipes on the way. given and there you can join. Let off steam so you love, I hope you enjoyed the video. I’m happy with a thumbs up.

don’t forget if you want us. both come and visit you guys. chat with you guys at home. marvel at your English and easy. go through your everyday life then write. they already have a lot of us. written so I’m still doing the. to answer messages and look forward. me personally soon. to get to know. and now. hmm there is no sugar dollar for that. you just have that in between. eat very easily. .


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