for beginners Set sleeves aside | Knit raglan sweater (RVO) PART 3 İdeas

for beginners  Set sleeves aside |  Knit raglan sweater (RVO) PART 3


In the third part of the video series, raglan sweater knitting, I also show you how you put the sleeves of the sweater aside to pass on to the rest of your body.
. I’ll show you today how to wear your sleeves. for a cyclist products like. is currently studying one for my daughter. how you calculate the beginning and the. I already have faction power in two. you can find everything shown in other videos. in my playlist asks the pullover. I link you knitting and that’s good. I’m in the middle of here now. is demanding and whatever is mine. start laps and the track now. here a line and until the next election. these are our sleeves that I then. will shut down. so now just continue as normal. knit. I am here right now. when demanding. and from here on it is no longer with. increases worked so I’m taking now. mostly not even on the edge. I have reached my height but. part is off and then just become. in stockinette stitch and continue with increases. knitting the markers like mine. cycling lines in my case i have. two pieces and now you can. think about whether we can remove the mesh from the. edge of the line calls again in the. body with it takes to the front part and. split back or in the arm. but in my way it becomes the body. too written I do it today. that I still have a stitch with the. calls on participants from the blue line. to the other. I keep this one for. you could just still have one. play little lunch tables. so and now I’m going to knit my sleeves. there are also there. there are various options. once different possibilities here. this he with shutdown. I’ll just take another one here. and be with a stop and that is. Incidentally, there are also many in this set. content of jacko you can too. here such machines use a weapon. and that with it there is also missing.

a little too small for that but there is. also larger ones for shutting down meshes. or pull the whole thing with a golden one. on a thread and springs you through. the stitches and could then the thread. knot and then have the stitches too. shut down so there is once. different options i take. now here. this knitting needle and many now. just open the mesh from the sky here. that means still life. But I’m doing that again here. sometimes animals have arrived. I have come back to my advice. small line sometimes children could house. do and there you can again. consider these two mesh factors. how you distribute them if you only now. you can have a mesh too. calm here on the body than on that. part back part i’m doing now. again one to the sleeve and the other. The back. so now i have to relate this to here. how can i just do this with this. needle system never unscrew and. make such a piece. as I said it is also quite possible. just start with a normal one. It’s best to start right away then you have here. city ​​island now these trips in there and. then make a knot again. that I have not replaced the whole thing. the first trouble is shut down now. it continues. although now the front part with the. back part connected and so I will. you can either continue directly. stretch if there is enough space. important is stopped we put now. I’ll show you the best mester here. again on another sweater at this point. here from lower axel to lower axel. this is this and if you are at the. front part has already reached could there. you can also continue knitting directly. but if you. also wanted to have a little more space. on earth there are usually a few meshes.

posted to the transition and that. I should have done now when I will. now an 85 people who are one. slime and the room as I said. here the front part is now the back part which is interwoven. and that’s my current one for that. transition a few more. Mesh stop, I’ll do it now. increase five times in addition. for that you take the thread. the hand here is the thumb goes with. the ladies from top to bottom. around and then with the knitting needle here. strict purely in these ladies and could. Cast on stitches here so easily. 12. three not too tight. 45 because we are the when we are the players. then stretch it off again to the one. so they are not already relatively narrow. tighten very tight and so the five. machines chipped and now strict. here just continue to be on the body. as I said on my back. I prefer the first branch here again. nice and tight. and now knit the stitches from. back part completely normal from I tip. here again to my other mesh. marker on he comes back too. our compartment just continues. knit again. you already know next time. declarer arrived yes i am i. now also arrived here. then do exactly the same on this page. the same again here are mine again. two small lines one comes to. back part and heti comes to the sleeve and. them to me me. . here actually another needle and thread. he opened his sleeves again. I’ll do that now, here I am. back to traffic I can. now also make lines from the brokers. one comes to the sleeve and. this comes to the front part so and now. I can also prepare a piece here.

do. you now have the second here too. Sleeves lies still then he does the same again as before, so if. her especially five machines here for. the transition struck after the. the team also in this position i will. now through here for the most part. demanded another five from the front. times already posted like before. 2,345 and now it will be right here. knitted further and thus the back part is connected to the front part. one the two serious standing I laid. show you now the place again. so I always come back to mine. start at the bottom and then I’ll show you. briefly the position over the mesh. we recorded it on the 8th until then I’ll just knit. quite normal in stockinette right I continue. am now decommissioned at the first. sleeves we arrived at this transition. where I’ve posted the five times. have and how strictly you go easy at the beginning maybe a little more difficult. . 3. yes. . and here at the transition you can then. now quite normally continue to strive for so. that’s it, as I said, it’s that. front part connected to the back part. emission shut down and now strictly. her as long as he has the sweater. want and then another one. bundle again so 5 cm that I do. also in which I am right. crossed a stitch to the left. that was the video on the subject again. lie and the videos on the topic. you can find water per entanglement in. link my playlist 8 i hope. it helped you a little further. and see you next time all of you. People.


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