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For beginners Simple birthday cake / birthday cake / with quick baking tips / Sally’s world


Everyone can make this simple birthday cake! Thanks to the quick baking tips, the cake is also prepared super quickly and you have …
. hello, welcome to sali’s world. today there is a very fast one. birthday cake and lots of them. Schnellbach tips it’s often like that. But you only want to unpack. very little time that means how can you. the fastest way to bake these tips. I in this video now for you and. the cake will be really cool. confetti cake you can of course. also modify I’m doing here now. a base tykwer you can also have one. make chocolate cake out of it or anyone. bring in a different taste. you want me to do mine now. mantel stir-fried you know that too. already out of my basics and there it is. always good when the eggs are warm. are when you bake spontaneously. the eggs are usually nothing, always why. but in the fridge at least with us. and then he just does that. you put the eggs in warm water. do not put in boiling so you have. namely boiled eggs and then be. she was room very quickly and so on. they can also be much much faster. open voluminously so you can in. the rest can also be seen quite well whether the. eggs are still fresh or whether they are old. are old eggs swimming at the. water surface what also in Schnellbach. my tip is at least the ingredients. all turn briefly beforehand. that he is not while baking yet. have to go around and just do it. I will show you what to look for. the ingredients for the dough for the dough. I use six eggs a pinch of salt. 300 grams of sugar a little vanilla extract. and bitter almond extract 300 grams each of butter, milk and sunflower oil. 450 grams of flour a packet of baking powder. 200 grams of ground almonds and something. confetti sprinkles and it works now too. go straight away the eggs are now in the. Mixing bowl together with the salt and. sugar. and then they are now whisked together for 4 to 5 minutes until they are frothy or whole.

creamy and in time I’ll be fine. have my back rings ready. . I give the two liquids here. so pure butter milk and oil then something. vanilla extract and like tamandl aroma. here I would now briefly go down and. can now also do the dry ones. ingredients 7 the flour with the. baking powder. there are now also the ground ones. almonds with pure. I’m just going to use the ingredients now. could stir in briefly with the. but only open the kitchen machine. everything will be lower down. connected and then the customers. for the streusel it looks so nice. looks are of course first. had agreed and with it now. I’ll bake them super fast now. given in four cake rings. you can either take just two then. but the baking time is a little longer or. takes four and so bakes with hot air. in on two different levels. I’ve already taken it. then the dough is just a little more liquid. rateike is now splitting nicely. now they are at the same time. Baked with hot air or if you only want to use the 2nd back ring, then you are welcome to join in. upper lower heat but then extended. In any case, the baking time. cure floors are baked and after. We can see baking straight from the tray. down. I read the parchment paper or debug foil. but then still turn it and set it directly. on a cooling grid so comes. air from below. they can be faster now and then. I always put them briefly in. freezer so they are ready. used to fill the creams. 400 grams of cream cheese a little lemon. fit 500 grams of quark 80 grams. powdered sugar 500 grams of cream and something on. apache can now be felt first in cream cheese. with the quark in the bowl of the city.

You can also get cream cheese here. Take mascarpone for example or. just notices something. quark as well and for the taste. some lemons fit. and if you only have the lemon peel. needs the aroma is really practical. had to take because then you had to take. lemons do not have to write off and the. also lasts longer or. you can just rub the lemons off. freeze and then you always have something. on stock. then comes the cd powdered sugar to everything. touch briefly. now it’s time to fill, I’ll take it. now first of all a cake base. and thus you save four back rings. of course you also tailor that to you. you can then have to cut again. you oh crap but not so I will. now something fruity with. bring in then I’ll take ne now. ballad that is homemade. just a fruit mixture. cherries strawberries raspberries. I had cooked all the leftovers with them. I still had it out of the garden now. pass here. now put the cream on it. even here a cake ring outside. rum then filling is a little easier. and now spread the cream nicely. and so you fill the entire cake. and we still have some cream left over. I still need them to stay for. the decoration. so if you can reach the height. her only two make up button. so constantly the cake now in the. fridge either for an hour. refrigerator or for half an hour. in the freezer and then I remove. the cake ring and prank with the. other loans already. this is how the cake looks right now. nice and cool now I can. Spread the cream completely. I always do a thin one first. layer this is how the crumbs are bound.

and then usually has a second. I then simply have the cream in the bowl. with the crumbs can be stripped off and then. goes to the surface and everything. goes. in the end I still wear it. a little cream on the edge pulls with it. the dough card from then on is also nice. smooth and up here then goes with the. angle palette on it and c from the outside here. in the middle and depending on which one. deco you wanted to do either. be perfectly smooth or not quite. so perfect that you decide. what point do you listen to. so now i leave the cake it’s im. the rest of the more and more simple buttercream cake. to smooth because butter is yes. again really nice in the cream. firm and still has it on the cake. that means with quark creams or. cream cheese cancer is that little bit. more difficult but they just taste good. generally a bit easier. that’s why I now have a cream cheese. Quark rehm I already chose that. the cake again briefly in the refrigerator. I still have a bit of rest here. cream is not enough for me. from that means I’ll be another one. have to open a little something with it. I made the cake just a little and. I’ll just put it briefly in the. freezer so you can too. faster landlord and the care. still demands the brooding here. just another 200 grams of cream. weird and blue food. missed so i can use the cream one. color in bit and just get. again a nice special effect. down. I now have the rim in a piping bag. filled with a large star hole and that. By the way, it is a finely displayed place. little this piping bag stand. use and feel the fuel model. then I click and never take off the tip. and lays the bag in so that nothing is printed out at the bottom.

and then you can turn it and die. creme practically push up perfectly and. then I always put it all over the place. turn off without any clean in the. kitchen now sits down the cake. crossing. now the spots are settling up here. always the opposite one first. side then the cross. I’ve already had the cake like this. divided and then I sit here. in between the points. now i just have a tin here. drum represented with it the sprinkles. bahrain can fall and now that is. the confetti sprinkles and pressed with. the hand on the edge of the cake. so the cake would be ready now. I think if you put candles on it now. rises or sparklers then it is. a really nice one. birthday cake but i still have. a really cool quick decoration tip. for you and I show you now. for this I am now 100 grams white. Melt the couverture and. tempering that means two first of all. third of it over the warm water bath. then warm up mr company and stir in the remaining third. so the couverture has the perfect one. temperature and so I can use it. continue to use. now the couverture is ready and me. for you now in a freezer bag. I just put it in a glass like that. I can do it better before the curve. purely. and he already gave me a template. drawn and I’m doing it now. just the number 7. so you can create beautiful birthday numbers. make or letters. now I have in here in la folie and. can now easily with the help of this. Make a note of the freezer bag danger. make hearts. and now I give streusel here. sprinkles on it and can be like that. change the color and of course one too.

bring in a bit of structure either. now take on colored or monochrome. in any case it should be small pearls. so the whole thing is nice too. nationwide is now a bit. I can get rid of excess now. take very carefully. now I can definitely bring it into shape and then put the whole thing in the. refrigerator is the number landlord and. then does on the back and there. then the piece also comes in. so that I can do it nicely. pocket can stuck. the couverture far in the refrigerator now. can I pay off the numbers very carefully. 10. And now I’m thinking about that. back I do exactly the same. that means applying chocolate here. just now comes the silt. Spit purely so that I also get the number. can attach to the cake. Increase it a bit here now. that he hangs up nicely. press here a little briefly. wait until the festival is best im. fridge and there I can too. just send away the excess and. I’m a little more careful here now. because I want the stick now. also dries nicely in it. david try the cake that was seven. with in the end up to big. the technology is really cool but that. next time it is best to measure it beforehand. that’s why we’re not open now. the cake set so you can now. try. you don’t have to be able to eat in slow motion. in real time and it tastes great. chocolate try the cake for. simple country even gets it. parties. . out. I think it tastes delicious. why he was outside is very colorful. that goes far. .

and so the account. . so i also believe that there is a. pretty tasty cake and most of all. very juicy and you really can. want to modify is one. really fast birthday cake the. also succeeds in finding the recipe. you are allowed to do it on cds – yes, try it right away and if you do. still wishes again then she writes. like in the comments. Until next time.
[Applaus]. . does she like the color. is just the confetti nico at the. colour. . and try it out beforehand. consequences. .


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