for beginners Simply knit baby rompers İdeas

for beginners Simply knit baby rompers


Here we will show you how, with a little patience, even a beginner can knit a magical romper suit that is suitable for babies from 0-12 months.
hello i’m conny and i look and. we show you today how to have a baby. romper strictly that’s the one now. largest size in size 80 we have you. for you a manual developed by. size 50 to 80 and you wanted me once. today show how we went about it. and yes, above all, how we do it then. complete at the end. is important for you to know you can. of course as you follow this strip. makes or whether he then the whole top. in a different color makes it yours. completely free. we have now made these instructions in the form and then it comes. just get the instructions from bell dot de. download and after strict but you. show now that do enough. begin. knitting is the right leg then that. left leg and then we take everything up. all nordel oh so because then of this. exactly then will the front part. back part. but how to put that on here and show it. I’m okay right now but then it’s fine. is that something for beginners or is that. i need more of a bit of experience. me because the blind books. then also turn it for beginners. suitable for the future, let’s see. just once. I’ll show you something very briefly now. you need it in the. the smallest size, i.e. 50 56, is what you need. 20 in the basic color a ball in the. contrast color if your sizes bigger. he just needs to take one more. third clear then we need one. and knitting needle size 4. A spare needle to shut down four. buttons we have with snaps. worked that’s for you too. free what you want there and. to get the meters together at the end. one. and then i want to say strong man with. the legs. we put the smallest size here. you have cast on 21 stitches here.

piece his first sexual big right. because you like a color change and then. do you start with the gains. together with son the stuff closes. measure that I’ll show you with the vests. the first mosque simply grows from 62. but leaves it on the northernmost one. times in and stx the mesh in principle. two times whether so stretch the first time. The hangings here were totally unique. second machine strictly you also normal. but leaves it on on the needle. and stands in the back again and uses. take the right leg in the knit. we on the right to the left. we basically take leg at the end of the rhine. than on the left side then to so that means okay the route but that is. also exactly jona the increase on the rhine. beginning and an end and on the right leg. only to be done on the right side if. you the left leg of the piece for extreme. do you like them on the left side. tsunami and how much news that makes at the smallest size in everyone. fourth row close one stitch each. love and I’ll do that until I do. that I am what you are up here yes. and then take that they had to or. no, you just leave that. on the name that’s why we have a lot. exactly you take a new knoll catch. in principle, the same applies to pieces. the six rows large on the right with the. but now at the end of the rhine. This is. frizzy right down here isn’t big. oh so nice meant other bein that. and mean but when you are here easy. when you’re done when you’re the centimeter. simply open the needle. put on the help of the model and. then others at finally do now. understood took a while. where are we now exactly. so now we still have with the serb. one leg so far on the 8th we now have the right leg where. you gained weight here on the right. then we have against the same.

left leg knitted where you can find it here at the. left side have increased the right. dates when you shut down that was exactly. that about her on our proven organ. and now they both just take. at one point they crossed that hanging off here. yes still moving 0 been oh so you shoot. don’t just populate that now. right together okay i still have now. a foot that’s mean. I think my songs are, however. you stretch out to alikin like you do. do it if you can see here too. we had via for our first sample. still just I processed and initially. thought that looks nice here. then my contrast drive one. to be maintained. very nice so I have it here now. adorned then I take mine. pin of honor, however, stretch the last one. mesh from my leg where I am. have slimmed down. I don’t let anyone stress them. again from that my mesh that it. not so angelic about this. there is a little more play in it and. then i just cut the second band. of you that you are fair. television has always been needed up to now. smarter with you shoot eggs they hang. already together in principle if we are now. the return journey is still a little bit then. connected in one. and we can just go straight up there. stretch in the basic pattern up to us in. sections and there I am doing here. no decrease or normal that he. wonderful and here we do then. was then able to recognize the sides from exactly. like diana necklines up to the neck. again becomes carrier individual. we still have to cut out one. little stands yes i am almost already. do so far. I’m already doing my weight loss here. good so we have now knitted here 26 cm the height. and he sees my smallest size. hollands and exact and white start with.

the also cut out here she make. small in contrast to classic. office binoli is where the babies grow. first year very very much i can do that. Just confirm for every expectant mum. they won’t just be great. things eat your hair off your head. so with locks we work pieces. first no matter if you lost something like that. second also and lift the first pieces. about the two conversations about ok that is. we know that quite normally. but everything you like three times. we still make the journey there or. the latter are made by both sides. We can only have eight files. finished right now and the remodeling of the. number also the first three. mesh is known again that doesn’t mean. that is as confusing in the. instructions turn of speaking from both sides. we’re talking about new glass. But prepare for them before going there. side and press for this exactly however. that used to be very good in the instructions. trim bake well and how often do. I actually get that in a lot. in every second only the three. then two stitches and then. twice another stitch that means us. are at your country about here then. we put another 56 cm in the basic pattern. further and then comes the woodcut. decimeter then I’ll show you then too. it goes on to the right to make the flavors. when we cut the houses both come. sides separated from the committees. from each other. ok so we have knitted here now. here already seven our poor. cutouts i am at dani sola i am. still not. the night the woodcut begins. I scare a part. you are already quite normal at first. now and then I would have now and then against. We’d have ten men now and then. you make each carrier for yourself. that is when you walked to the side. of the rope only to the gap and.

then we just start with one. stretched mesh as with the. incised to tip off as well. want to relate. water so fast sometimes slowly too. just stake out and that beforehand. survive cut off and see that. you’re 16 stitches again fast. accepted. 9 10. so. again here is the gap. a speaking just a piece. I just keep leafing through. its now just all the way right or not one. can do it how you want. you can either continue knitting. continue to the right or browser. right as well as right is only right. machines back row I think that right full line. then the organizer is the only one. what you still have to pay attention to when you. arrived when you’ve finished. that you again at the beginning two tabs. take up that’s one too close to the wood. is that is kind of like accurate. how in which row and so on. find everything in more detail that means. as if you would be more if you wear it. individually we would then have the corresponding back part then speak. we actually do. but the neckline schillerhöhe and. then you would follow me next. a few then we would have to dazzle. smooth next do the again. dazzle and we don’t have to be together. okay we’re talking the aperture now then. but simply modeled on the green grass. take our piece pieces go to the. duels now speaks of the country. cut exactly January and go. simply through the mesh here and then. do you start at the top. I got better use at the top. if at all you would pin. color change on it stretch important enough. simply with our example and with her.

the mission is right. It is important to take them home. mesh on stretch three rows and. then chain the stitches. but please watch out that he is loose. whether the chain chains with that not that the net is tightening. that demonstrated here on both sides. and back. and it should be the same and when. Woodcut should also be in front of the and. make back part separately wool and. the nurses would still have. individually they are you have to imagine that, it is not yet. sewn together, yes now then. after fading only in the last step. together and then make the body. taken text by means of arno if we. together because there will be yes or. at least that was to show how. works because what do I see then. first together I’ll start with the. both or right on the right. right then actually show then. next here the legs first here. you in step completely together and. then you go up here on the side. refused it’s not that difficult. you can always be beautiful. initially because of interrogation. it’s pretty good then I don’t have that. a lot of. special ladies experience and then I have to. up here only the head in then. you only have to turn the button. done that’s totally easy for him. someone who can knit something. daring so far with the. consistent and yes yes but you have that. yes also a wonderful one in the end. the instructions were correct again. on we wish you now. first of all have fun after knitting and. next you draw how to one. baby and children away in the future. so just look managed then.


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