For beginners Soda cake I shortbread cake I children’s birthday I birthday cake Ideas

For beginners Soda cake I shortbread cake I children’s birthday I birthday cake


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. hello, nice to have you with us again. since today there is a colorful super. delicious lemonade cake that is easy. is made and at every children’s party. great if you like our videos. We would like very much about euros. looking forward. this is of course completely free for. but don’t forget them. activate the small bell to be sent via e. mail to be notified as soon as a. new video from us is waiting for you. is it with the ingredients for the dough you. needs 230 grams of flour the juice and the. peel of an untreated organic lemon. 120 grams of sugar 2 eggs of size m 120 grams of lemonade a pinch of salt. half a packet of baking powder 1st packet of vanilla sugar and 130 grams. butter. the first thing is the butter with the. sugar the vanilla sugar and. Lemon peel whipped creamy. . . then the eggs are added and become. well mixed with the mass that with the. salt and baking powder mixed and put in. alternate with the lemon juice under the. month mixed with the butter egg mixture. . . . then the whole thing is filled into the mold. and in the preheated oven at 175 degrees. top bottom heat for about 25 minutes. baked. I use an angular one by the way. The springform of approx. 25 x 40 cm is the. The cake should be ready-baked. cool completely first. when the time comes it goes with him. you need topping further. beloved powdered sugar lemon juice yours. favorite sweets or yours. kids and lemons big shortbread cookies. should be nice and thick. will. . First of all, the shortbread is served with.

the bus and decorated in candy and. put aside to dry. . when the time comes it will open completely. the cake and the colorful biscuits. laid on it. . . and as soon as it is cut-resistant it can. delicious brightly colored lemonade cakes too. ready to be served and nibbled. . I hope you enjoyed the video. and I wish you a lot of fun. try out. if you can try the recipe. you like to show me your pictures. facebook or instagram with the hashtag. Send crumbs to planet. I’m always really happy about yours. beautiful pictures. .


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