for beginners #STRICKEN / Entrelac part 4 İdeas

for beginners #STRICKEN / Entrelac part 4


Huhu you love! today there is the last part of the Entrelac. The piece will certainly not win a beauty pageant, nor should it. It’s about the …
. all love and welcome. back. today I’ll show you how we one. finish the application knitting. that’s why I have this series here again. knitted to where we also on the sides. then have these balancing triangles. my six stitches are normal here. brought out again so here at. at this triangle here i already have it. and I kept knitting. I’ve already started shooting and on. once listens to a memory card has. curious; excited. but that’s quite normal so i have. here the six stitches are taken out and. am now just doing the left back. to knit. if now here exactly. and there he remains this one mesh of. money left over and we purl it. together with the last of pink. then we took off again with that. knit right back as normal. first and the last pink with the. last yellow together like that and then go. it going on. it will be left back again as always. knitted now you can. think about where you do the approvals. do the decreases on the back. or on the front I will show you. both and you can decide what you. so we think better we knit purl. back I’ll show you the first one too. the reverse side is like purl. then back to normal first and the. last two are simply left. knitted together then turned. I just prefer her from then on. Knit back again and knit the. last pinky with the last yellow. of course back to him with the first one. yellow together. then it is turned again. it is purled back and the. last two will be left. knitted together. turn again. then right back and the last pee.

back together with the first yellow one. then everything goes back and the last. purl both together on the right. back. both together you see the number. So you don’t decrease either. worry is then no longer there. six machine there will be less so then. the last two are just three of those. first down then the last to them. to become different. left together pink and yellow together. then we have the best 2 so they will be. I didn’t knit together there. right in there so the two on the left. together. and then we only have a yellow one. and a pink one in these two stretch. with right together. and then one is left as normal. then we will pick up here again now. six times out again I’ll do it. Now, quickly with the regional one. if I saw something. Yes. you put that on the needles here. I could always do it individually. You can also put on the needle. do. I like to do it this way and then this. leftover mesh now possible. even with it on it can. namely out of the way and there will be. less needles then here. we knit normally again. first left back. ez. because we have seven stitches on the needle. have because the remaining ones too. the last two are still there. meshes easier, however. knitted together now I’ll show you. how to do that on the front. assuming I get them. machine together on the front. you do it overdone with overdone. meshes. that means he picks up the first one. second is knitted and then the. the back pulled over the front stitch.

if he does not lose it so then. continue to be knitted normally. and of course the last pinkl with the. first gardens together so that here. the last pink one always stays the same. the first yellow one then becomes left again. knitted back under strict now. normal all left because take there. so we turn away on the front side. Then the first machine take off the second. knit stitch and load stitch over. then lift the second machine over it. normal right back again. to collect the two here again and. turn around and back. turn. Take off the first and knit the second. and pull the first over the second. continue knitting long ago. then take off. knit over but not lose. then knit the two together. then both of them take off together. knit very clearly and cover. and then these two together. knit on the right or her. can also make it overdone. you can knit them and as you can. but also knit them together. then the whole thing looks like me. find it nicer when you turn it left. together strictly and then if you are right. strictly the crowd takes off for the me. then nicer so I do it here now. also again like that because I get myself back. the stitches out to the back first. I mean with all the ones out of the way. 6. and then all on one needle again. has now. once through and the left is next to. We can also use the mesh. make this evening can then go away. then it will be complete with the boy. knitted normal back. and the last two will be left. knitted together so that we then. have our six stitches on it. sam. then just go back to the right as normal.

and now yellow and pink together again. then left back. and as I said I like it on the left. better speak the last two. stretch now left together turn the. the first machine just works. just off and knit normally. further here then the usual again. home pink and yellow. but back again last two. turn left together or wall. take off. end when you see it is not either. difficult. just like that. turn together. stop the last two must. be knitted together. take off. two together we turn space twice. two on the needle so the two. are knitted together provided they are mine. so don’t fall off the needle again. there’s the worm in there today, right? . then back again talk these two. are now crocheted together on the right. and all the fun is over. you can now here again. pull through and then that’s it. we did it. if you can do that now. pulls then it also looks to some extent. straight. I think that’s a piece where you can. the best way to get ahead is with tensioners. see that when you are in the right one. went plucking then it stays straight. as I said so I guess if you. if you have a quasi straight line. piece would be strictly then I think too. another stitch is better. just relax then tighten. but good that doesn’t have to be here either. look super nice. that was to show you guys that was for it. now she wants to be more suitable than. this little because there I have everything. between your fingers you can see. then nothing for the bin and.

you see the edge. purl together and then. Taking off on the right is much nicer than us. right covered so then i would. say it was that for today again. you see it is from both sides, so to speak. just then from just different. well then i would say we have it. for today i hope you enjoyed it. and then i would say i wish. have fun imitating. try it out and still have practice. have a nice rest of the week and then see you. Friday.


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