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for beginners  The chain edge |  Knit edge stitches |  Knitting for Beginners


In this video I show you today how you can knit the edge of the warp. Depending on how you knit off the ‘edge stitches’ there is a different …
. hello dear ones again today. a video from my series knitting for. beginners and it works again this time. around the fast and today you learn the. so-called cat rand know because ever. after how to get the edge some. stretch then results in a. different strictly edge the. I already have you nodules. presented in other video vienna das. Once again the video is linked. I let you guys in the video description below. or up here under the one in the chain. I’ve already advanced it to some. is a simple clear pattern and how. you can see. sid the cat edge off on both sides. like a kind of chain that is. a really very nice edge of the. looks very good on the outside as well. example of well suited for scarves. vocal cords. it is also a little more elastic again. nodules can be very firm and. he is also five years old for himself. wonderful and go again I’ll show you. now. there are three in total. Variants that you paint the cat. can i show you mine now. favorite variant like me always. stretch the first tape machine strictly. you always so that we follow the thread. that is important so that brings up the front. damage lies ahead work then stuck. he with the right needle here from above. and helps the mesh just from time to time. depending on the pattern, strict now. establish right-hand pattern that is. That means strictly now with the right. meshes. I put that down. we have back one again. work process and now simply sets. down in my patterns. depending on what your film is exemplary. strict that could also say right out. or pearl pattern it just comes here. when francs on the tendril mesh. and that’s always the first trick.

the last stitch a strict one and the. last stitch at the cat edge is also. always knitted to the right so it’s easy. right. I’ll show you again right now. the other side you turn. pick up the gave up again. at the front sticks into the mesh from above. one and just lifts it over. as a result, purl stitches are now disputed. the left to the end of the row. the last stitch is always the same here. knitted right and that was it. the first machine was already stuck. always query is in front of the. work and he knits the last stitch. simply to the left of this results. here this beautiful ran. I wish you a lot of fun. imitate see you soon your mission marie.


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