For beginners The ULTIMATE birthday cake | Drip Birthday Cake | White Chocolate Frosting | Drip cake Ideas

For beginners  The ULTIMATE birthday cake |  Drip Birthday Cake |  White Chocolate Frosting |  Drip cake


Hello everyone, this cake screams “HAPPY BIIIRTHDAAAY”! I baked my own birthday cake. The best part is that …
Hello my dears!. I’m baking my own birthday cake today !. That is the advantage if everyone in the area knows that you like to bake :. then you can’t get any more, then you just make it yourself .. and we’ll make a really delicious one with vanilla biscuit, a white chocolate frosting. – I love everything that has to do with white chocolate – and a little. fruit is also included for a clear conscience .. and now I’ll show you the ingredients here .. I baked my vanilla biscuit base here, you can already find the recipe on my channel. I have used the quantities here as in the recipe. with the only difference that I have it in two 22cm springforms. have baked .. we also have some cream here, as well as white couverture (chopped). powdered sugar, softened butter, some apricot jam. and tangerines from the tin .. we now start first of all with the white couverture and the cream .. I just heated the cream in the microwave so that it just started. to climb up and now I’ll give it over the chopped white couverture .. and now put the lid on and let it rest for 5 minutes .. after 5 minutes the chocolate is already a bit in the hot cream. melted and now we take our whisk. and stir that once so that everything is nice and smooth .. so, now everything is well connected and we have. a homogeneous mass .. but it has to cool down now, that takes about 20-30 minutes .. then we can only process it .. so, the ganache has now cooled down and we can continue .. our frosting consists of ganache and butter and powdered sugar .. I now put the soft or room temperature butter in the bowl. my food processor, but you can also use your hand mixer. then it just takes a little longer .. so, now I’ll put it in, powdered sugar right afterwards. and then it is whipped up nice and creamy .. The whole thing has now taken me in the food processor for 5 minutes. Use the hand mixer to whip the butter for about 8 minutes until it is creamy. and then it’s really nice and bright .. and now we also add the ganache. and work it in in a thin stream .. so, now the ganache is also included, everything nicely mixed in. and now our frosting or the White Chocolate Buttercream is already ready .. at that point it is still a bit soft, but I’ll give you a tip. if you can spread it better on the cake, if there is something. harder than this, just put it in the fridge. for about 20 minutes, stir constantly and then you can. simply brush in .. to finish our birthday cake now, we have to first of all. cut through the floors. Here I have another tip for you: To prevent your floors from drying out, simply use a damp kitchen towel. place around it or wrap in cling film, depending on. what you have right now .. and now I’ll cut it in half once, so that.

I get 4 floors in total .. and now we’re just going to put the cake together, I’ve got myself here for it. laid out my sweet cake platter. It’s such a small one – mine. Favorite cake platter – (H: Come on, show it!). Hamza got it for me once (H: Yeah!). and that’s where I’m going to stack the whole thing up and then we have to. Don’t even transport it back and forth .. now I’ll take the first floor, put it on it and. then we add our apricot jam on top. and mandarins and then the cream. and then we keep stacking them … and if you want it straight and need a little help. then put a baking frame around it. and then you can stack it up really neatly .. and in case you are wondering if you can exchange something here. that’s not an issue at all. If you have cherries, give them. happy to go in. Bananas go great too, strawberries, raspberries ,. also like frozen fruits .. and you can swap the jam for any other one. or with nut nougat cream, is also super delicious .. now the cake is filled to the brim, now I just put the lid on. on top and at the end I like to take a really straight one. piece, that was the bottom part of the cake .. just put it on it, put cling film over it. so that it doesn’t dry out and then it has to cool down once. preferably 1 to 1 ½ hours, and then (H: Why are you whispering like that?). yes, because many are always impatient and say: "Does it have to cool for that long?" but. then it just gets more delicious !. so! See you then!. after the cooling time we now have to paint the exterior completely. I also had the buttercream in the fridge in the meantime. and now the cake is really nice and firm, spread it smoothly once .. and then it goes on with the final decoration .. as soon as you are satisfied with the cake and have spread it all around. let’s add confetti or sprinkles to the bottom. So edible confetti – and then it is frozen again. now let’s take care of the colorful sprinkles .. so dear ones, my cake is now in the freezer, I’ve got me there. as I said, made a little space, it takes about time. 20 minutes until it gets tough, in the refrigerator I think 30-40 minutes. and I put some of the cream on my side in a piping bag. so that I can decorate the cake really nicely again … and for the further decoration – we make a dripcake – we need it. also white couverture, which I finely chopped. or a bit coarser but that doesn’t matter. Moreover. some cream and here I have pink food coloring. it’s gel color and I stir it into the cream straight away. and then the cream is boiled .. I have now brought the cream to the boil again in the microwave. the same principle as just now, and now I’ll also be giving it to the couverture.

cover that and then we let it stand for 5 minutes. melt a little and then stir the whole thing together .. after the 5 minutes we stir everything together again. until we get a homogeneous mass and so you can just color ganache .. only coloring couverture with paste color does not work. everything would come off and you would only get lumps. for that you need a certain powder color that is fat-soluble. but that’s a great alternative, then you don’t need to buy candymelts. they’re not exactly cheap … exactly and now I’ll mix it up and then we’ll see. the end result .. (H: Thanks for the tip Kiki!). so, finished inked and I think the color looks really cool !. you can of course also use any other color. For example, if someone’s birthday is male, you can. Mix in blue color here, just as you want. or someone has a favorite color, that works too .. and now I just put it on the surface and distribute it like that. with my angular palette so that it drips down the sides .. after we have let our drip flow down. I briefly put it in the fridge again so that it solidifies. it only takes 10 minutes, so not too long. and now we put the cream on top and then. we have finished decorating the cake .. and, didn’t I tell you ?. when you see this cake you will say: "This is the ultimate birthday cake!". she just screams for Happy Birthday, I think !. (H: But only for girls!). Exactly, for girls because of the color .. doesn’t have to be, maybe there are guys who like pink, Hamza !. can also be .. otherwise you can also like other colors … haa, now you don’t say anything anymore, right? definitely super tasty, I already know the buttercream. I really like it with the white chocolate. with the fruits a great balance !. and you can find all the exact ingredients here below in the info box .. a memo to myself: Never again bake cakes with bat sleeves! so that’s totally dirty, I can show you. can you see that? a shame, it doesn’t matter. You always learn something! I wish you all a lot of fun copying .. please leave the video a like and a comment. subscribe to my channel for free so you don’t miss a thing. and then I look forward to seeing you next time too .. bye !. (H: Kiki?) Yes ?. (H: Happy Birthday!) It’s only tomorrow, but thanks !. (H: Sure!).


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