For beginners The ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY CAKE | Let’s talk about snacks | Episode 23 Ideas

For beginners  The ULTIMATE BIRTHDAY CAKE |  Let’s talk about snacks |  Episode 23


What’s funnier than 24? 25 !!!! Have fun with the special episode of “Let’s talk about snacks” in the belated birthday edition :)! For the cake you need: …
hey guys, today comes a new episode. from storyboards max we already see. but it is a special one. I had the issue of the last week. birthday. it’s almost september and i had im. july birthday he wanted to know how. many weeks actually my birthday. he is one to have parents for the day. Waited for a quarter of a century because I am. 25 years old and counting with it. now to the really important ones. adult because don’t get any. child benefit more from the state. and precisely because it is so special. birthday was allowed to be a special one. birthday cake not much and this one. birthday today people you can only. once in a lifetime do it is that. ultimate hottest and best cake for. 25th birthday that will ever see and. it is about these – places me. do not know who of you on the internet. has seen her somewhere before. will do today. i’m super excited and i’m happy. me right on it and as further after. the intro. I didn’t make it last week. baking cake and I wonder why. because that is a recipe that is very quick. goes and it is about a. original chocolate cake the ingredients and. the quantities are all below. again in detail in the infobox. that’s why I’ll show you the thing. once briefly only in a fast run-through. But first, of course, this comes at the heart of this cake and should be. edible printed cakes picture anyway. is that for him i will afterwards. cut out that comes down to that. cake up and now we come to the. the rest of the ingredients at 25 are unfortunately. even at the age at which you are different. want to impress you are all day. at 25 even at an age in which one is like that. want to do little as possible and. that’s why this is a really cool one. delicious cake after a lot of work. looks but can’t get in that much time.

that means I’m already 30. time is short and that’s why. It’s like a cake that is ready within 15 minutes then you just have to. cool down a bit in the kitchen. and all think so can keep ahead. confessed and you actually already have. spoiled the whole port and. next to it put things together. I have you can use the ingredients of course. also replace all of them individually with. homemade ones were just on the edge. as a cake base I use the base again. already baked. tastes good I probably would. better not getting anything done is important. that it has already been cut in three parts. then we need them for the trenches. Once inside, as I said all the information. below and pies cream in the. vanilla flavor tastes great in combination with euros. the preparation is foolproof man. just needs this. wonderful powder milk and butter then. there are still these wonderful obstacles. there are no exact quantities. I just have one here now. big they half made full of that. Whole want to have clean worked. just more. today it still has to be deleted. for this I use already finished lashes. talk then all you have to do is put milk in again. this turns the cake into one. gearbox and top come with. a piping bag then the individual. icing on the cake and they will then. Colored blue beforehand I hope that it works with so much medium eco. actually almost finished i have now. still dogs tight wonderful bouquets in. unicorn sprinkles confetti sprinkles. sprinkles bouquets that will just be. clap on it if the end result. like themselves and otherwise they are. ingredients in the preparation. ridiculously easy and I’m happy.

on it. I’ve been thinking all the time now. how should I do the x of the camera. I would love to have such a cooking island. I have not but it is not included. It is as important as I am. into the monitor. it couldn’t always just be the cream. cuts it goes right back as. first of all, the viennese floor has to be removed. form that is relative. logical because we are the same women. need to cut. But first I have the edible. cut out paper and there you see. again the formal ones are the cake is. square and and I have the picture. put a few as decentralized as possible. and with it a big knife once. try one as straight as possible. cut square cake. I’ll have it again later. adjusted so that the corners and edges. as straight as possible then I have. ever mixed the cakes kremann. as I said you can do all of this with. make your own recipes again i was. too lazy that’s why I have this one now. pies kremann mixed and I found them. Really delicious every day that it’s easy. a few minutes to be pitched. By the way, mostly not the cake please. remnants away from it you can still super pop. make charts i just have you guys. a recipe linked below if the cream. then it is liquid enough so that takes time. a bit then the urus come to the. use and then i just have it. by hand you can shudder. freshness in the pack as well. very many and that we then simply. lifted up again with a scraper. that I can distribute the whole thing well. then comes the floor and the first. layer is lubricated pay attention to it. that you are about everywhere. even that. part that is not uneven and then. just come on the back of it. by the way, you can of course also do any

other fruit to take but i found him. if that is really really good. second layer of cake and again that. cream I don’t have to do that for you now. times explain. then i opt for a second. shift decided in bern. cover on and now the part of the. cake in the fridge and. cool down a bit. we still need the cream for the drum. get ready around and at this point. I first had to put our calm bowl. play because she is the only thing that falls in our house. for the exam to be called that. I just make a finished brass knuckles. did the whole thing again just with. milk mixed and with it the whole thing. a bit of a festival hall if that is easy. I didn’t succeed, what else did I have. neat cream cheese chopped under it like that. should at least in the end then. look and then I have the. cake as sheet as possible I spread it. Unfortunately, I don’t have this long one. knife that’s why it’s a bit. messi r gets it tasted so good. and in the end it looks really cute too. back in the refrigerator now. I mix the rest of the whipped cream. with the blue food color here. used for the first time and I have. just try drop by drop. we mix the perfect shade of blue. and that stuff got my skin so hard. discolored the whole comes in one. piping bag with a certain one. on top then it worked. speculate only comes the picture on it. and then of course these icing on the cake. just get it with him. first time i made it so i find i. cool and not on any birthday cake. may be missing streusel and therefore have. I still have a lot of sprinkles. knocked on it and that’s it the third. goalkeeper jersey ready now is so nice. but she has to be right now. the refrigerator again but theoretically.

you can already eat it and it. is simply the hottest cake ever there. missing now make each original. the candles because I have mine. birthday candles no longer found. I don’t know where I got it. then you don’t see yourself perfectly beforehand. not from the before. I also have the uneven with the. with the strings tried to. cover up a little benjamin now. flower cake far but i’m real. enthusiastic about the result. in principle, what can be taken. on top of it now is of course through. exchange each other who doesn’t. lust has the extra printing to itself. let it be like that, for example. solve, for example, simply. makes cupcakes or at some point. cake and then made it on paper. and then it is so pure that also applies. that we have been around an alternative. but because as I said it was one. special. that is says was did i just have. sometimes thought that I sometimes thought that I mean. dance yes I have you guys anyway. the recipe caught heart tells me that. gladly goes up with a thumb. could subscribe to me at kainsmal. videos to be missed down here. you can find all the episodes of let’s tap. birthday or I would say bye. see you next time.


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