For beginners Tourette bakes birthday cakes Ideas

For beginners Tourette bakes birthday cakes


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mother you look like you laid your ex when she had her days. and we still have smarties coming. over there. for the cover I already have it safe. is that sarah has the war in front of someone. no cake is good like me. gone I’ve found a few more. but we can do that when you get behind. we have never forgotten that i have mine. actually okay people will be a lot. fun with the video is so expired. Already fits the old one of which it is. Incidentally, your mother is the patina. I now have the complete blanket. business and on or other one. show ears i have mine and. but we can still use that too. I wish you had no poor we need consists cake. ok so i’ll say the ingredients away more. luck in powder and baking powder one. bowl mix gone a round. a bag as if the course is still baptized. yes there is also a cost, so that’s it. I don’t care, I want them. strawberries. add to that comes to that. actually only be a year later. I just hope that not all of that. Is a bear cake you have mine. mother cared for. maria had the old day before cool. yes it is always angry. We’ll do that for everyone. case must fetch with smoothness are that. say why for the image mediates that. same ruin says address there namely the. tim don’t care. you pressed the black light. you pressed no you said yourself. have pressed that will be just below. noticed that you can still first or. what i write of course as it so. hot who is the back one you have that. child that me too the nose. canceled turned we still need one. a few kicks injured but totally okay. yes hello hello. yes i know voices pick up where they were.

in the gdr you would not have the zones. never had dhabi. . what is now what is physically the legs. one had previously announced that he would. not long since I know one. that’s a bit over, I’ll do it. interesting things for the little ones. to press the right. so painting was I’ve never been. seen how someone has what are you saying to yourself. than you can stand for it. you know what I do that now too. already i would retire it again. but could you possibly fetch other things because I knew quite well. exactly those are not suitable for it in. the drawer and in the monastery was full. intention percent in nice that you are with us. Please kick them over the recording. it’s not over at all, that’s how it works. clearly say that students. my stephan roth. the ashes can become the look when he is. here to save silly meets hahaha. I. Yes. No. but that will affect that of. the fight. we are doing there is no hypochondriac. yes who clicks then the europe depends. we still don’t come four. blood samples come here that the. parchment paper on and then we have to. it is becker I had to stay. learn to act on it the thing is from when. I don’t do that, it doesn’t work at all. you even have your music is not. my modus lads you give me that. again no i am but nothing is. as changed as the smile from the side. welcomes that goes well with the must. has been born yes is actually okay. smart about that they don’t cake me. but would have baked that. a little a little. st. a little only that was three pieces. I actually wanted to duplitzer.

suggestion we can do the rest. take fruits to decorate or that. martin has done himself you can account. I can find some more here. enough for the cinema policy change with it. say we should clean the child. sorry that comes now to the oven and. we don’t have to get lost now. the sport now watch our alone. nice cake what actually the floor. is now coming in the oven. how long another 40 minutes at 175 degrees. well ok we look at the clock ok we. have to get the chocolate now. melt and then go under. okay that’s actually chocolate. now the wheelchair now from the pot under. they could that’s not bad and. I wait until our coogan is ready. think it was a bit here. removed. oh that’s possible I wanted the cake now. out of the oven. 8. Before looking good we have. another part right now is coming. finale to explain we have thanks if. i just don’t start i could house. and even drive up without a license. in any case. we have after our soil from the. brought good ones and our milka creme die. now between the two. the flooring comes that are more or less. three pieces now cut ingredients in. three pieces on each layer come with something like that. a participant. we can’t do that where do you want. pessimistic i’m realistic i’m. hope it is no longer fluid now. not really good so I have to. really say I have to be slain. then would have to be more fluid in the middle. it does not matter. okay the middle of the week known i am. I believe that with a chocolate kiss it is good that it is so firm or or should we. do the world from above, yes do it. which yes we just pour it over.

something i worked properly. was contracted to struggle. then we would just make ourselves up. or to fell a yes here on my hole. is a little mishap or cleaning. this is mine hopefully it is not. just today the video looks like a lot. us just either then eats that has. he tells me to take the wheelbarrow away. If you stumble then what is Yaroslav wants. i think i hope i will soon. look no for more. rather turn upside down and also. cake do a few things. on it so that we really cook it. have no idea how to do that. as always and now first of all. I hope you like it. so i hope he was born okay. write the comments here. I’m okay, I just wanted to. that the chocolate cream is a bit firm. but you can’t change anything. now for a long time in any case. born you will like the video. hat shows us that a stone can also spice things up. comment and write to us very much. your opinion on the video the commerz. We are always extremely interested in Andrea. so that we know that we are improving. can and especially how through ours. bank or cooking talent a bit. It has also been able to improve it in the comments what we will do next. we can cook or wait as nothing. I liked the video like now. very good. The video was pleasing and pleased. otherwise just videos. see you again then for the film yes. everyone that you held out for so long. . . Yes and.


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