for beginners Wow!! These guys are rock stars !! Disturbed “Affected” (reaction) İdeas

for beginners   Wow!!  These guys are rock stars !!  Disturbed “Affected” (reaction)


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beat. I should do what, what is it? Squad and welcome back all of it. Your boy Sean. and your girl mel. Hello Sm Squad, how are you guys? Today we hope that you are absolute. Amazing yeah how are you I feel absolutely amazing. Yeah, I just took the right words. How do i feel today But how are you? I am doing great. happy to be here with you in the sm. Squad all day every day you guys. And that’s what we got who we got baby All good. All right, I can’t wait to let you into it. Folks, if it’s your first time here. sure you stay here. Like Comment Subscribe to the channel. and turn on your post notification. Take a bow and we thank you for it. Inquiry. Yeah oh you’re ready my love I’m ready. Baby cause it’s about this time for it Countdown. Let’s count all day each day. Let’s go. Let’s go. . Wow. . leave me. . Salvation. . . my. . You will never know what your brain is saying. . is. . this. . Tell me. . Redemption the reason. . . is.

. my. . is. . Oh man boys on fire. y all stay on fire wow. Lava fire. Oh my god, the sound of his voice that he got. the perfect. Vote yes for this kind of music yes. that kind of genre music. definitely oh man yes. That’s what I like most about a strict man. me too. because they like gentle you know In my opinion, this is the lead. Singer. He’s definitely a great singer. and he’s a moderator that he likes a little. Rapping kind of mood for him like yeah. You know it has a river, yes basically. Yes. so he definitely continues to rap and. To sing. and and screen in his he has his own. small screen like that. As you know, what I am saying doesn’t do it. sounds exactly like that, but I’m simple. I say you understand what I am saying. but i like how he can do it, but. that’s what does. You know the artist that he is right, yes. Oh my god and don’t forget the band. Bang the instruments wow. the intensity of the people they got. Yeah oh man i love it i dig it Thank you for requesting this right. Here. Wow man you are great thank you. so much. because we need this good quality music. I want to ask you baby Wow how does he do it? learn. faster I think he’s in his DNA, you know. You know. He cannot be taught that you cannot. sure to be taught that it is already in the.

Blood. most. You got it, he does. Oh yeah we love it. us from the disturbing person. Yeah you know so keep it up, keep it up Come. and they bring it that way. They bring this passion with them too, you know. he sings with so much passion. Drummer drums with so much. Passion for the guitar You know the guitar. is so much passion and you deserve it. Job. You know you deserve this place. Wow they got there you know they wanted to. the biggest. yes and they put it together and it. comes out. This is what I am talking about. We work hard and these are the results. exactly there. You know become legends, yes that’s what. I speak about. Definitely, but um, I think this is ours. Let’s hope everyone had a great time. We definitely enjoyed ourselves, my queen. I love to amuse you. I got the chain right, yes that is. What I am talking about is amazing. Okay, all day every day. Make sure everyone leaves a comment. However, we cannot read all of the comments. but just leave a comment yeah we’ll see them. we see that they are flying. even if we cannot answer yes to all of them. You know because we take a lot. Time well worked my husband and. everything so. Yes, we take in that you know we take a lot. Time recording and compilation. for you. and you know we’re doing the best we can. I’ve made a lot of inquiries to you. amazing in this comment section and us. Many Thanks. It’s a lot of rabbit holes, guys, us. try to cover them all. You know, but with your help we can do it. it happens.

Right, you know what I’m saying. certainly. Thanks again to everyone who joined us. It’s your boy Sean. and your girl mel. yes so easy now we say out. . Peace. They.


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