Für Anfänger : Drop stitches | Knitting Patterns – Knitting for Beginners

Für Anfänger :  Drop stitches |  Knitting Patterns – Knitting for Beginners

In this video I explain how you can use envelopes to create drop stitches. These result in a nice loose knitting pattern. On my …
hello dear ones today i’ll show you. I have a new pattern. this time a pattern like me. failure meshes and as. pure in cowes right and i show that. you guys now how that went i have. a total of 20 machines posted for this. for the songs of the rehearsal so that is. even a pretty mother resourceful so. to crochet a loose bowl and that. pattern is made up of six parts. together the first four rows will be. so you knitted in chaos on the right. stuck there are always misfortunes 1st right stitch and now like the fifth. and sixth goes I’ll show you. now and then explain yourselves right away. like washing the case now. works. horrible at the beginning. purse. and now I’ll be a double. envelope in envelope i’m leaving here. back. who the work phases and that he of. lies front to back on the nose and. have now made two envelopes and. then knits the next one on the right abnormally. show you guys again so I’m doing now. two envelopes refuse so and strictly. then always right the next stitch. I make two envelopes again and. crossed a right stitch here again. you can of course only have one. make envelope then games will be the. wrong accordingly I want to shorten. but have a little longer because of it. the me now two envelopes on the. new and knit one stitch. that was actually it for them. so always only put two envelopes in a row. and knit straight through. these envelopes will then be used in retrospect later. the mesh is extended and it then results. this beautiful new pattern. envelope and right. envelope. envelope. at the last fair you already did. times an envelope put the last one.

mission right off so work. turned and you have now here. wash off much more like, of course. earlier on your drawer and that’s now. the wrong ones there in the next. set to be dropped so for that. strictly yes the first stitch right as. once again from and now are yes. our envelopes from the preliminary round on it. Just leave them here for you now. 12 times of the needle dress and the. next time we knit again. show yourselves come here again now. our envelopes you just leave them. that is why they fall off the needle. wrong and the next will be again. knit right then come back. our envelopes you drop them. and you are strictly right and so it goes. also to the end of the row and through it. form here. this wrong on this extended. wash there we kill ourselves. games. and the next machine is in good shape. to drop bats. at the last stitch what you also get here. the envelopes fall and knit the. last fair right. so now have this here. research formed and that was it. the pattern series is already there. start all over again by her. again four one very strictly then. make her a row again by her. envelopes form these double envelopes. and in the sixth row. then drop the envelopes and. always knit one stitch. I wish you a lot of fun. after stretching.


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