Knit on the cuffs, collar or trim afterwards | Pick up stitches from knitted piece | Knit

Knit on the cuffs, collar or trim afterwards |  Pick up stitches from knitted piece |  Knit

In this video I will show you how to pick up stitches from a piece of knitting. This technique is particularly suitable for subsequently knitted …
altyazi hello and welcome back to judith lannert the channel all about the topic of usa today it’s about the topic of knitting and i would like to show you how you can easily stretch a cuff afterwards, for example if you have a crane afterwards I would like to add, for example, here with my sweater amalia because I tried to add this collar to the finished, strictly mapped piece, but the whole thing could also use super blending, for example with the ankara the germania because I knitted the cover around once afterwards and today I’ll show you the whole thing on my pullover that I’ll show you how we work these arm cutouts I have now prepared my strictly piece already I would like to cut out 1 11 ribs on the arm cuffs here, of course, you can just as well knit that with questions or with munich on the sleeves so I get j First of all my wool with which I work next to the basic position and then I usually start at a point that you can’t see so in my case now you are the lower part of the neckline and you through the outermost stitch with my needle I take there also both mesh links so a complete mesh and then I get my questions here and go through important load and were in any case a little longer so that later could easily lose if it is so short that it will be a little difficult I am now thinking about the questions again through the next machine and are about my abel as I have now picked up the second stitch and now again very slowly this is my outermost stitch I poke the thread under this outermost stitch through film and put it on the needle off and that again comfortably now all the time what is very important what you should pay attention to is that the stitches the right way round on the needle means the front link must be able to lie in front the wrong one picks up then that’s the way it is and then it is at the back so that you will later get crossed stitches so make sure that you pick up the right one, which is also very important me For example, if someone once wants to knit a triple, one stitch on the left means one stitch on the right, so the number must later be divisible by two so that it also works if you want to knit a rib of 22, for example, then the number must be divisible by four and I knit room continue or keep picking up the stitches on my needle and then we’ll see each other again at the end of the round so I’m right here at the end of my round I have now already recorded 128 times means to get an even number I take two more By the way, a little tip there are some passages because it’s just a bit more difficult major ch to get the stitches you can just use a crochet hook to help you go pick them up and of course again make sure that they put them correctly on the names so I don’t do one last one again My crochet hook to help you get the through puts it on my needle and now I have picked up a total of 130 stitches which are now very easily on my knitting needle and of course you can also use a needle game that is entirely up to you how you can stretch simple so and now we have it The round is closed, so to speak, and from now on we can simply knit our cuffs on as I said, as I said with my 1 & 1 crib, a stitch on the right is called a machine laundry right one stitch on the left one stitch on the right I have now just knitted a few up and now you could just see for yourself how long you want to have cuffs or what is described in the instructions, i stands who de already a few knit high and then I’ll chain it off as normal you can of course also chain off in Italian or whatever you like you can of course do it twice as long as I did here and then just flip it over then like a double bundle that always comes in quite well. Now I wish you a lot of fun copying so you can see it is really really easy it is not witchcraft and please write me in the comments from such videos if you are interested in them more and if you liked the video I am of course very happy about a thumb up and if you subscribe to my channel



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