Knit shortened rows with double stitch | German short rows

Knit shortened rows with double stitch |  German short rows

In this video you will learn what it means to embroider in short rows, also called German short rows. As a turning mesh here …
altyazi hello dear ones today there is another beginners video knitting for beginners and this time more and more often with instructions that you should knit in shortened pure and what that means exactly that I show you here in this video for what we need shortened purely shortened rows We, for example, when knitting socks with the boomerang heel or generally with neck sections of sweaters but also for scarves and a lot more is definitely what you should get to know as an experienced knitter and that simply enables us to have a certain piece shape and you can change or influence the shape or the appearance of the piece of knitting a shortened row is as the name suggests normally we always knit up to the end of the row with a shortened row, then we strictly only hear up to a certain one Mesh and then turn around if I say it in the instructions, for example, you should au f some stretches and the fifth stitch we then make as a double stitch I have now just knitted a few cleaning stitches in front of strictly now five stitches 234 and now the fifth of it now make a double stitch that means we knit them off and on But now we’re not stuck any further, so that’s why it is shortened, but turning and now we have to form a double stitch, you can also create shortened rows differently to form the double stitch, but I think the double stitch is the longest method and in English it means is also german short funds and the double stitch it is important that we take the thread forwards then now here as if from right to left in the stitch it lifts off and now pulls the thread back firmly and you see the stitch doubles then the mesh is over here so that two legs show you again right away and then I always stretch back important here to an f put on ester now wait forwards and cross it back normally yes and then it is, for example, in the instructions we should now continue to knit five stitches after the double stitch and then form a double stitch again as a shortened one all that means now let’s press first up to our double stitch 342 the fifth and you can now easily recognize her and if you are strictly speaking it is important that he goes in with the needle in such a way that you will soon have it again so now here so in between say that it looks like this and then just knit normally on the right and then you should now just five mesh size 234 and the fifth because I now want to make a double team again that means that strictly I turn away normally I have my thread here again Take a prick of the work and now pull the existing back harder to the rear and then there is a double mesh again and then again he knit back and that was actually it from the principle again I now kick again up to my said mascher so of course do it depending on how it is in the instructions that it is now only an example but the technology I think will clear here is our double stitch this just knit normally from the other side if you now have to purl you would have to purl it again that is exactly the same so here a sting cook and that you both fell on it completely normal knitting this is what it looks like then I’ll show you the last time strictly now up to 53 405 I’ll do a double stitch again say my walls stitch training and again double stitch thread stitches to the front and lifts off to pull backwards solid liquid here have put these two legs over the needle so tightly hold so that no holes form and knit back and there is the whole thing principle of the shortened purely I’ll show you right now how the woman changes with the fact that we have put each shortening in here, of course, there is the page to there there is more to be done because we do not continue knitting here and then there is now Here is such a light, nice tender that I also used to entangle an account that is from below, one of the sides goes up so diagonally and then from the other side here that means that I would do it a few times back and forth and at some point strictly you then go all the way over and then do the other than the same principle only from the other side and then there is just a nice form exactly that now the principle how to shorten it strictly if you read that in the instructions I hope the video has helped you a little have fun copying that soon all maschen berlin



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