Knit with eliZZZa * cast off elastically

Knit with eliZZZa * cast off elastically * Here I will show you a simple method how you can bind off knitted pieces elastically …
altyazi, especially with non-elastic yarns, we need an elastic closure and I’ll show you again how we chain off elastic so normally we would pull one stitch right his stitch right the previous stitch over the next stitch now we do it differently for that elastic from chains stretch one stitch on the right and another stitch on the right then you stand with the left needle from the left are both stitches 1 the right needle is also inside now you can stretch these two stitches together with the right stitch, stretching them together in a frightened right and again stitch a stitch on the right with the left needle in both stitches from the left and stretch the two stitches twisted together to the right so that is a movement is almost as fast as the other from the chain from the left stitch in both stitches and stretch together twisted to the right and so on until all stitches have been worked ind that results in a wonderfully elastic closure that also has its beautiful platform just try it out



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