Large Perl / Rice Grain Pattern – Knitting for Beginners

Large Perl / Rice Grain Pattern – Knitting for Beginners

Today I am going to introduce you to a new knitting pattern and also called the large mother-of-pearl pattern. It always sits on two rows …
hello dear ones today i introduce you. a new knitting pattern, namely the so-called large bead pattern or. also called rice grain pattern and me. have already planned a little. knitted that she’s already known. can see what it looks like. is on the back so the big one. per pattern is actually two. rows of simple rocker pattern. are knitted and there the two. the following rows are then reversed. knitted how to do it I’ll show you. now and because we then from the. knit third row offset. arise here this beautiful journey com. or mother of pearl I have here for this. piece already struck 20 times and so on. then you will also begin so you. hit it 20 times and am. at the beginning you strictly take the first stitch. right. and the second machine is like a. simple rib pattern then again one. stitch on the right and one stitch on the left. so you can and knit to the end. the series. and then the work is turned and. the second row strict as well as you the. meshes appear so they are too. still like our simple ribs. we knit pattern in the back area. now how the meshes appear. that means here appearing on the right. we knit stitches on the right. and here the left on the left. that’s a right stitch the route. I turn right and the left machine the. with the cross drive when left. knitted. Left. right. neat. and that too until the end of the series. nice row is turned again and now. we knit staggered that means now. we knit our links appear. stitches right off and lessons. machines appear on the left from the first. machine now knitting is a purl. bag this is actually one.

right stitch and if we still now. times I would continue to knit with pattern. will knit me right. but we knit 1 in the third row. that means offset this to the right. appear dashed left so the first. mesh is there you step to the left. knitted and the second right. and then again nothing so just moved. and that is how this great thing arises. losses. with the small bead pattern we would. offset in the second row. knit the big pearls. all this only happens in the pattern. third row. since strict now again until the end of the. row which one grows the right and. purl stitches. we pull them here at our last one. mesh is now right again. deterred. and the work is turned again and. in the fourth row this is now. our last row butt again. the stitches are knitted like you. appear again like in witten. pattern that means up here from the first time. nice that there is a left the track. to the left and I stretch the second. as rights. the third again as the left one. and so on. 2 and at the end of the row you turn. again and then against the four. meshes. So now the four rows from the beginning in. We start again with the first row. we knit this in the third pattern. offset that means our first stitch. will be a right stitch. opposite of this mesh in it. the and one right left right left. and knit pattern in the second row. then all machines again anyway. appear in the third row knits. he left the first stitch and then. again in the normal back pattern. there is then moved again and in the. fourth row to the idea the meshes you.

appear here generated by this. big bead pattern that means or also. rice grain easter called i wish you guys. have a lot of fun after stretching.



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