For beginners DOG CAKE Tuna – Recipe I Husky Kenji’s first birthday cake I KENJI ☆ I ellylicious ♡ Ideas

For beginners DOG CAKE Tuna – Recipe I Husky Kenji’s first birthday cake I KENJI ☆ I ellylicious ♡


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last week i showed you how. candy has eaten his birthday cake. has and now I’ll show you how to. do them and if you don’t care. Want to miss candy then subscribe to us. but like to come every Thursday. a new video online. and instead of you now the ingredients. to be introduced individually now. shopping lists that you simply. screen because I think it can. just a lot easier than the neg me. anyway not when I do this. I have enumerated for my cake like this. uses a small jump shape though. you could alternatively also use a small cup. ex-champion take the oven is already going. preheated to 170 degrees and it works. immediately start with the dough. schleich that knows a key. of course all the time. then I add my apple sauce. my oatmeal. plus the flour and yes that. baking powder that’s out of my mind for now. hand slipped. now the oil and the delicious ones. tuna with it and here I know. how to distract the apple sauce and. his first reaction would not be one. even so i was a little bit. unsure but once i get the tuna. got out there was really active. remembers lust I wanted then. seriously put the dough in the springform pan. so urgently pack paper. Line the springform with baking paper and. only then pour in the dough. and if you already know my videos. then you know you can actually do that. everyone is allowed to help when it comes to it. baking for him goes. oh yes, by the way, back to the dough. now comes in for about twelve minutes. while the cake is now ready in the oven. You can bake it yourself. take care of the cream and that knows. which of course don’t say each other twice. let was happy to help me. I now take some yogurt and.

Apple puree has to do that together. and after I put it together. and also a dollop of food coloring. inserted I thought well. somehow it’s a bit too fluid for me. that’s why I still have the oatmeal. added that is easy on this one. ask yourself the cream should look. of course not run down from the cake. but stick to it later. therefore it shouldn’t be too runny. be. you just have to see for yourself whether that. consistency fits and could vary. So you have to have such an exact recipe. actually do not even specify. just try a little and. Everything is going to be fine. after twelve minutes I have the same. once more looked at a cake and I have. used a toothpick in that. stabbed in the middle and looked whether still. dough christa stick if not. if it is finished we push it. better go back for two minutes. It is also important that the cake. is really cold when you. cream otherwise apply through the cream. totally down and there is one. huge mess. now you can decorate the cake like. you would like I had of course matching. for tuna themed biscuits in the form of. fishing taken. then I just have to go around like that. a yes should be the edge of the little one. delicious made what is that actually. dry food and yes yours. cake ready how much you the dog. of that you have to do it yourself. Of course, they decide that too. size of the dog or also. how he is used to eating. Of course we hope, as always, that you enjoyed it very much. but also very, very happy to open up. our other social network. snapshot of instagram gives us one. thumb up and leave behind. very very much like a comment.

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