For beginners Recipe: horse paddock birthday cake from Dr. Oetker Ideas

For beginners  Recipe: horse paddock birthday cake from Dr.  Oetker


An apricot cake decorated as a horse paddock. A huge joy for all horse lovers. The Dr. Oetker Test Kitchen wishes you a lot of fun …
. welcome to the doctor edgar. experimental kitchen today we are conjuring up one. horse paddock as a birthday cake. attraction for all horse lovers. will inspire. the basis is a juicy show cinema. Apricot cake for this recipe is. Some practice required the decoration. is easy even for the inexperienced. to manufacture. plan about an hour for. preparation and decoration 1. you will need these ingredients for the. Sponge apricot halves butter or. margarine sugar dr oetker vanillin. sugar salt wheat flour dr oetker. original backin dr oetker rasp. whole milk chocolate for the decoration. dr edgar couverture fix whole milk. chocolate chips for example mikado mini. hanuta dr oetker decor marzipan green dr. oetker lübecker marzipan raw mass and. decor marzipan roth dr oetker sugar. Font white fruit gum cords with. cola taste and dr oetker marzipan. rubli you can find the complete recipe. here or on edgar dot de. . first leave the apricots on. drain the juice using a sieve. and measure 150 milliliters. top up with water if necessary. now dice the apricots. . if they had the baking sheet selectively and. cover it with baking paper. frame a bow on it and pull it. then cut it to about 38 x 28 cm. Preheat oven. . for the dough, first stir until soft. butter or margarine frothy after and. after first sugar. then vanillin sugar and salt under. stir add stir each egg. about half a minute under to the. mass is bound. now briefly the mail mixed with beacons. stir in. .

because chocolate shavings and apricot cubes. subdivide. . Fill the dough into the bow frame. elapse. . and bake after baking. loosen the cake on a wire rack and. remove the bug run cold. to let. now the cake is going to be a big one. cake covered with fresh baking paper. rust overturned. peel off with baked parchment paper as. underlay for the horses landscape the. you a large board or a plate. the 5 to 10 cm larger than the cake. should be the cake back on the. topple plate. put pieces of parchment paper under all of them. sides of the cake here for the cake. carefully with a palette or a. Lift a long knife and remove the pieces. inferior. remove again after decorating. let’s start with the decoration. couverture fix in a small potty. melt while stirring in a water bath. . two tablespoons coming one. freezer bag of which you can take a small one. cut off the corner. put 4 each – to a fence element. together and fix them with. couverture, preferably baking paper. inferior. for the feed box 2 hannover on the. Fold the board and cover with a couverture. stick together. build the rest around it. fix with couverture at all edges. and let it dry. the meadow roll the green marzipan. between two cut open. freezer bags off. and tear off long pieces. the brush the cake completely with it. Cover the couverture well in the middle. . At the dealers thin then the marzipan.

put stripes on all countries. also cover the side. now the mushrooms and apples come for. the mushrooms styles from the bright. marzipan raw mass. and hats made of the red marzipan decor. shape. . the toadstools with sugar writing. put white dots on. the apples are made from red marzipan. balls the leaves of green decor. marzipan and the little chairs made of cola. lace. . Apples and ready-made marzipan rubli are coming. in the feed box. . now to the coupling to the fence around the. Put the chocolate in the middle of the cake. . and place the feed box outside. . put the mushrooms on the meadow. . the toys can be used at will. still lace up with snaffles made of cola. to be decorated. . the surprise is perfect here it is. the birthday cake of the little one and. makes great horse friends happy. by the way, you can spend a day at the. Bake and decorate in advance or without. freeze decoration. we wish you a lot of fun afterwards.


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