For beginners The Sims 4 – a birthday cake for Alex # 09 – German / German Ideas

For beginners The Sims 4 – a birthday cake for Alex # 09 – German / German


The Sims 4 – Everyday Life In this Let’s Play series we accompany the two Sims families Kraps and Lee through their everyday lives. Developer: MAXIS Publisher: …
hello and welcome to one. another episode of the sims 4. she’s okay at work too. just not even around here suddenly. back outside but don’t care about them. commuter round we sit you. technically from seven hours four. hours. you should still eat something then it can. that you clean up your tomb my love. Weed out spoiled food and the. then get it. what else do we have to listen to and. beans cheese au summit should have gone. halloween is almost over or it is. now over wermes. if you see the second of november if. I still record the first one I have to. always record that one day in advance. so weekend it can even be the same. day recording when recording it in the morning. uploaded on the name day. but that’s wednesday if you see that. cheese are getting apples right now. is awake. how do you see with his he still has to. music. that’s exactly why with hammer the last time. Peter ended up studying outdoors. teacher urged students to open outside. learn to get some fresh air. niki should snap on outside. learn or just with friends. depend this part of the back inside. to go. then learn if you are really nerdy. she has a productive sensible. decision made and a half. hour of additional study time well done. excellent when applying for. college, it will be crucial. so you have to practice now. after you follow us the last so one. you played nice serenade. as it looks with two days to go. to work is to write books. completed and he must be on the pot. with him do not know how long he will be. he is senior. it can be over almost every day. oh had to get up too.

75,000 have earned. sorry you shouldn’t do that now. go. take this up here I hope you can do it. until then. m. so much at work in one hour. its okay. that does his daily task 75 you. You can then get something to eat again. can especially 1 1 of the cheese things. Besides. he would have to take a nap and play music. just finished then it is still allowed. what from colleagues. I don’t think he’ll get it that way again. that’s a trick, isn’t it. eight minutes to work, hey. you still have two days you can. actually cleaning the shower. namely, it is third with the others. taking a shower is still ok. sink it is also ok sophie. it is good to work with. look down on the floor. this is also ok whether the interview now. he will of course chat. difficult when everyone is at the. are work or to school or both. was already playing alone. so. there is also sense for ever drank or. tolerate lucky potion sleep substitute. great narrator sports fanatic. installed and grill professional. and everything is already outside. our area of ​​good kissers. there wasn’t even such a rejuvenation. drank from youth wrestled drink that. to rejuvenate a sense. then he can actually do it. better indulge after all there we see. here in the house. drink. cologne, yes, the trend is apparently causing that. warm air stinks. show you’ve been counted times. at least the stuff of it is okay that way. The whole thing can be meteoric miracles. weekend enjoy therefore to the best.

Buckingham is owned by high school students. maybe he can still do a little. time by a few extra points too. collect. mickey there is no better feeling than. with a lot a are into the weekend. too strong states niki can be proud of. be yourself. But first she is only allowed to be in love. I’m curious how long it will take. He has completed the day’s task. red bull fourth had writing ability. reached. alex you should actually be the one. take a shower or clean me. say why you didn’t do that you kill better off putting me in bed. my dear tommy is kind of like that. slept well duo then you can go to work right away. so pointed work clearly. this is not true for this painter. student more. I think mariana definitely will. be the first to come next. thursday or alex will be okay today. then tommy will have to take her vacation. be at work in an hour. Jana’s been promoted by the. greasy conveyed to heavier of. watercolor yes but was promoted and. is now several of watercolor them. earns 30 million more per hour. an hourly wage of 29 cents per hour. also results in she has follow the bonus. get 510 simons relay easily. again wind and painting critical. assess next shift on saturday at 9am. alex took a day off like that. my liberian that’s okay so far. then you can’t even get out of alex. bake a birthday cake though. a man that is delicious chocolate. finally your papa. who has to wash up there according to. one rather trick is watching tv. he needs a social child to do something. You there.

there. so afterwards my love you may then. for mr papa diana. birthday party so alex is that. birthday child. let’s see I mean a roast. can the gunner which is nici sophie. at work yourself, of course. tommi den bric at hand. so catering she does the whole thing herself. Of course we do short ones at home. Add. here then it can go there. ok sorry sorry boss tommy is nothing. men work too often a lot its going down. performance is also there she has 6 648. simons then earns at the. party with take part in the first. tired is just there again. a group of harzer the second time. spinach frieda party size sees it. get up immediately. tommy is work. but he’s not really playing now. so that and gets his head and. chair. how old is he. o. who kneel on the floor at that age is simply nothing so you can yes. actually blow it out. so much can come here. alex has gotten older the age. wrinkled customs gray hair and. endless nap waiting for celebration as. if the reaper weren’t around right away. corner so then I would just say one. piece you also take my dear where are. you also play a piece from time to time. take court already there. you need fun then it can be a. a bit of dancing or something like that. price a customer please tommy for. additional information on two. different steam cleaners tommy knows. both brands hans dampf and dampf and. kessel and they are almost identical. except for the price, the customer is poisoned by money. to save or turned im the expensive brand. to the cheapest as a seller you are.

After all, because the customers are good too. to advise. tommy recommends the cheaper brand. and emphasizes there are no differences in the. he even quotes the function. advertising slogan of the product the vacuum cleaner the. whom I tell the money out of my pocket. the customer is so impressed that he. his post praises well done. performance improvement small as. it looks like it is still in everywhere. So green area is nice that you clean up. laura sommer coming over hurts you. she’s never cleaning up, okay, let’s clear my fridge. birthday senses compliment. like satin the birthday sense up there. is. but I can’t do that for you. get compliments. what a working day tommy has again. is back home has 133 simons. alex has merits on his day off. 270 simons you can actually earn. sometimes with him so niki hygiene can do it. actually just a couple of blows. behind my teaching tommy lee has it. logic skill acquired okay you are. tired jan ader I’m lying down. victors in bed he is talking. make an artificial compliment. the season tired then i put it too. down. sleep level fifth charisma ability. sophie himmels achieved a social. Can use nicer computers as well. you at a mirror of the. Practice storytelling and get one. another sense coupe that imagine us. at the demarcation so niki you can now. then hop under the shower. on the motion. then feel the still use. and then of course stand too. homework help program but the. then we can do it first. you want to get excited that’s okay okay. he doesn’t shower bath is that is. of course okay so you can of course.

to do as well. napping in the bathtub is okay. good if the bathtub is appropriate. silhouette is warm when it’s summer. Staufen and getting cold is not that. so the hit. that’s worth it from the current one. Couldn’t do it because there is. simply no bathtub. so what I’m seeing again now. end of birthday party guess over. just from there is that. birthday child. birthday party completed medal. silver so with the conclusion of the. birthday party i would say. let’s conclude today’s episode too. I say thank you very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it and you. will probably be back tomorrow too. if you have our sims you through the. accompany everyday life. in this sense, see you tomorrow.


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