Slippers, slippers, knit very chic !!

Slippers, slippers, knit very chic !!

Please knit the left shoe “mirror image” to have the stripes on the outside ❣ (cast on 8 sts on the opposite side; cast off stitches from the right …
hello here it is clear we argued today. together the wonderful school for. adults are thought to be very great shows. very not so very easy but with. patience everyone can do that. I’ve already started a video too. make in the same color but got. noticed that the video is not that good. this beauty gives the pattern here. from holes, for example, and because of that. I decided today that the. color that there is nothing we stretch then. today a shoe in a different color. and I think that will be seen better. so to the point. the shoe is also intended for smaller ones. foot so here is the beginning is here. the beginning and then it becomes one. piece knitted and later sewn for this. and a little bit up here. I have cast on 38 stitches that much. the size 3 needle is used like this and that. everything else is done like we do now. Also in this color will be made here. to make the video shorter. I already did the first part because of it. is very very simple and indeed I have. 44 stitches cast on first lift off. always purl the edge stitch and. otherwise knit 16 in a circle that means knit right in reims 16th rows. around that results in garter right back and forth. return trip results in such a willing one. willing trail. two rows one lane that means us. have 16 rows it should have eight lanes. let 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and cst 8 we have. Knit row 16 and now it goes. continue. after you have 16 rows with the 16 in. we have to close the stitches here. take a loop like that. mass of the sun be night because 345 6. 788 sonja 18 not already tight please. do. i took the two thread and that. results in the same about 50 grams. 100 225 meters and the needle size too. 3 So I have eight stitches in addition.

taken. I turn around and now we have to. masses together with the whole piece. first hand in carefully and then all. mesh around the newly formed mesh. knit here. right off. so madness these eight and then. just continue in the piece we do. just kept knitting. knit right and so please in here. that will be the first second third fourth. I’ll see you then, I have four here. knitted purely right I turn. and it goes on like this. I’ll show you we’re here now in the process of forming this beautiful lychen. we are here and that is the first time. take off one stitch on the right as always. knit next two stitches together and. an envelope. this is the laboratory two stitches on the right. together. and knit two stitches. together and an envelope again. repeat two stitches together and knit. on envelope please by the end of the row. it is one stitch before the edge stitch. we stayed the same stretch as. here one from the beginning just right and. directly the brand mesh on the left. so it looks we turn and we. knit all the stitches that we now knit. envelopes and knit off the stitches. knit. the envelope just as it lies. so get like a hole like that. and further all stitches please right off. knit. I got the lovely knitted one. envelopes around the mesh. I turn and knit two more rows. in right and biology and then see. we see each other like this, my dear ones. that is off and we are so far up. here these white stripes rain too. knit and as you can see that it is not. in big right but in stockinette right. and what time do I give you. I also have two thin threads here.

have adjusted that will be made from leftovers. knitted there you can always get the those. Adjust bathing more by comparing that. And if it’s a bit. difference is not bad either. so that’s how we take the thread. we leave here a bit longer otherwise. The first is always lifted off but at the. we don’t change lanes. we knit the first right and. we are on the right side of us. knit the right row. this is the smooth right sheet. so the journey there knitted all stitches. right back row all stitches left but. we are first of all a number of them. mesh right i have a crack. knitted wants to turn and from the. return journey that it is the left side. We knit all stitches purl. left that will that is the pressure of. plain text we don’t have you left. knitted like turn. we are on the right side and we. do the same with the same white color. the same we knit a row on the. right side right and left please. the house looks like this again and I show it. here they just got this white one. knitted piece that means they begin. to repeat here you can see the holes. what we did here before. as holes are once twice three times. in this dark color and two pieces in. white so we are done with it and we are. are here now. I’ll show you again against thread. let’s not cut off because this is the one. distance is not so big to change. that means we’re lying in here from behind. tidy not so tight otherwise if. they pull then it gets so neat. lie down loosely and that’s color. change so I’ll take them right away. first and stretch with the color what we do. switch and we now knit two. rows in the right so we knit. right of withdrawal row right and. trip 23. so we have two rows in the right.

knitted next make the holes here. what we did before. but I’ll show that again first. then take off a stitch on the right that is. for chemistry and then it comes down to it. that repeat two stitches on the right. Cover as far as the stitches on the right. envelope and so on please this is how it works. in done with the envelopes namely. stitch we turn knit one. 23 three more rows in right please so. my dear, we’re here so far. we’re here now we’re done with. you with the saying at this point. I want to leave her alone you are on the right and now. the color has been and you knit crisis. . here rows smooth stimulus as I have shown in. here before and after them. have the 441 knit them again. same row. take a look before the holes. two rows can be seen. you a trace. then the holes are made that counts. they also see one and then three more. so two tracks in total here. with the row where the holes were made. so will see us here then when you. all of that and I mean finished too. love if you made it by then. have that means they already have. almost finished so that’s still quite a. remained a bit and the simplest. So here you have the lovely one. knitted and are now here at the. right side we now have to do a series. additionally knit one more right. Please also knit row on the right. we still have a row of knitted stitches. knitted we turn and we do. So I have the following here in total. 52 stitches. there were 44 us here at first. Then the eight struck. then that’s 52 stitches if you have one. other number post one here. have smaller feet then you have here. less meshes.

but definitely the meshes. you have here now you have to. half cover half of 52. are 21 26 sorry 26 and we are. make it two stitches together. knit right off neither leave. put back the stitch and again. two stitches together and again the. reset mesh and again and. once again. and so on please half the 26th stitches. we have half off the mesh. chained 526 stitches remained. in my case, take a look at what we do. So now the meshes are doing this. we have to stay longer. here. up to this point i guess in. in our case that’s about 54 rows. but you have to be very precise about the silver. look here put together that it. together you see exactly half of it. and then when you see me here. are the same then it is enough. I’ll see you after me too. that is where I knitted the stitches. knit the 26 stitches in a circle. three knit stitches in length please. about 55 years from the way my loved ones look. it off. we have reached the length here. if we put it together like that, you will see. we can now simply remove the stitches. chains like I showed them before. take two stitches together. you put the mesh back on the right. back and so on after doing the. stitches chained off there is one stitch. stayed so they draw one from it. very very long thread so that others. comes away using the long thread. we are about to sew I already. do not know canceled or not how many. pure 26. no no no not 26 24. 24 rows so ribs that go away. as well as the shoes lie together here. right side inwards. beforehand you can use all of these leftovers.

sew up and we’ll see each other as well as lay. that right side in. and then we have such a shoe pinches. and we start anton here. . and thanks to the little bit too. take the long thread of what is drawn here. have the last one here because i’m starting too. be the first to take the one from her. side the thread here from the side and. the tab here and this page and you. that together. I’ll do that again. and maybe knot a bit like that. that the beginning is very firm and then. look over here. flap by flap that is inside him. the tabs I just take one. after the other. I’m even comfortable with that. crochet hook but if we already. We started out tab by tab. i hope you can do that very well 10. so let’s put the shoe together. leave neat. so i show again here comes the foot. in here it has to go this far. contested now up to here and here. I want to round off a bit. make the verses so I’m here to them. get corner where the heel is there are. here a 23 that it is the fourth mesh. I still fix that here. times so around then I just go for a scam. mesh tab bottle only the one here and. from this side pieces of bottles 23. then we’ll see that through then. let’s take 1234 from this page. So that was the fourth stitch for. stitch by stitch that was this page. and here are four more. remained. and to round things off we see that. all together. they simply pull the stitches together. and then we get such a small one. rounding off whether such a small round off. if we get that, he won’t be sharp like that. we did that and now. let’s fix that a bit here.

we can still go over like this. . fasten here again and then continue. as I showed before that was necessary. Rounding off is otherwise dangerous. Take the tabs on the inside. just keep on going this way up to here. my loved ones the show is finished because of. to round off that was just my idea. I didn’t do that here and. that is also very good on the foot. shoes here are bigger than me. have thought. However, you can do that much longer. so for me they are too big and for. the next time I realize I don’t like when. they are too high because of that one could. you can let out these with holes. this this series. and after the sole right away. start with white and then the two. would be enough for me. yes that is the smaller size. I cast on 38 stitches here. so the thread is quite thick here. and it’s not here yet. a bit thicker than here where else. They look cute here and yes that would be. then my recommendation is not so. To like higher than me, for example. can then leave this out here. otherwise they are very large. size is 441 I guess at this one. I would like to present myself very warmly. thank you. I hope that was that that was understandable. Thank you very much for your kind. Comments. that motivates to keep going, all the best. for you until next time.



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