The star tip | Knit the toe of the sock

The star tip |  Knit the toe of the sock

Today I’m going to introduce you to another sock tip. Dismal the star tip, which is also one of the most popular sock tips. The video for … today I would like to show you how to wear a sock strictly and this time the asterisk lace I already introduced you to the ribbon lace it is the classic lotto lace where all the decreases look like a ribbon on the side and anyway today with the constant point the decreases are running in a star shape then forward the socks that I knit the line with an 8-fold wool here it had such a greater impact for my father that is why I now have a total of twelve machines per needles only important with the star Before he starts with the it is great that he has a straight stitch antagon adel at twelve, for example if you knit socks where he only has 15 machines per drawer, you just have to remove a stitch a few rounds beforehand so that he then simply knits a straight stitch number has whoever would also like to know how to knit a sock otherwise here with the cuff or here I have the reinforced at first z for example knitted that i put my care is for knitting socks and sewing the video description there you will find some videos where i will explain the other parts of the song but of course as i said today it is about the stronger tip we said you one the number of stitches per store is so that we will always decrease two stitches per needle and then split the stitches in half at twelve bottles so that the sex and then we always stretch the first two stitches of the first half and the first two stitches of the second half together, so in that case that would be strictly for twelve times the first two together then we go for 1 2 3 4 5 or the first two stretches then actually add up as two stitches 1 2 3 4 5 6 and that means we have four machines in between before we knit the next two stitches together on the other half as if I would explain that then again if I strictly then that is what I mean by we knit the first two stitches right together right together go in from the bottom and knit those always right together, the show can of course also be purl together then there is a little bit emphasized decrease I do that now in the case from just nothing exactly we said yes 12 divided by two is sex is, so to speak, the first and second stitch now in there 2 only comes here three four five and six and then we can here 2 46 the second half and also there we knit the first two stitches together and at the end there are four stitches left 1234 so now between the decreases I did not knit any decrease at the beginning then we knitted four machines and then knitted the first again in the second half both stitches knitted together to make four decreases four stitches on the right shows you again so he does it with every nail that it is always the same tzt on each needle again the first two stitches collapse from the first half then 123 right then you come here our second half of our six stitches and there we also put the first two right together and four remain and the 14 stitches per here, for example needle he also knits the first two together but then has five stitches in between and then makes a decrease again by knitting the first two stitches together on the other half and then again divided 514 by 22 12 stitches and like that now with each needle so continue to knit the first two together again here then we have to do this and then a partner comes again and as a rule of thumb for the asterisk tip this is now a decreasing one and then it always follows rounds without decreases and the rounds without decreases these intermediate rounds that are knitted as often as there are stitches between the decreases currently so here we have i ntotal of four stitches between the decreases that means when we are now finished with this round we will knit four rounds in stocking stitch I’ll show you again so I’m here with my last other one fit needles now I’ll tell you sometimes the second part the first because I’ve already taken off the first two and here in the second half not again the first where I stretch the right together and cinematic right so now at least the beginning of these verses is in the middle and then I have yes said come round without a collector so the intermediate round because we don’t put a total of four rounds in stocking stitch yes four stitches always between the decreases at the beginning and in the middle that means now you just stretch and because we have already decreased twice hannes instead of twelve bottles per needle, there is still a chocolate theme and they just knit you unfairly that is now 100 number one very simple and has not lost anything just I’m coming to prugger knitter and that’s a four needles what is now the first round as I said and then you knit a total of four rounds and then we’ll see each other again I have a 40 and knit and follow Rounding off again we now have, as I said, between the promenade on it we can now divide each other in half again so pretty much two are five that means strictly again the first two branches together that is, so to speak, mesh 1 and 2 then comes 345 now I work on my other half on 5 stitches 2 42 45 that means here strictly I also put the first two stitches together and the remaining ones on the right from the three remaining, you also do the needle again so the first two stitches follow you together then carry wash then comes another one decrease and we ask three stitches and here, too, we could easily remember it here, as I said, we now have three stitches between the a That means when we are done with the winter we then knit three intermediate rounds without decreasing here again, stretch the first two together three and then strive for the next two together and then again three and that does now as I said with the needle but then you only have eight stitches left and after this decrease round you now knit three colorful and stocking stitches so the rule of thumb is always knit as many intermediate rounds and how many stitches you have between the decreases now in the forest 3 and we’ll see you again if you then knitted the three intermediate rounds in plain text after this decreasing and so I had he says off in round three rounds and sent over to the right or decreases and now follows again a decrease down meanwhile you only have eight stitches left to set up says divided by two are 4 that means the first two pieces together again 1234 and there the other half is the four men and then I stretch the first two stitches from the other half together and there are two people left, that is, the first two months the next idol to his two stitches in between then another decrease and home between what are you doing again with all three shops first two together and how many rounds we knit now afterwards when we are finished with the round, exactly these stretches during only two intermediate rounds because we now always have two stitches between the decreases that means this decreasing round you knit two rounds in stockinette again right and so on after that you only have six stitches per needle and then after these two rounds there is another round in plain language that means he sends the first two stitches together and wrote the next two together again one stitch on the right and, more strictly, one more round in stockinette stitch over so that in the end he only has have four stitches per needle and if you only have four machine dealers then pull us back when you show that you have a lot more chocolate here I had a little bit of an interim round knitted a little more on the right now comes the last decrease round and there we knit the first two branches together around the last two then no more middlemen follows, so just put the first two and the last two stitches right together then you can cut the flags succeed one want a hard time and enter the whole thing and Now take the thread with the needle on it and do the last one. We only have eight stitches left as a visual reason this through the stitches then you can take the nose out and so you do that with all of them twice on the needles, yes that he does needles not twisted when you are done you can close the hole here that you pull the thread you could to be sure it also pull through the thread twice so that it works better and then I go in with the needle up in the middle, we get the whole thing on the left, also count that again well and away the whole thing and that with the hand in and we then go through here again and families drove on the inside with a few pieces and this is how the finished lace looks like here you can also easily see the decreases, which is also in the really beautiful and comfortable solo lace and yes, I hope the video did you like it i wish you a lot of fun making land see you soon your machine



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